Which expression is equivalent to 3 5


Answer: The fractions equivalent to 3/5 are 6/10, 9/15, 12/20, etc.

What fraction is 3/5 equivalent to?

6/10So, 3/5 = 6/10 = 9/15 = 12/20.

Which of the following is the equivalent ratio of 3 5?

The given ratios 3: 5 and 15: 25 are equal.

How do you find equivalent expressions?

Combine any like terms on each side of the equation: x-terms with x-terms and constants with constants. Arrange the terms in the same order, usually x-term before constants. If all of the terms in the two expressions are identical, then the two expressions are equivalent.

Which of the following is not equivalent to 3 5?

Answer: d. 15/24 is not an equivalent fraction of 3/5.

What is 3/5 as a percentage?

60%To convert 3/5 to fraction Therefore, the solution is 60%.

What is 3 divided by 5 as a fraction?

3/ 5Answer: The value of 3 divided by 5 as a fraction is 3/ 5.

What is a equivalent expression?

Equivalent expressions are expressions that have the same value. Writing equivalent expressions can make them easier to work with and solve. For example, these two expressions are equivalent.

How do you write expression?

To write an expression, we often have to interpret a written phrase. For example, the phrase “6 added to some number” can be written as the expression x + 6, where the variable x represents the unknown number.

What is an example of an equivalent expression?

Examples of Equivalent Expressions 3(x + 2) and 3x + 6 are equivalent expressions because the value of both the expressions remains the same for any value of x. 3x + 6 = 3 × 4 + 6 = 18. and can also be written as 6(x2 + 2y + 1) = 6×2 + 12y + 6. In this lesson, we learn to identify equivalent expressions.

What is 3/5 as a decimal?

To convert 3/5 to a decimal, divide the denominator into the numerator. 3 divided by 5 = . 6.

What is the equivalent fraction of 3/5 having denominator 20?

12 / 20To get a fraction with denominator 20, we need to multiply the denominator 3 / 5 by a number that gives 20 as result in the denominator. 3 / 5 × 4 / 4 = 12 / 20.

What is 3/4 equivalent to as a fraction?

Equivalent fractions of 3/4 : 6/8 , 9/12 , 12/16 , 15/ Equivalent fractions of 1/5 : 2/10 , 3/15 , 4/20 , 5/

How do you find a ratio of 3 5?

1 Expert Answer If put this into a calculator (3 divided by 5), you will get a decimal of 0.6 as the answer. This means that any two numbers that divide and come to the same answer are equivalent to 3/5.

How do you solve 3 divided by 5?

What is 3 Divided by 5?3 divided by 5 in decimal = 0.6.3 divided by 5 in fraction = 3/5.3 divided by 5 in percentage = 60%

How do you find equivalent ratios?

Thus, to find a ratio equivalent to another we have to multiply the two quantities, by the same number. Another way to find equivalent ratios is to convert the given ratio into fraction form and then multiply the numerator and denominator by the same number to get equivalent fractions.

Which ratio is equivalent to the ratio 3 4?

Answer : each one of 6 : 8 and 9: 12 is equivalent to 3 : 4.

How do you find the equivalent form of an Expression?

Complete the equation by putting it back together. This means taking the two new numbers and keeping the function in the middle the same: 6xy + 4x….

What is an equivalent addition expression for?

To write an equivalent expression, first, let’s use the Commutative Property of Addition so that terms with the same variable are written together….

What expression is equivalent to 4b?

The expression equal to 4b is 4×b.

What is the equivalent of (3+7)+2?

The expression equivalent to (3+7)+2 is 12.

What is equivalent expression calculator?

Equivalent Expression Calculator is a free online tool that displays the equivalent expressions for the given algebraic expression. BYJU’S online equivalent expression calculator tool makes the calculations and simplification faster and it displays the equivalent expression in a fraction of seconds.

What is an Algebraic Expression?

An algebraic expression is an expression which consists of variables, coefficients, constants, and mathematical operators such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Generally, if two things are the same, then it is called equivalent. Similarly, in mathematics, the equivalent expressions are the expressions that are the same, even though the expression looks different. But if the values are plugged in the expression, both the expressions give the same result.

What is the equivalent fraction of 2/3?

For example, if we multiply the numerator and denominator of 2/3 by 4 we get. 2/3 = 2×4 / 3×4 = 8/12 which is an equivalent fraction of 2/3.

Is 3y+3 true?

True, because when the numbers are in the parethasis that means you multiply what is outside of the parenthasis like the three by the numbers inside of the parenthasis so 3 x y and 3 x 1, therefore 3y+3 and 3 (y+1) is true.

Is 3y+3 a simplified expression?

The expressions 3y+3 and 3 (y+1) are equivalent expressions. Because 3 (y+1) can be simplified as 3y+3.


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