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Radeon is a brand of computer products, including graphics processing units, random-access memory, RAM disk software, and solid-state drives, produced by Radeon Technologies Group, a division of Advanced Micro Devices. The brand was launched in 2000 by ATI Technologies, whic…

7850 or the R9 270X are roughly equivalent to the PS4 GPU. It has less-enabled computer units at 20 but a higher clock speed of 1000Mhz with a boost clock speed of 1050 Mhz to match the PS4’s 1.8 TFLOPS. Console optimization puts the PS4 at best 780 (2.5 TFLOPS) On the Nvidia side, the best equivalent would be the 750 Ti.

What is the Equivalent GPU for PS4? The PS4 GPU is roughly equivalent to the Nvidia GTX 750 Ti or AMD Radeon 7850. While these are similar on paper, things are different when it comes to actual performance.Jan 4, 2022


Is the PS4 Pro dual voltage?

edit: the voltages aren’t fighting each other so its dual voltage. Yes, it’s dual voltage. I’ll update this comment with a picture of it from someone who did a teardown.

What is the difference between PlayStation 4 Slim and pro?

  • PS4 – 305 x 275 x 53 mm (12 x 10.8 x 2.09 in) and 2.8 Kg (6.2lbs)
  • PS4 Slim – 288 x 265 x 39 mm (11.3 x 10.4 x 1.54 in) and 2.1 Kg (4.6lbs)
  • PS4 Pro – 327 x 295 x 55 mm (12.9 x 11.6 x 2.17 in) and 3.3 Kg (7.3lbs)

Is a PS4 Slim quieter than a PS4 Pro?

The PS4 slim is slightly quieter than the Ps4pro. Keep it well ventilated on a solid flat surface, 3+ inches away from the wall. An average room temperature should be below 24 degrees aswell. Mine is actually louder than my launch unit was– but it doesn’t bother me when playing games with decent volume, really only notice during pauses/ menus.

Should I upgrade to a PS4 Pro?

The PS4 Pro is a nice upgrade, but not a necessary one. Unlike the original Xbox One, which started to show some of its limitations early on, the PS4 is still a stellar console. So those thinking…


What GPU does the PS4 use?

The PS4 uses a “modified” HD 7870. Here’s the proof: So comparable to an NVidia GTX 580, 660, 660 Ti, according to Tom’s Hardware:

How many FPS does Ultra have?

Actually it gets a constant 60fps on Ultra. I have an R9 270X…

What temperature is MSI gaming?

Its MSI Gaming, the temperature is about 60~80 running the likes of BF4 and Crysis 3.

Can a PS4 270x play BF4?

not even close, more like a r9 240, its just optimized to play games better. If you want similar preformance in a pc get a 270x. it will be able to play BF4 on high setting at 900p at a constant 60fps, wich is what he ps4 plays it on. (the 270x will only sometimes go below 40 on these settings)

What is the GPU on the PS4?

The GPU in the PS4 is a GCN 2.0 GPU , 28nm, so it’s in the same era as the R9 290. It’s a significantly smaller die than the 290 but the transistor count is unknown. I would estimate that the graphics power is not far off a GT 1030 which would also make the 750 in a similar realm.

How many FPS does PS4 have?

Meanwhile, on ps4, it general hovers around 30-40fps and barely manages 1080p.

How many frames per second is Ff14?

Keep in mind, ps4 ff14 runs at a locked 30fps and probably at or under 720p. That’s a big component that I think a lot of people are missing. EDIT – I was wrong about this – it is unlocked to 60, but usually averages around 30-35fps from what I have read.

How many FPS does Re2 Remake have?

Another game, RE2 Remake, for example, gets totally maxed out at 1080p and well above 60-90fps (can even play at 1440p 60fps really) on even an RX 580, which is generally speaking a low end GPU at this point.

Does Cyberpunk 2077 have 30fps?

Cyberpunk 2077 doesn’t even maintain 30fps at 720p scaling down on ps4, with low settings.

Is PS4 faster than PC?

The problem with the specific comparison is optimization (as I’m sure you’re aware) since games will run quite a lot faster on the PS4 than equivalent hardware on the PC, due to the ability to utilize 100% of the hardware.

What GPU does the PS4 Pro use?

The ps4 pro uses a 8gb ddr5 powered gpu from amd, if you are interested in high end gaming and smooth vr experiance along with 4k gameplay better get a nvidia gtx 1080 [even this is 8 gb ddr5 and it is a beast]

How is the PS4 GPU different from the Xbox One?

