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ETF Model Investing Funds Model Investing Funds
Sector Rotation Model (SRM) XLV XLI XLB XLK XLU Vanguard Health Care ETFVanguard Industr … Industrial Select Sector SPDR Fund
Sector Rotation Model (SRM) XLV XLI XLB XLK XLU Materials Select Sector SPDR Fund … VAW Vanguard Materials ETFVGT …
TSP Allocation Model (TSP) C Fund Common Stock Index Investment Fun … C Fund Common Stock Index Investment Fun … VOO VXF VEA N/A BND
Gold Rotation Model (GRM) GLD SPDR Gold Shares ETF N/A N/A

You have the iShares Core U.S. Aggregate Bond ETF (AGG) or the Vanguard Total Bond Market ETF (BND) for the TSP’s fixed income or bonds sleeve. The mutual fund equivalent you could use is the Fidelity U.S. Bond Index Fund (FXNAX).Jun 5, 2022


What are the best funds to invest in TSP?

  • Russell Midcap ETF (ARCA:IWR) 10 
  • Russell 2000 Index ETF (small caps only) (ARCA:IWM) 11 
  • iShares Core S&P Total U.S. Stock Market ETF (ARCA:ITOT) 12 
  • Russell 3000 ETF (ARCA:IWV) 13 

What are the different funds in TSP?

They are:

  • G Fund: Government Securities Investments
  • F Fund: Fixed Income Index Investments
  • C Fund: Common Stock Index Investments
  • S Fund: Small Capitalization Stock Index Investments
  • I Fund: International Stock Index Investments

Are TSP Lifecycle Funds a good investment?

The lifecycle funds represent the most return you could expect for a given level of risk. Therefore, if you combine a TSP L Fund with any other TSP Fund you are moving off the efficient frontier. In other words, your portfolio has more risk than your expected return.

What is l2050 TSP fund?

The TSP L 2050 fund is designed to have an efficient asset allocation that maximizes expected return based on a given risk tolerance. In economic terms, the TSP L 2050 Fund is already on the efficient frontier.


What is the most profitable TSP fund?

C Fund is Roaring—Top TSP Core Fund in 2021 The C Fund was up 3.03% in August—the highest return of any core TSP Fund for the month. August was the best month for the C Fund since it returned 5.33% in April. For those with a substantial amount of their TSP investments in the C Fund, there is more good news.

What qualified plan is a TSP similar to?

Key Takeaways. A thrift savings plan is similar to a 401(k) plan for federal employees and uniformed services personnel. Participants in a TSP can get an immediate tax break for their savings.

Which is better G fund or F fund?

Since the G Fund eliminates the risk of loss in value and promises rates of interest that are similar to medium-term Treasury bonds, it’s essentially like holding a risk-free midterm Treasury bond fund. The F Fund tends to hold about 20 percent of its assets in short- and medium-term Treasury bonds.

What is the most conservative TSP fund?

However, the L Income Fund is the most conservative of the L Funds. It focuses on money preservation while providing a small exposure to the riskier funds (C, S, and I Funds) in order to reduce inflation’s effect on your purchasing power.

Is TSP better than Vanguard?

What many people are aware of, but overlook, is the fact that the TSP has the lowest administrative fees in the 401(k) business. Even lower than Vanguard, which prides itself on minimal fees. For lots of math-challenged people (like me), low fees are less important than performance.

What is a good TSP balance at retirement?

If you want your TSP balance to be able to generate an inflation-indexed annual income of $ 10,000, most financial planners will suggest that you have a $ 250,000 balance by the time you retire.

Should I move my TSP to G fund 2022?

The G Fund is up 1.15% so far in 2022. That is normally not a great return, but it is the only TSP fund with a positive return in 2022. The G Fund serves as a source of relative calm in a volatile market.

How risky is the TSP F fund?

The overall risk is relatively low in comparison to certain other fixed income investments in the market because the F Fund includes only investment-grade securities. Am I ok with market and inflation risk? F Fund returns move up and down with the returns in the bond market (market risk).

Why is G fund so low?

