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How to convert women’s shoe sizes to youth If you normally wear women’s shoes and are trying to figure out what youth size would fit you best, the simple youth size to women’s shoes conversion: your US size minus 2 = your youth size. So if you typically wear a US women’s size 8, a big kids’ size 6 would likely fit pretty well.

If you normally wear women’s shoes and are trying to figure out what youth size would fit you best, the simple youth size to women’s shoes conversion: your US size minus 2 = your youth size. So if you typically wear a US women’s size 8, a big kids’ size 6 would likely fit pretty well.May 7, 2020


What size is women’s 7 in youth?

5For instance, if you are a women’s size 7, that makes you either a 5 or 5.5 in kids’ shoe sizes.

What size is women’s 8 in youth?

Step 5: Use the below kids’ shoe size to women’s size chart to determine your correct size.Women’s SizeKids’ Size868.56.5979.57.59 more rows

Is 7 youth the same as 7 womens?

To convert your women’s size to a youth size, simply subtract 2 sizes. For example, a women’s size 7 shoe is equivalent to a youth (“kids”) size 5 shoe.

Is a 9 in womens a 7 in youth?

A youth size 7 is equivalent to a women’s 9.

What’s a 7.5 womens in youth?

Women’s sizing runs 1.5 sizes larger than youth sizing. So to determine your youth size, simply subtract 1.5 from your regular size. For example, if you wear a women’s 7.5, you would wear a youth 6. Youth sizes run as large as a 7, so anything up to an 8.5 falls within the women’s/kid’s overlap.

What size is 5Y in women’s shoes?

size 7Conversation. A 5Y is equivalent to a womens 6.5, so a 5.5Y would be a women’s size 7.

What size is 7Y in Jordans?

Jordan Heiress Collection ShoesUS GS SIZEUS SIZE6YM 6 / W 7.56.5YM 6.5 / W 87YM 7 / W 8.57.5YM 7.5 / W 910 more rows

What size is 7.5 in women’s shoes?

38Women’s Shoe Size ChartUSEUInches6.5379.125737.59.257.5389.375838.59.513 more rows

What size is a 6Y in women’s?

Scroll horizontally to see more sizes.US – Kids3.5Y6YUS – Women’s57.5UK35.5EU35.538.5Foot Length (in)8 12/169 6/161 more row

What size is a womens 8 in Jordans?

6.5Jordan Women’s Size ChartWomen’sMen’sGrade School7.566Y86.56.5Y8.577Y97.57.5Y11 more rows

What size is a women’s 8 in grade school?

6.5Women’s to Grade School Shoes Conversion ChartWomen’sGrade School75.57.5686.58.574 more rows

What size is 5.5 youth in women’s?

Kids’ ShoesKids’Men’sWomen’s5Y56.55.5Y5.576Y67.5″6.5Y6.5816 more rows

What is youth shoe size?

Kids’ shoe sizes range from size 0C for a newborn to 10C for a child approximately 4 years old. Youth shoe sizes run from 1Y to 7Y. If your child needs larger sizes than 7Y, then it’s time to step up to adult shoe sizes.

Shoe size 6Y is what in women’s shoe sizes?

A 6Y is 7.5 – 8 (which is perfect for a foot length of 9.5 inches) in women’s. A 6.5Y is 8 – 8.5 in women’s (vice versa: An 8 or 8.5 women’s in you…

What is 7Y in a women’s shoe size?

A 7Y in women’s is 8.5 – 9 and vice versa: a size 8.5 women’s shoe in youth shoe sizes is a 7Y. Refer to this youth to women shoe size chart.

What is a Womens 7.5 in Kids Shoe Sizes?

A women’s 7.5 shoe converts to a 6Y kids’ shoe size. Refer to this youth to women shoe size chart for more information.

What is a women’s shoe size 8 in kids’ sizes?

Women’s size 8 in kids: If you’re a size 8, your youth shoe size would be 6Y or 6.5Y. However, don’t go by numbers alone. As with any pair of shoes…

How does a women’s size 6 shoe compare to kids’ sizes?

Women’s 6 in kids: According to the conversion chart , if you’re a women’s size 6, your kids’ size would be between 4 and 4.5. As you can see, the…

How to convert youth shoe size to women’s shoe size?

It works in the opposite direction too — you can convert any youth to women’s shoe size just by adding one point five or two.

How to convert kids shoe size to women?

If you want to convert Kid sizes to Women’s shoe sizes, the general formula is: your US women’s shoe size minus 1.5 or 2. This equals the US kids’ shoe size to women. It’s that simple!

