Sr927w watch battery equivalent


399 Watch Battery


What kind of battery is the sr927w battery?

399 Battery – SR927W. The 399 Battery is also a replacement for equivalent batteries: All batteries are by quality branded manufacturers, normally Renata, Varta, Rayovac or Panasonic. They are not the cheap makes you get on some websites.

What does 927 mean on a watch battery?

The 927 stands for 9.4 mm diameter, 2.6 mm height. The W means the battery meets the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard for watch batteries.

Is the Casio cr927 battery the same as the gr927?

The handbook is wrong! The replacement for the National GR927 is the 399 silver oxide battery and not the CR927 3V lithium battery. This mistake in the handbook appears across several different models of Casio solar calculators.

What kind of battery does the 397 watch battery have?

Energizer 397 / 396 (SR726SW, SR726W) Silver Oxide Watch Battery. On Tear Strip . . . . Need help?


What is the difference between SR927 and SR927W?

No, these batteries are not exactly the same. These batteries are silver-oxide 9.5×2. 6 mm batteries, but the SR927W (399) battery is a high-drain battery suitable for digital watches with LEDs and alarms, while the SR927SW (395) battery is a low-drain battery suitable for low, constant current discharge applications.

Is SR927W same as 399?

For example, a size 399 battery is the equivalent of a SR927SW battery, which is also the same is a SG7 Battery.

What battery is SR927W?

Energizer 395 / 399 (SR927W, SR927SW) Silver Oxide Watch Battery.

What battery can replace 927?

395 Battery395 Battery is a direct replacement for SR926SW, SR57, SR927, SB-AP/DP, 280-48, LA, V395, D395, 610, 395, GP395, S926E, 395, SG7, L926, SW927, 927, 395A, 395X, SB-AP, E395 batteries.

How long does SR927W battery last?

Features & Specifications:Battery Size:395 / 399Battery Chemistry:Silver OxideBattery Voltage:1.55Battery Terminal Type:Pressure ContactBattery Shelf Life:4-6 Years11 more rows

What battery can replace a 399?

SR927W399 Watch Battery SR927W and equivalent button cell batteries – SR927W, SR57, SR927, SB-BP, 280-44, V399, 613, GP399, 926E.

What batteries are compatible with lr927?

Compatible with the following: (May vary by chemistry or brand): SR57, SG7, LR57, 195, 395, 399, SR927, SR927W, SR927SW, GR927, LR926, SR926, 1165SO, 927, TR927SW, LR927W, 926, 926E, 395B, 395A, 399B, V399, D399, GP399, 613, SB-BP, SB-EP, G7, CX57, 280-44.

What watch battery is compatible with 395?

SR927SW395 Watch Battery SR927SW and equivalent button cell batteries – SR926SW, SR57, SR927, SB-AP, 280-48, V395, D395, 610, GP395, s926E.

What battery is equivalent to 377?

377 Watch Battery SR626SW and equivalent button cell batteries – SR626, SR626W, SR66, D377, V377, AG4, GP377, SB-AW, 377.

What Duracell battery replaces CR927?

DL927 vs CR927 Batteries DL927 and CR927 batteries are the same batteries – the DL927 battery is the CR927 battery manufactured by Duracell.

Can I use LR44 instead of LR43?

LR43, LR41, and LR44 batteries are different in size, voltage, and weight. Therefore, they are not interchangeable totally. LR43 batteries are slimmer than LR44 batteries. If you can put the batteries into the battery compartment (same number, polarity, etc.)

What is the equivalent to SR927SW?

5 x Energizer 395 Watch Batteries, 1.55V, Equivalent SR927W, 399, SR927SW.

Is SR920SW the same as 371?

What battery is equivalent to a 371? 371 is a 9.5 x 2.1 mm low-drain silver-oxide battery, hence, its equivalents are SR920SW battery, D371 (Duracell) battery, V371 (Varta) battery, etc.

Is SR621SW the same as 364?

364 Battery is a direct replacement for SR621SW, SR60, SR621, SB-AG/DG, 280-34, T, V364, D364, 602, S621E, GP364, AG1, AG-1, 364, L621, LR621, SG1, LR60, LR620, SW621, GP164, 364X, 364A, AG1/364A, SB-AG, E364 batteries.

What battery is equivalent to 395?

SR927SW395 Watch Battery SR927SW and equivalent button cell batteries – SR926SW, SR57, SR927, SB-AP, 280-48, V395, D395, 610, GP395, s926E.

What battery can I use instead of LR44?

Direct replacements for LR44 would be Duracell 76A, Energizer A76, and AG13 batteries. These batteries are exact equivalents for the LR44 battery, the only difference being the name. These batteries can all be interchanged.

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