But the decline in G Fund returns is not because the government has gotten stingy, it is a combination of historically lower inflation and interest rates. For example, if you were to get a mortgage back in 1990, you would have an interest rate of around 10%!…The G Fund Has Seen Better Days.YearReturn20054.49%20102.81%20152.04%2020 YTD0.76%3 more rows

Which is better C fund or S fund?

As of December 31, 2020, the S Fund outperformed the C Fund over the last 1, 3, 5, 15 and 20 year periods. The C Fund outperformed by a small amount over the last 10 years. Despite the S Fund’s historical record of outperforming C, TSP participants invest three times as much in the C Fund as the S Fund.

Where should I put my TSP funds?

Your best bet is a Roth IRA, to which you can contribute up to $5,500 a year ($6,500 if you’re over 50). The best way to use such an account to supplement your TSP is to invest your entire IRA in large-cap value stocks, small-cap value stocks and emerging markets stocks.

Is the C fund a good investment?

The C Fund can be useful in a portfolio that also contains stock funds that track other indexes such as the S Fund and the I Fund. By investing in all segments of the stock market (as opposed to just one), you reduce your exposure to market risk. The C Fund can also be useful in a portfolio that contains bonds.

Is TSP considered a qualified plan?

The Thrift Savings Plan is a qualified retirement plan for federal employees and members of the uniformed service. 1 A 401(k) plan is a qualified retirement plan for the private sector.

Is a TSP a qualified retirement plan?

The CSRS, FERS, and TSP annuities are considered qualified retirement plans. You can find information about computing the taxable portion of your annuity by going to IRS Publication 721 (Tax Guide to U.S. Civil Service Retirement Benefits) on the Internal Revenue Service website.

Is a Thrift Savings Plan an ERISA plan?

The Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board administers the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) for Federal employees. The TSP is not covered by ERISA, but rather was created by the Federal Employees’ Retirement System Act of 1986, codified primarily at 5 U.S.C.

Is TSP a defined contribution plan?

The Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) is a defined contribution plan similar to the 401K plans offered in the private sector or traditional IRA plans. Employees contribute to the TSP by payroll deduction. Both the money that is contributed and the interest earned in a TSP account are tax-deferred.

What is the G fund?

The “G” Fund The G Fund sets out to ensure a rate of return higher than inflation.

Why do L funds fall?

Because it is tied to currencies, the fund may rise or fall if the value of the U.S. dollar increases or decreases. The “L” Fund The L Fund, or “Lifecycle” Fund, takes a different approach compared to the other funds. It invests in a mix of the C, F, G, S, and I funds.

Is TSP safe?

For the most part, though, the TSP funds are relatively safe and stable investments. However, the market can be both rational and whimsical — and that’s putting it mildly, as we all know. We must caution you: We are not investment advisors. We cannot, by law, pick a TSP plan for you.

How many core investment funds are there in TSP?

This article breaks down the five core investment funds available in the TSP along with the Lifecycle funds and their proper use.

What is TSP retirement?

The Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) offered to all U.S. government employees is one of the simplest and most efficient retirement plans in use today. But while thousands of civilian and military employees defer a portion of their earnings into the plan each year, many participants do not understand the actual fund options available or are unsure which …

What is the equivalent of Barclays iShares?

This fund is the only one in the TSP that invests in companies outside the U.S. The Barclays iShares equivalent ETF is the iShares MSCI Europe, Australasia and Far East ETF (ticker symbol EFA). 15 

What is thrift savings plan?

The Thrift Savings Plan offers participants the options of growth, income, and capital preservation. The annual investment expenses in this plan are among the lowest in the industry, and all of the funds are fully transparent. There are no hidden fees in this plan, and participants should think carefully before rolling their plan assets elsewhere when they retire.

What is a G fund?

Government Securities Investment Fund (G Fund) This is the only core fund that does not invest in an index. The G Fund invests in a special non-marketable treasury security issued specifically for the TSP by the U.S. government. This fund is the only one in the TSP that guarantees the return of the investor’s principal.

Does the G fund invest in index funds?

This is the only core fund that does not invest in an index. The G Fund invests in a special non-marketable treasury security issued specifically for the TSP by the U.S. government. This fund is the only one in the TSP that guarantees the return of the investor’s principal.

Does Blackrock offer TSP funds?