Why buy kids’ shoes for adults?

If you’re a woman who loves shoe shopping (and who doesn’t?) you might not realize that you’ve been overlooking an enormous opportunity to open up your shoe options all this time. Want to know a way to expand your shoe collection, that’s literally just a few steps away from where you usually stand in the shoe store? Look no further than the kids’ section!

Why do you shop in the kids section?

You’ll discover an abundance of adorable designs, styles, and colors in kids’ sizes that simply aren’t available in shoes designed for women. By expanding your search to another whole section of the store, you are no longer limiting yourself to one small selection just because the shoes happen to have a women’s size label on them.

What size shoes are 6.5?

6.5 women’s in youth shoes is a 4.5 to 5. Women’s size 7 in youth converts to 5Y in women. 6Y in women is a 7.5 or 8. A women’s 7.5 in kids respectively youth shoe sizes corresponds to a 5.5Y or 6Y. A women’s size 8 in kids is a 6 or 6.5 youth shoe size. So in simple terms, you only need to go down 1.5 to 2 sizes. Refer to this youth shoe size chart vs women’s.

Is it cheaper to buy kids shoes than women’s shoes?

One of the best reasons to score your next pair of kicks in the kids’ section is a budget-friendly one. Kids’ shoes are almost always cheaper than women’s shoes. The same brand and model of high-end shoes that cost $180 full price in the women’s section is only $145 full price in the kids’ section!

What size are youth shoes?

Sizes. Youth shoe sizes begin at size 12 1/2 in the United States and end at size 7. Ladies shoe sizes range from size 5 to 8 1/2 within the normal range, with normal being defined as the size of most ladies. For a female who wears a youth shoe but desires to shop and purchase ladies shoes, the key is making the conversion to the equivalent size.

How to compare youth and ladies shoes?

If you do not, onlineconversion.com provides printable sizing charts. Each chart resembles the metal device found in a shoe store. Place your foot on the chart and determine your size. Take your shoe size, such as a youth size 5 1/2, and use a conversion chart found at many retail stores that sell shoes. You will find that a youth size 5 1/2 equals a ladies size 7.

How to compare shoe sizes?

One is shoe width. If you have wide feet, select wide shoes or, if those are not available, add one-half shoe size. Measure both feet; one foot is usually slightly longer. Select the shoe size for the longer foot. Determine the type of socks or hose to be worn with the shoes and also factor that into shoe size. Measure your feet in the afternoon; some people’s feet are slightly larger then.

What age do women wear shoes?

For females in the United States, shoe sizes fall into four categories: infants (birth to 12 months), children (ages 1 to 5), youth (ages 6 to 10) and ladies (ages 11 and up). Normal foot development determines the age brackets.

Is a 6 a 6?

Purchasing a shoe that fits properly requires knowing the correct shoe size. Different countries use different numbering systems for shoes; a size “6” in the United States is not a size “6” in England. The same applies to shoes for men, ladies, youth and children.

Why is it important to wear well fitting shoes?

Wearing well-fitted shoes is of great importance to your foot health, your comfort and your looks. So ensure buying perfectly sized shoes next time! But how? By measuring your shoe size, you will save time when trying shoes in the shoe store, and it is more likely that you will find the right size when you are shopping shoes Online. Let us help you…

Do you need to take shoe width into account?

To make sure to get a perfect fitting pair of shoes, you also need to take shoe width into account. See our Women’s Shoe Width Guide to learn more.

Can shoe sizes vary?

Please note: Shoe sizes can vary between different shoe brands and manufacturers, which means this size chart can never be correct for all shoes. But remember that many shoe brands also show shoe sizes in actual measurements (inches or cm).

What do The Codes Mean?

What do the codes in the shoe size conversion chart mean? Let us tell you:

Tips, Tricks or Questions?

If you have tips, tricks or questions about men’s shoe sizing in general, or about the men’s shoe size chart on this page, you are welcome to post a comment below. Thanks!

Why convert shoe size to adult?

Converting your shoe size from child to adult sizes or adult sizes into children’s sizes gives us all more shoes to select from . For the person with a narrow shoe width, with limited options available, converting shoe sizes allows us to have more narrow shoe options to choose from.

How to measure foot length for new shoes?

Step on a piece of paper and trace around each foot with a pencil. Use a tape measure or ruler to measure the length of each foot.

Does Zappos have a size chart?

In the past, Zappos had Girl’s and Boy’s Size charts. However, children’s shoe sizes are measured in the same way. Therefore they now have a Big Kid Size Chart and a Little Kid Size Chart.


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