Again, by virtue of being an AMD APU, the Xbox One and PS4 GPUs are technologically similar — with the simple difference that the PS4 GPU is larger. In PC terms, the Xbox One has a GPU that’s similar to the entry-level Bonaire GPU in the older Radeon HD 7790, while the PS4 is outfitted with the midrange Pitcairn that can be found in the HD 7870. In numerical terms, the Xbox One GPU has 12 compute units (768 shader processors), while the PS4 has 18 compute units (1,152 shaders). The Xbox One is slightly ahead on GPU clock speed (853MHz vs. 800MHz for the PS4).

How much RAM does the PS4 have?

While both consoles are outfitted with 8GB of RAM, the PS4 opts for 5500MHz GDDR5 RAM, while the Xbox One uses the more PC-like 2133MHz DDR3 RAM. This leads to a massive bandwidth advantage in favor of the PS4. The PS4’s CPU and GPU have 176GB/s of bandwidth to system RAM, while the Xbox One has just 68.3GB/s.

How many FPS does the PS4 Pro have?

You actually cant measure that right as flops output might be related to optimization given in Consoles as, PS4 Pro has 4.2TFLOPS but when it comes to running games at 4K, I once read a website that a comparison between XBOX ONE X and PS4 PRO, the One X only had a resolution downgrade from 2160p to 2000p while the Pro went to 1800p to maintain the 60 FPS output. This is unlikely in a PC with a 980Ti even, with medium-high settings, it will stick to 60Hz constant, 980Ti has just 5.5TFLOPS powe…

Which is better: the Xbox One X or the RX 580?

So at 1080p-1440p gaming, the RX 580 will probably perform better than an Xbox One X, but at 4K, the Xbox One X will be better because of VRAM limitations on the RX 580 8GB. So my guess is the PS4 Pro is similar to an RX 570. Purely based on the released hardware specs, the RX470 8GB seems to be the closest fit.

How much does a GTX 1050 cost?

A look online shows that the average laptop with a GTX 1050 costs $600-$800, so we’ll use $700 as a benchmark. The Xbox One S costs roughly $250, so you’ll have $450 to spend on a laptop, and a quick search shows that most of these laptops sport integrated graphics, which is terrible in comparison to a dedicated GPU.

How much ESRAM does Xbox One have?

In Microsoft’s favor, the Xbox One has 32MB of super-fast embedded SRAM (about 102GB/sec in each direction, for a total of 204GB/sec of bandwidth). When ESRAM is used properly, as a cache, then the huge difference in main system RAM bandwidth can be ameliorated.

What GPU Is The PS4 Equivalent To?

The Radeon 7850 or the R9 270X are roughly equivalent to the PS4 GPU. It has less-enabled computer units at 20 but a higher clock speed of 1000Mhz with a boost clock speed of 1050 Mhz to match the PS4’s 1.8 TFLOPS. Console optimization puts the PS4 at best 780 (2.5 TFLOPS)

What Is The PS4 Pro GPU Equivalent To?

PS4 Pro GPU is similar to a RX 470/570 (higher than a GTX 1050 Ti but lower than a GTX 1060 3GB) and the AMD 380X, which has a throughout of 3.97 TFLOPS running at stock speeds similar to the 4.2 teraflops of the PS4 Pro.

How many cores does the AMD FX 8120 have?

The AMD FX 8120, underclocked to 1.8 GHz, is the rough equivalent to the CPU inside the PS4. The CPU has eight cores, just like the PS4 and the base clock speed is 3.1 GHz with a max boost clock speed of 4 GHz.

What graphics card does the PS4 Pro use?

Recent graphics cards that can give you the same level of performance as the PS4 Pro include the AMD RX 470 or the Nvidia GTX 1060 . Although the AMD RX 470 has 32 compute units with a base clock speed of 926 MHz and a boost clock speed of 1206 MHz, the throughput of the graphics card is 4.9 TFLOPs.

How many cores does the PS4 have?

The PS4 has a custom AMD CPU with eight cores, based on the Jaguar architecture that runs at 1.6 GHz. The GPU is a custom GPU from AMD based on the Radeon GCN architecture that features 18 compute units and throughput of 1.84 TFLOPS. The CPU inside the PS4 Pro is the same as the base model, but it is overclocked to 2.1 GHz. The GPU is based on the Radeon GCN 2.0 architecture and features 36 compute units with a throughput of 4.198 TFLOPS.

How many FPS does the PS4 Pro have?

The PS4 Pro targets 4K 30 FPS, but in most cases, the resolution is not native, and the image is upscaled using the checkerboarding rendering to see if the PS4 Pro 4K is true four; please read my article.

When was the PS4 released?

The PS4 was released back in 2013, so the CPU is pretty dated at this point. However, pretty much any modern CPU will be able to beat the performance of the CPU inside the PS4.


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