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What is ECT and ECR?

To determine which courses from outside institutions are available for transfer, please use the Equivalent Course Tool (ECT). Current Baylor students: If the course you wish to take from another institution is not listed and you want it to be considered, you must submit an Equivalent Course Request (ECR).

Which college accepts the most transfer credits?

Clemson University No. Clemson University’s website is prepared to help transfer students as much as possible — they even offer a Transfer Course Equivalency List (TCEL) that includes 1200 accredited colleges and universities nationwide.

What does Xfrpen mean?

To expedite the course review process, please email course syllabi for TRN XFRPEN (transfer pending review) courses listed on your Evaluation of Transferable Credit to

How many credits can I transfer to Penn State?

There is no limit to the number of credits that you may transfer into Penn State; however, it is likely that not all of your transferred credit may count toward your intended degree program.

Is it harder to get accepted as a transfer student?

Looking broadly at four-year schools across the U.S., transfer students may have slightly more difficulty getting in. According to a report from the National Association for College Admission Counseling, the average rate of admission for a transfer applicant is 62 percent.

What is the best year to transfer college?

After two years can be a great time to transfer because you will have completed many prerequisite courses, and at your new school, can invest your time in fulfilling your major requirements. However, this is not a necessity. Many students transfer after one year of study, because their first school was not a great fit.

What does non course equivalency mean?

NE – Noncourse Equivalency Indicates courses and examinations from sources including ACE (American Council on Education), CLEP, DANTES and other testing programs as well as Thomas Edison State University assessment credit.

Does Penn State accept transfer students?

Students transfer to Penn State in a variety of programs at all of our campuses across the state of Pennsylvania. You will be considered a transfer applicant if you are a: Student who has earned a high school diploma or a GED.

Does Penn State accept community college credits?

Many students have the opportunity to take college coursework while still in high school. Penn State can typically award credit from regionally accredited institutions as long as an official transcript from the college or university is submitted. Students must receive a C (2.0) or higher in the course.

Is transferring to Penn State hard?

In 2019, Penn State received 1973 transfer applicants. The school accepted 913 students. Therefore, the transfer acceptance rate for Penn State is 46.27%. This indicates how hard it is to transfer into Penn State.

What GPA do you need to transfer to Penn State?

Minimum GPA for other campuses: 2.0 GPA Students with less than the 4 semesters of work are eligible to transfer to Penn State, but they must transfer to a campus other than University Park (and then work with their adviser and program on transitioning to University Park as a Penn State student).

Do transfer credits affect GPA Penn State?

The grade(s) earned from transfer credits will not be used for your GPA at Penn State. Penn State credits are expressed in semester hours.

What college has the highest transfer rate?

Transfer Acceptance RatesUS News rankCollegeTransfer rate1Princeton University1.0%2Harvard University1.0%3Columbia University6.7%4Massachusetts Institute of Technology4.1%48 more rows

Which Ivy League accepts the most transfers?

CornellCornell accepts more transfer students—from community college and elsewhere—than any other Ivy League. Cornell’s transfer acceptance rate in 2020 was 18.4 percent, and of the 638 transfers who enrolled, 147 of them (or 21.5 percent) were transferring from community college.

How many transfers does Harvard accept?

About Our Transfer Program Each fall, we welcome a very small number (12 on average) of transfer students to Harvard College. We seek students whose previous academic experience will prepare them to flourish in our rigorous and rewarding liberal arts program.

How many transfers does Yale accept?

RECAP: How to Apply As a Transfer Student to Yale University Thousands will apply to transfer every year, but only 1.3% will be accepted.

What is transfer equivalency search tool?

The Transfer Equivalency Search Tool exists to help current ISU students and advisors who are looking for ways to meet ISU degree requirements with courses from outside institutions.

How to find equivalency records?

Select Transfer Institution to see courses from a specific outside institution. Enter part of the name of the institution in question in the search box, then click Search. This will display all equivalency records with the text you searched for in the name of their institution. For example, entering “Vincennes” will show you all equivalencies that have been established at ISU for courses from Vincennes University. You can use the Refined Search in Table text box to narrow your results.

What is math 035?

MATH 035, for example, is a specific remedial math course at ISU, Intermediate Algebra, instead of an upper-level Foundational Studies course. Make sure you pay attention to the Foundational Studies column, and consult with your advisor if you’re having trouble.

Where is the UIC equivalent on the transfer school?

The transfer school’s course will be listed on the left side of the arrow and the UIC equivalent will be on the right.

Who do prospective students meet with in transferology?

In addition to utilizing Transferology, prospective students are encouraged to meet with academic advisors from the advising centers of their transfer institutions, as well as counselors from UIC’s Office of Admissions.


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