None of them trade on any public exchange, although Blackrock does offer publicly traded equivalents of some TSP funds through iShares, its subsidiary company, which offers a comprehensive range of ETFs.

How many TSP funds are there?

There are currently five primary TSP funds and an additional five TSP Lifecycle funds also called retirement target date retirement funds. Four of the primary TSP funds are managed by Blackrock Institutional Trust Company to track broad equity index funds (C,S, I) and the US Aggregate Bond index (F). The TSP G fund is internally managed by TSP and invests in non-marketable US treasuries whose interest rate is formula driven. The TSP Lifecycle funds are professionally allocated among the five primary funds as considered appropriate to an investor’s years to retirement.

What is the difference between TSP C and TSP I?

The TSP C fund is dominated by the new economy stocks (38%) while the TSP I fund only carries 14% of Tech and Communication Services. The TSP I fund is higher weighted in Finance and the old economy sectors which have underperformed.

What is the best performing fund in a bear market?

The best performing funds during declining bear markets were by far the no-risk TSP G fund and low-risk fix-income TSP F fund. Those who lost 50% of their money in the last two bear markets in the equity funds required a 100% gain to break-even. Those who know when to step aside are able to take advantage of the great market resets. Embrace the G fund when market risk is elevated.

How do lifecycle funds diversify?

While the Lifecycle funds geographically diversify by holding each equity fund based at an allocation based on each fund’s market value , this is not necessarily the best diversification for risk and return. In the chart above we see the TSP I fund severely underperformed the two US equity funds (C & S) and has not caught up with the safe TSP G fund since the last market top. The graph to the left helps to explain why.

What is the risk of TSP G?

All the funds are subject to inflation risk which simply means you have to subtract annual inflation from your returns to obtain your real increase (or decrease) in purchasing power. The TSP G fund’s only risk is inflation risk while all the other funds come with market risk which means they can lose value in a down market.

What is TSP lifecycle?

The TSP Lifecycle funds are professionally allocated among the five primary funds as considered appropriate to an investor’s years to retirement. All the funds come with industry beating low administration fees. While low fee funds are a must for investors, please do not mistake low fees for low risk.

What are the mega companies in the SP500?

In recent years, a few mega-companies have come to dominate the markets (Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, etc). These mega-companies account for a significant portion of the SP500 earnings and available cash. They are in the TSP C fund which holds the 500 largest US companies. These companies’ dominance in the economy and in corporate profits has benefited the C fund.

What is the F fund?

The F Fund assets are held in a separate account and managed to track the Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Index. This broad index includes U.S. Government, mortgage-backed, corporate, and foreign government (issued in the U.S.) sectors of the U.S. bond market. The earnings consist of interest income on the securities and gains (or losses) in the value of the securities.

Why is the F fund subject to market risk?

Because the F Fund returns move up and down with the returns in the bond market, your F Fund investment is subject to market risk. For example, when interest rates rise, bond prices (and thus, the returns of the index and the F Fund) fall. Conversely, in an environment of falling interest rates, bond prices, as well as the index and F Fund returns, rise.

Is the F fund risky?

Although there are several types of risks associated with the F Fund, the overall risk is relatively low in comparison to certain other fixed income investments in the market because the F Fund includes only investment-grade securities. As a result, F Fund investors are rewarded with the opportunity to earn higher rates of return over the long term than they would from investments in short-term securities such as the G Fund.

Is the G fund subject to inflation?

The G Fund is subject to inflation risk, or the possibility that your G Fund investment will not grow enough to offset the reduction in purchasing power that results from inflation.

Is the I fund good for TSP?

companies. Because it represents the stocks of companies in many developed countries (excluding the U.S.), it is an excellent way to diversify the stock portion of your TSP allocation.

Why aren’t there ticker symbols for TSP funds?

There aren’t ticker symbols for the actual TSP funds because they are not traded like other stock funds. There are however index funds and/or ETFs that the TSP funds track with. See below for the TSP fund equivalents that can generally be found on chart sites or investment trackers. C Fund: SPX ( S&P 500 Index)

Is the G fund a market equivalent?

G Fund: No market equivalent. This fund is a short-term U.S. Treasury security specially issued to the TSP.


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