What is equivalent to 3 8 drill bit


Drill Bit Hole Diameters
Metric Size Fractional Size
15 mm .5906 3/8
16 mm .6299 25/64
17 mm .6693 13/32

77 more rows


What is the equivalent fraction to 3/8?

The fraction 6 16 is equal to 3 8 when reduced to lowest terms. To find equivalent fractions, you just need to multiply the numerator and denominator of that reduced fraction (3 8) by the same natural number, ie, multiply by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 … Important: 3 8 looks like a fraction, but it is actually an improper fraction.

What size is a standard drill bit?

Some applications require specific drill bit sizes, but a bit set with sizes ranging from 1/16 inch to 1/4 inch can cover a wide range of tasks around the house and workshop. If necessary, bigger bits (5/16-inch, 3/8-inch, 7/16-inch, and 1/2-inch) can be added. Bit sizes are usually printed on the shank of the drill bit.

What size is a number 8 drill bit?

What Size Drill Bit Do I Use for #8 Screw? A 1/8” straight jobber drill bit will provide a reliable pilot hole for the 0.164” diameter of a #8 screw. It’s a suitable drill bit size for working with hardwoods like oak, maple, or walnut and materials with similar properties.

How to determine drill bit size for screw?

  • In order to determine the drill bit size, consider using a drill bit size card. …
  • Make sure you have your drill bit securely connected to the chuck. …
  • Keep your drill bits organized so that you can more quickly and efficiently select the one you want. …
  • When working with wood, do not use a bit exactly the size of the hole you want to make. …

More items…


What can I use if I don’t have a 3/8 drill bit?

0:000:47Create a Pilot Hole Without a Drill Bit – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipAnd I didn’t bring any drill bits with me and she doesn’t have any so an easy trick is if you have aMoreAnd I didn’t bring any drill bits with me and she doesn’t have any so an easy trick is if you have a finishing nail or any type of small nail. And just put it into the Chuck of your drill.

What size is a 3/8 drill?

3/8 inch is the maximum shaft diameter that fits in the chuck. That doesn’t mean you can’t drill larger holes, but the part the drill chuck grips has to be this size or smaller. (Some higher-powered drills have half -inch chucks.)

What is the difference between a 3/8 inch drill and a 1/2-inch drill?

As mentioned, 1/2-inch drills are a bit bigger and more powerful than 3/8-inch drills and because 1/2 inch drills are generally designed for heavy-duty work, they are also made with very tough materials. Generally speaking, a 1/2-inch drill is going to be much more durable and long-lasting than a 3/8-inch drill.

What size hole do I need for a 3/8 bolt?

This table shows how to determine the clearance hole size for a bolt. For example, an 3/8″ bolt with a close fit would have a W (0.3860) clearance hole.

What is the largest drill bit size?

This chart rounds out the second half of these number gauge sizes down to #1, which is the largest drill bit size.

What is the typical drill bit angle?

The typical sizes of drill bit point angles are 115° or 118° (degrees).

How Do You Know What Size Drill Bits You Need?

If you’re an average weekend-warrior, you’ve probably stared at a screw or bolt for a few moments and wondered what size drill bit you would need.

What size drill is used for letter gauge?

Letter gauge drill sizes are used primarily in North American with A starting with the smallest size working 26 size increments to Z.

How to size screws?

First, you can size screws simply by inserting them into a hole then reading the marking.

Can we narrow down a bit?

Thankfully, we can narrow it down a bit to some standard sized holes and bits.

Is there a larger set of fasteners?

There are indeed larger sets. Specialty fasteners sometimes call for a size that would be considered uncommon.

What drill bit makes a hole smaller than a #8?

Caution: Due to rounding, a 3/16 drill bit will make the hole smaller than a #8 drill bit and a 13/64 drill bit will make the hole larger than a #8 drill bit. Below we converted the fractions to decimals so you can compare more easily:

How many millimeters are in an inch?

There are 25.4 millimeters (mm) in an inch. Thus, to convert a #8 drill bit to millimeters, you simply multiply the decimal inches by 25.4 like so: For additional information about what drill bit to use, you may also want to take a look at the Drill Bit Size Chart which includes fractional inch drill bits, gauge wire drill bits, …


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