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What Is The PS5 Equivalent Desktop CPU? The closest off the shelf CPU to the PS5 CPU is the Ryzen 3700x which is also based on the AMD Zen 2 architecture. While this is not the exact CPU that is used in the PS5, it is one of the closest off the shelf CPUs you will find. This will get you similar performance.Apr 15, 2022

How to build a PC equivalent to a PS5?

I tried to build a PC equivalent to a PS5. I used the following components : • Processor or CPU- Ryzen 7 3700x because there is no Processor which is having 8 Cores and 8 Threads. The Ryzen 7 3700x is also having 8 Cores and 16 Threads and it is based on Zen 2 Architecture which is used in the PlayStation 5 Processor or CPU.

What is the equivalent of the PS5 GPU?

It should be something equivalent to a AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 3.6 GHz without the boost clocks. It shouls have about 16 GB of RAM. The RDNA 2.0 equivalent of an RTX 2070 or RTX 2070 Super. Also, the PS5 GPU has a total potential power output of about 10.28 teraflops.

How powerful is PS5’s processor?

The processing power of PS5 is quite impressive because not only does it come with AMD’s latest Zen 2 architecture, the CPU consists of 8 cores with 16 threads. That’s like a whole High-end PC config crammed into one space.

What is the difference between PS5 and PS4 processors?

The 8-core x86-64 AMD “Jaguar” chipset PS4 and PS4 Pro CPU runs at 1.6GHz and 2.13 GHz, respectively. Meanwhile, the octa-core AMD Zen 2 chipset PS5 processor runs at 3.5GHz per core. That’s nearly double the speed, and that’s without considering the generational difference.


What GPU is PS5 equivalent to?

What graphics card is comparable to the PS5? The closest off-the-shelf graphics card to the PS5 GPU is the AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT which has a throughput of 9.75 TFLOPs. This is close to the 9.2 TFLOPs that the Playstation 5 offers.

What is the PS5 RAM equivalent to?

16 GB GDDR6 SDRAM Performance and gaming are the focus of this RAM pool. The PS5 utilizes a combination of 8 chips of 2 GB (which comes out to 16GB) each that can log up to the equivalent of 14000 MHz, equaling 448 GB/s and thereby more than doubling the PS4’s bandwidth.

What kind of PC does a PS5 compare to?

Although still a custom design — you can’t build a PC that exactly matches the PS5 — the console is roughly equivalent to a PC with an AMD Ryzen 7 3700X and RX 5700. That’s respectable. Those specs make up a midrange PC from the previous generation.

Is PS5 better than gaming laptop?

In terms of value, a gaming laptop is much better than PS5 as it can do more than just playing games and watching video content. Along with these, PC games are generally cheaper to buy compared to PS5 games and you don’t need to subscribe to a service like PS Plus to play multiplayer on PC.

How much would a PC as good as a PS5 cost?

The total cost for our entire PS5-level gaming PC build is $1,176.95. It’s almost $77 more than the current lowest eBay pricing for Sony’s console, but the performance will be largely the same (or at times even better) based on the hardware that’s been picked out.

What is the PS4 CPU equivalent to?

The PS4’s CPU is roughly equivalent to an FX8120 underclocked to ~1.8GHz… so it is not anything really worth talking about performance-wise.

What is PS4 GPU equivalent to?

What is the Equivalent GPU for PS4? The PS4 GPU is roughly equivalent to the Nvidia GTX 750 Ti or AMD Radeon 7850. While these are similar on paper, things are different when it comes to actual performance.

Is PlayStation 5 better than PC?

The PS5 console is much cheaper than a nice gaming PC. If you don’t plan to cost much on gaming, PS5 is a better choice. The PS5 console has two versions: PS5 Standard Edition and PS5 Digital Edition. The first one supports disc drives while the second one is all-digital without disc drives.

How good are PS5 graphics?

The PS5 is armed with impressive specs for a console, offering an AMD Zen 2-based CPU and a custom RDNA 2 GPU with over 10.28 TFLOPs of computing power. What that equates is that most games will run at 4K/60, with some games able to achieve 4K/120fps – there’s even support for 8K resolution in the future.

Is the PS5 GPU better than 2080?

RTX 2080 produces roughly 13.5 TFLOPs of power which is slightly higher than PS5. Once considered as flagship in the Nvidia catalog, RTX 2080 still…

Is PS5 Better than the RTX 3060?

RTX 3000 series is considered one of the best GPUs to ever be released in the market, and they are mainly focused on delivering a 4K experience.PS5…

Is RTX 2070 better than PS5?

RTX 2070 performs roughly on par with PS5 island by looking at the TFLOPs, we can confirm that this GPU is the closest equivalent to PS5 in terms o…

RTX 2060 super vs PS5 GPU. Which is better?

RTX 2060 super performs similar to RTX 2070 with little performance gap, so you can expect RTX 2060 super to perform the same PS5, if not better.PS…

Is RTX 3070 equivalent to what is in the PS5?

