Which expression is equivalent to -28xy+35y


What is equivalent in math?

If the two things are same, then is defined or called as equivalent. In mathematics , even though the expression as looks different, but it gives the same result in both expression If, we are plugged the values in both expression, it gives the same output value.

Which property can be used to find the equivalent expression?

dudemanbagel89211 is waiting for your help. Add your answer and earn points. You can use the distributive property of multiplication over addition to find the equivalent expression to the given expression.

How to convert algebraic expression to equivalent expression in Excel?

In the Input box, enter the algebraic expression in equivalent expression calculator. Next , click the submit button and get the equivalent expression output in the displayed window from the algebraic expression.


What expression is equivalent to 35y?

Equivalent expressionsQuestionAnswer42y – 23y19y24x-14x+23x33x19x-8x-7x4x213y-24y-54y35y.26 more rows

Which expression is equivalent to sqrt100?

The square root of 100 is expressed as √100 in the radical form and as (100)½ or (100)0.5 in the exponent form. The square root of 100 is 10. It is the positive solution of the equation x2 = 100.

What is the square of 289?

289 is a perfect square number which is obtained by square of 17. Hence, the square root of 289 is a rational number….Square root of 289.1.What Is the Square Root of 289?3.How to Find the Square Root of 289?4.FAQs on Square Root of 2891 more row

What is the square number of 676?

The square root of 676 is 26, i.e. √676 = 26.

What is equivalent to i233?

Summary: i is expression is equivalent to i233.

Which of the following is equivalent to √ 80?

√80 = 4√5. Therefore, the square root of 80 in radical form is 4√5.

Which expression is equivalent to sqrt 200?

Square Root of 200 in Radical Form: 10√2.

Which expression is equivalent to square root of 184?

The square root of 184, (or root 184), is the number which when multiplied by itself gives the product as 184. Therefore, the square root of 184 = √184 = 2 √46 = 13.564659966250536.

How do you find the equivalent form of an Expression?

Complete the equation by putting it back together. This means taking the two new numbers and keeping the function in the middle the same: 6xy + 4x….

What is an equivalent addition expression for?

To write an equivalent expression, first, let’s use the Commutative Property of Addition so that terms with the same variable are written together….

What expression is equivalent to 4b?

The expression equal to 4b is 4×b.


When finding which equation is equivalent to the one you have. It’s best to find what your equation’s answer is.

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