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Spousal equivalent” means a cohabitant occupying a relationship generally equivalent to that of a spouse. Spousal equivalent is defined as a person living in a committed co-habitational relationship where both parties share responsibilities for finances and other major decisions with duration of at least one year.


What is spouse equivalent?

What is an immediate family?

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What is a spousal equivalent?

A spousal equivalent – This is another way of saying “domestic partner”. If you are living together on a permanent basis (even if it is across more than one home) and you are in a committed relationship – this would make you a “spousal equivalent”.

What is a spousal equivalent SEC?

In addition, the SEC incorporated the term, “spousal equivalent,” in the definition. Spousal equivalents are now permitted to pool their finances in order to qualify as accredited investors. A spousal equivalent is defined as a cohabitant who has a relationship, which is generally the equivalent to that of a spouse.

Which of the following items suggest that you have a spousal equivalent?

You have a legal contract together that states that you are spousal equivalents. You have been cohabiting and have had a child together.

Can an LLC be a QIB?

The amendments expand the list of entities eligible for QIB status to include limited liability companies and any entity that is a RBIC.

Is a CFA an accredited investor?

The SEC has discussed allowing persons with other professional credentials or licenses to qualify as accredited investors. Those with CFA and CFP designations have been considered as have licensed CPAs and attorneys.

Spousal equivalent – definition of spousal equivalent by The Free …

Related WordsSynonymsLegend: Switch to new thesaurus Noun 1. spousal equivalent – a person (not necessarily a spouse) with whom you cohabit and share a long-term sexual relationship domestic partner, significant other, spouse equivalent individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul – a human being; “there was too much for one person to do” lover – a significant other to whom you are not …

What is SEC equivalent?

The SEC, “Spousal Equivalents” and the Family Office. The SEC now recognizes “spous al equivalents” defined as “cohabitants occupying a relationship generally equivalent to that of a spouse.”.

Can a family office be an investment adviser?

Third, a family office cannot hold itself out to the public as an investment adviser.

Can a family office be exempt from the SEC?

But, the family office will need to find another exemption, register under the Advisers Act or seek an exemptive order from the SEC.

Is spousal equivalent a category of person?

They brush aside the Defense of Marriage Act argument: Because the term “spouse” is not defined in the rule and a “spousal equivalent” is identified as a category of person, separate and distinct from a “spouse,” that meets the definition of a “family member”….

Important conversations between spouses

A spouse’s involvement in financial relationship reporting is critical to helping our professionals meet their independence requirements.

An introduction to independence for spouses

By exploring this content you will learn about the concept of personal independence and why it is important to our professionals and our firm, but also how it can impact the spouses of our professionals.

What is spouse equivalent?

Spousal Equivalent means a cohabitant occupying a relationship generally equivalent to that of a spouse.Powers of family trust companies An FTC is permitted to do any of the following for the benefit of family clientsonly: –Act as a fiduciary, including as a personal representative, within and outsideOhio; –Act within and outside Ohio as advisory agent, agent, assignee, assignee for the benefit of creditors, attorney in fact, authenticating agent, bailee, bond or indenture trustee, conservator, conversion agent, curator, custodian, escrow agent, exchange agent, fiscal or paying agent, financial advisor, investment advisor, investment manager, managing agent, purchase agent, receiver, registrar, safekeeping agent, subscription agent, transfer agent except for public business entities, warrant agent, or in any similar capacity generally performed by corporate trustees and, in so acting, possess, purchase, sell, invest, reinvest, safe keep, or otherwise manage or administer the real or personal property of other persons; — Exercise the powers of a corporation or limited liability company organized under Ohio law and any incidental powers to enable it to fully exercise any power authorized under the bill .7 An FTC cannot, however, receive money or its equivalent from any individual or entity for deposit, make loans of any nature to any individual or entity, or otherwise conduct a general banking business (except as otherwise provided under “Authorized fiduciary activities ,” below). It also cannot engage in trust business with the public.8 (“Trust business” is generally defined as accepting and executing trusts of property, serving as a trustee, executor, administrator, guardian, receiver, or conservator, and providing fiduciary series as a business.9) Additionally, an FTC cannot advertise its services to the public. It cannot use the word “trust” or any direct derivative of that word as any part of its name unless it is licensed under the bill.10 7 R.C. 1112.06 (A). 8 R.C. 1112.06 (B) (1) and (2). 9 R.C. 1112.01 (M), by reference to R.C. 1111.01, not in the bill. 10 R.C. 1112.06 (B) (2) and (3).Authorized fiduciary activities While acting as the fiduciary of a trust, an FTC may:11 (1) Invest in a security of an investment company or investment trust for which the FTC or a family affiliate provides services in a capacity other than as a fiduciary; (2) Place a security transaction using a broker that is a family affiliate; (3) Invest in an investment contract that is purchased from an …

What is an immediate family?

The term “Immediate Family” means the Executive’s spouse, the lineal descendant or antecedent, father, mother, brother or sister, child, adopted child, grandchild or adopted grandchild of the Executive or the Executive’s spouse, or the spouse of any of the above or Spousal Equivalent.


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