PS5 was released back in 2020 and was revealed to be the first console to deliver 1080p/120fps with support for 4K/60 fps.RTX 3070, however, is far…

What is the laptop GPU equivalent to the Xbox series X or PS5?

Laptop GPUs are also known as mobile GPUs, which are underclocked by manufactured on purpose due to power concerns.RTX 2060 super is the GPU equiva…

How much faster is an RTX 3080 than PS5?

RTX 3080 is one of the best flagship GPUs you can get right now. As compared to PS5 10.3 TFLOPS, RTX 3080 delivers massive 30 TFLOPS. This is all t…

How many mm2 is the PS4 Pro?

The processor itself is only 80 mm2 (not counting the memory controller), and the Radeon 5700 core is 251 mm2. All of this can be seamlessly squeezed into a single piece of silicon, which after several optimization procedures (i.e. reducing clocks and cache memory) will not consume more power than PS4 Pro.

How much does a 2nd gen Ryzen cost?

An eight-core, 2nd-gen Ryzen processor ought to cost about $300, which is already 60% of our assumed budget. Take AMD Ryzen 3700X – an eight-core, sixteen-thread monster whose performance will be significantly higher from what we will see in the PS5.

Can you use a Ryzen 3700x with a 5700 core?

Is it even possible to pack a Ryzen 3700X with an RX 5700 core and media encoders on one piece of silicon and mass produce it? Absolutely. PlayStation 4 has a chip the size of 348 mm2, and PS4 Pro only 325 mm2. Not only was the performance improved, but also the technological process was reduced from 28 nm to 16 nm. Modern AMD components, such as Ryzen 7 3700x and Radeon RX 5700, use a 7-nm process, which is at least half the size of those in PS4 Pro. The processor itself is only 80 mm2 (not counting the memory controller), and the Radeon 5700 core is 251 mm2. All of this can be seamlessly squeezed into a single piece of silicon, which after several optimization procedures (i.e. reducing clocks and cache memory) will not consume more power than PS4 Pro.

What is the difference between a PS5 and a PC?

While the difference is getting blurrier with each generation, there’s still a fine line today. PS5’s CPU is a custom chip with 8 Zen 2 cores running at 3.5Ghz (variable), all equipped with hyperthreading that totals it up to a logical 16 cores. The GPU is the latest RDNA2 based Navi chip that has 36 Compute Units, all running at 2.23 GHz. Memory gets shared between both the CPU and GPU from a central pool of 16 GB of GDDR6. For the storage, PS5 has an 825GB custom SSD, capable of loading around 2GB of data in a mere 0.27 secs.

How much does a PS5 cost?

A PS5 can cost as much as $500 while the proposed PC build can cost up to, if not more than, $1600.

What is the max GHz of the Ryzen 7?

A competitive CPU of choice would be the AMD Ryzen 7 3700X, a chip capable of reaching a max speed of 4.4 GHz in all 8 of its Zen 2 cores. For the GPU, the closest that PC builders can come right now to mimic the PS5’s GPU is to get the RDNA2 based AMD RX 6800XT, which has the double compute units …

Can a gaming PC be built on an SSD?

While a gaming PC can be built using an SSD, it would have a hard time keeping up its paces with the consoles. The current-gen consoles, such as the PS5 and the Xbox Series X/S, have a few neat tricks up their sleeves that give them a slight advantage over their PC counterparts.

Is the PS5 the same as the PC?

While a PS5 and a PC have a lot of differences, it’d be interesting to build one that could trade blows with Sony’s latest and greatest.

What GPU does the PS5 use?

The PS5 will use a third-gen AMD Ryzen (8 core) CPU with an AMD Navi GPU.

How much power does the PS5 have?

Also, the PS5 GPU has a total potential power output of about 10.28 teraflops. But in real-life usage when playing games this value drops to about 9.2 teraflops.

How much DDR4 memory does a PC have?

On a PC, you can have 16GB DDR4 memory for your CPU and 8GB GDDR6 VRAM for your GPU and it will be BETTER than the PS5. For the CPU you can take i5 10400 for around 15K which performs equal and a bit better than the 3700x, you can visit userbenchmark to verify. you can take RTX 3060ti for a.

How much L3 cache does a Ryzen 1000 have?

it will have only 4 MB of L3 cache, the drop in terms of performance would be so great that even with a Ryzen 1000 series (first generation) we would have everything we need on our PC to be at the level of PS5 as far as CPU is concerned. Much information has pointed in this direction, and I must say that for cost reasons I find it difficult for AMD to have been able to integrate a Zen 2 CPU with 8 cores and 16 threads with 32 MB of L3 cache and an RDNA 2 GPU with 2,304 shaders in an APU maintaining a reasonable cost.

How many threads does the PS5 have?

