Lr44 equivalent batteries


LR44 vs. 357 Battery

lR44 357
Battery type Alkaline Manganese Batteries Silver Oxide
Nominal Voltage 1.5V 1.55V
Nominal Capacity 120mAh 150 mAh
Operating Temperature Range -10℃ to 60℃

Aug 12 2022

Direct replacements for LR44 would be Duracell 76A, Energizer A76, and AG13 batteries. These batteries are exact equivalents for the LR44 battery, the only difference being the name.


What are LR44 batteries?

What Are LR44 Batteries? The LR44 Battery is a small button cell battery of alkaline composition. The LR44 is a very common battery and is produced by many large brands such as Toshiba, Maxell, Energizer, and more.

Which battery is equivalent to lr41?

– Standard Battery What Is The Equivalent To A Lr41 Battery? 192, 92A, LR736, and AG3 are direct replacements for LR41. These batteries are identical to the LR41 battery, with the exception of the designation. Similarly, Is LR41 battery Same as 392?

What is the difference between LR44 and LR1154?

The letter “L” symbolizes the electrochemical system used, an alkaline electrolyte. The letter “R” indicates its cylindrical (round) cell, while 11 and 44 signify the battery’s diameter and height, respectively. An L1154 battery is a 1.5-volt alkaline button cell battery of the LR44 specification.

What is the difference between LR44 and gpa76 batteries?

Just like LR44 alkaline battery, GPA76 batteries boast high quality and high reliability. This alkaline button cell battery offers long power life and suitable uninterruptible power sources for your device.


What is LR44 Battery?

The LR44 battery is a common coin cell battery that is used in a wide range of electronic devices, including toys, remote controls, watches, calculators, and so on. It is manufactured by virtually all recognized brands. LR44 battery features a diameter of 11.6 mm (0.457 inches) and a height of 5.4 mm (0.213 inches).

LR44 Battery Voltage

The nominal voltage of 11.6×5.4 mm batteries depends on the exact battery chemistry, but also on the battery age, storage conditions, discharge conditions, and similar.

LR44 Battery Equivalents

LR44 is an alkaline 1.5 V battery. The most common LR44 battery equivalent batteries are:

LR44 vs. 357 Battery

The 357 battery is a tiny battery with many uses. This 1.5-volt size 357 battery is used in watches, medical equipment, laser pointers, and more. Size 357 batteries are silver oxide batteries, while A76 batteries are alkaline batteries.

LR44 Battery Manufacturer

Murata is a leading enterprise that is committed to designing, manufacturing, and providing advanced electronic materials, leading-edge electronic components, and multi-functional, high-density modules.

Where To Buy LR44 Batteries?

LR44 batteries are extremely common and popular. This means that a wide variety of manufacturers make these batteries and a wide variety of retailers sell the battery. It is important to keep in mind that not all LR44 batteries are created equal and that all retailers have the same dedication to quality. To avoid low quality or worse, counterfeit batteries, it is important to only purchase your batteries from a highly reputable retailer that sells only the highest quality of brands.

How to identify LR44 battery?

First identify the positive and negative ends of the battery . On a typical Alkaline LR44 battery, the flat side (possibly with markings) will usually be the positive side. On the opposite side, a small circular protrusion should be visible. The side is typically the negative end. Now that you have determined the positive and negative ends of the battery, you can easily align it with corresponding markings on your device. Please note that some devices have small metallic tabs for battery retention and function. It is very important to leave these tabs unharassed and undamaged as doing so may compromise the performance of your device. If you do slightly move this tab out of place, they can usually be fixed by carefully readjusting them back into the proper orientation.

What is the side of an alkaline battery?

On a typical Alkaline LR44 battery, the flat side (possibly with markings) will usually be the positive side. On the opposite side, a small circular protrusion should be visible. The side is typically the negative end. Now that you have determined the positive and negative ends of the battery, you can easily align it with corresponding markings on …

What Is The Equivalent To A lr44 Battery?

After getting a better understanding of the lr44 battery type, let move to the main topic again and figure out other possible equivalents of lrr44 batteries.

What is the starting letter of LR44?

The starting letter “L” from LR44 defines the battery’s chemistry type, which consists of an alkaline electrolyte, a negative zinc electrode, and a manganese dioxide positive electrode.

Can you replace a SR battery with LR?

In case you replace an SR battery with a similar-sized LR battery, it will not damage your device and fit correctly. But it will surely reduce performance and lifespan faster than a usual SR battery.

Is the LR44 a lithium battery?

No, LR44 is not a lithium battery; it is a 1.5 volt alkaline button cell battery.

SR44 and LR44 Batteries

Generally, SR44 and LR44 batteries are mostly used in small remotes, wristwatches, and small toys. Despite having the same features and physical dimensions, they are slightly different from each other. For example, they operate with a distinct chemical process. Besides, they have different electrical characteristics as well.

Features and Specification of SR44 and LR44

As I said before, SR44 and LR44 use different chemical mechanisms. This difference makes a slight dissimilation between them. For example, LR44 batteries, which use Alkaline, have 1.5 V as nominal voltage. On the contrary, SR44 batteries, which use Silver-oxide, have 1.55 voltage. Yet, this difference is so less to count.

Which One is Better Between SR44 and LR44

It is hard to select one between SR44 and LR44. Yet, silver oxide performs better than alkaline in some cases. In this regard, you may consider SR44 better. Besides, the capacity of silver oxide is 50 percent to 100 percent more than alkaline.

Are SR44 and LR44 Batteries Interchangeable

Despite having a different chemical mechanism, they can use interchangeably in the same compartment. Because both of the batteries detail is similar and 1.55mm in diameter. Furthermore, some manufacturers’ companies notify that it would not harm the application when you use them interchangeably.

Frequently Asked Question

Generally, LR44 and SR44 batteries are used in cameras, medical devices, flashlights, and similar applications. Besides, these batteries are also suitable for widescreen and multiscreen. Furthermore, you can use these alkaline and silver oxide batteries for small applications, such as wristwatches and toys.


Similarities are clear but the distinction: SR44 vs LR44 battery differs the application. In short, you can use both interchangeably with a negligible effect.


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