We know that PS5 will use a CPU based on the Zen 2 architecture with 8 cores capable of reaching frequencies of up to 3.5 GHz, but it is a semi-custom design, which means that it will be able to move up to 16 threads reducing the working frequency, and which could have very limited cache settings.

How much RAM does a PC need?

A PC will have more RAM — 16 GB system memory is cheap now, plus 8 GB or more for the GPU. Sound is a separate issue, but it isn’t uncommon to have decent 3D sound on gaming PC motherboards. Add-on sound cards are not a big thing for gaming anymore, but they do exist as well.

Is a gaming PC cheaper than a console?

But I would expect that an equivalent gaming PC to the new consoles will remain priced a bit higher than the console, but less than a good tablet or laptop or basic desktop PC, plus a console. The ability to use a gaming PC for things other than gaming gives the purchase extra value.

How much GHz is the PS5?

The PS5 CPU is 3.5 GHz and not 3.6 GHz, but that difference should be negligible. For an Xbox Series X equivalent PC you need to upgrade the GPU to the RDNA 2.0 equivalent of the RTX 2080 or RTX 2080 Super, and downgrade the SSD to the Samsung Evo 970 Pro 1 TB SSD. 61.

Is an SSD cheaper than a PS5?

Heck, buying a comparable SSD alone is about half the cost of the PS5.

Can I build a PC with a 3050ti?

Still a ps5 is a good option if you simply don’t like pc gaming for some reason idk.

Is the PS5 good?

Because i can make money with it. PS5 is good, but consoles will never be on the same level as PCs. PCs will alwaxs perform better and be cheaper becausr you can work with one, and you dont need to be a streamer. 3. Continue this thread.

What is the specs of the PS5?

What are the Sony PS5 specs? The PS5 comes with an eight-core CPU rocking last-gen’s AMD Zen 2 processor architecture, the same as you’ll find in the Ryzen 7 3700X.

How much is the PS5?

Sony’s PS5 landed in November, 2020 with a launch price of $499. Now, that’s a lot of money for a console, but not a lot of cash to build a gaming PC, which prompts the question: how close can we get to the PlayStation 5’s specs …

How many CUs does the RX 5700 have?

The Navi-powered RX 5700, with its 36 compute units, comes in at a shade under 8TFLOPS at its boost frequency, while the RX 5700 XT, with 40 CUs, offers 8.2TFLOPs at its base clock speed. The PS5 will be rocking a 36 CU GPU with a variable frequency up to 2.23GHz – a touch more than the Radeon 5000 cards.

How much does an ASRock B450 cost?

Rounding up the components that aren’t suffering from shortages, you can grab an ASRock B450 for $60, a Corsair 100R chassis for $54, 8GB of Patriot Viper Steel memory for $35, a 500W EVGA PSU for $48, and a 512GB PCIe 3.0 Addlink S70 SSD for just $61. So at a total of $258, we’d need CPUs and graphics cards to come down in price to conform to our remaining $241 budget.

What is the new PlayStation game box powered by?

We know it’s powered by AMD custom silicon, but what is the equivalent PC hardware?

Is the Ryzen 5 3600 a good gaming GPU?

The six- core, 12-thread Ryzen 5 3600 would still give you equivalent gaming performance because of its higher clock speed, but once again, it hasn’t dropped to $100 like the 2600 before it. No, it sits at more than double that currently, meaning we’re not shaving as much cash as we’d hoped and getting a PS5-equivalent GPU is tough enough without this hiccup.

Is there a GPU shortage in 2020?

The Great Graphics Card Shortage of 2020, as it shall be known henceforth, has made it a battle to get your hands on a new GPU at retail price. If you manage to find one in stock and on shelves, most are instead eye-wateringly inflated.


2070 super is the equivalent, so like its a bit worse than a 3060ti. the ps5 and xbox x are not bad, just that your locked on to just using it for gaming.

mr fobs

Well they are hard to compare since consoles run so differently than a normal PC. Like certain scenes on a console may be have less or more fidelity depending on what’s needed. where as playing on PC you would set the graphics settings and they stay that way.


I’m trying to convince my friend who is a hardcore console gamer to come to PC.

Mister Woof

You’d have to pry my 3080 from my cold dead hand, plus K&MOD, but in this current market, unless you get lucky and get a FE 3060 Ti for MSRP, gaming on a console is your best idea. They’re a lot easier to get for MSRP, and even if you do buy scalped they’re not scalped nearly as hard as GPUs are.


Well you picked the absolute worst time to try that seeing as pc component prices are through the roof with most pc gamers acknowledging that consoles are a smart and viable option over computer hardware.


Problem is, most PC gamers already have a PC, therefore only need to upgrade their graphics card. Since the new XBox and PS5 are around as powerful as a 5700 xt / 6600 xt, you can buy a new GPU for the same price (or less) than a console.


Your friend is fine where he is. Why do you feel you need to convince him of anything. This is literally the worst time in history to build a PC.


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