Lastpass equivalent domains


If you access multiple websites from a single provider, adding these sites as equivalent domains allows you to use just one username and password. Note: For LastPass Business users, additional global equivalent domains can be set by a LastPass admin, and will be labeled as “Enterprise” domains.

Does LastPass work with subdomains?

If you have a single account shared across multiple subdomains, LastPass admins can use LastPass to set those sites up as equivalent subdomains so that you don’t have independent site entries for each stored in your vault.

Why is my LastPass not auto filling?

Check Autofill Settings Locate LastPass, click on More, and select Options. Then navigate to Preferences. Select General and turn on the Automatically fill login information option.

Is Bitwarden better than LastPass?

LastPass: At a Glance. Bitwarden’s free version lacks native multifactor authentication, although you can still use third-party solutions like Authy or Google Authenticator. At only $10 a year—compared to LastPass’s $36 a year—Bitwarden’s paid plan is well worth the extra coin.

Is there a problem with LastPass?

No incidents reported. No incidents reported. No incidents reported. Resolved – We have confirmed that the issue has been resolved completely and all systems are 100% operational at this time.

How do I get LastPass to autofill on desktop?

Click within the username field of your application, then hold CTRL + ALT + F on your keyboard. Your username and password will be automatically filled in (as well as any other fields and parameters you configured) and log you in to the application.

How do I get LastPass to autofill on Iphone?

Enable LastPass for autofill Log in to the LastPass app for iOS app with your email address and master password. Tap Settings in the bottom toolbar. Tap Lets’ enable autofill to view a video tutorial of enabling LastPass as your designated autofill setting in your iOS settings. When ready, tap Open Settings.

How does LastPass autofill work?

Once your passwords are stored with LastPass — autofill will save you from typing another password ever again. Automatically log in to saved sites and auto-save newly created accounts. Whether you’re shipping to the office or to your home, LastPass saves all your addresses so you can finish shopping quickly.

How do I make LastPass automatically login?

Locate your desired site in the extension menu. Select the Edit icon to open the site entry. Expand the Advanced Settings section, then check the box to enable the Autologin option. Select Save.

Unable to log in

From either the Firefox extension or, whenever I try to sign in, I get the following:

Our website often crashes with Lastpass customers

We’re noticing that all our customers who use the Lastpass chrome extension will suffer a browser tab freeze with a long running script on our service. Our service’s front end is a single page application and we suspect some interaction between the plugin and our app is the cause. Does anyone know how to mitigate this for Lastpass customers?

Lp still won’t upload files

The fix Lp claimed last night, May 1 2021 still doesn’t work. My browser say that I have to install the binary component which I do and then they show that it’s installed and still it doesn’t upload attachments. Why can’t LastPass get this correct? It was fine a few months ago.

How Do I use emergency access

I have linked the emergency access under People Who Trust Me so I can access the passwords saved to the user. the green dot and word “Linked” shows up under the email address of the account that gave me the emergency access.

Inconsistency error but then it logs me into different lastpass acount

Bit of strange title to say, but was only way I could think to describe the current situation.

What do you put in a list of equivalent domains?

Add a list of equivalent DOMAINS separated by commas. Don’t include anything but the top level domain (TLD) – no subdomains or subdirectories.

What is 1Password encryption?

1Password protects your data using a publicly documented format. It’s completely buzzword compliant—authenticated encryption: AES-256-CBC and HMAC-SHA256; key derivation: PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA512—but, more importantly, the format used by 1Password is available for scrutiny by you and the security community at large.

Is a 5 year old domain more likely to have backlinks?

I know SEOs will argue back and forth on whether plays a role in search engine algorithms, but the fact remains a 5 year old domain is more likely to have more backlinks and older backlinks versus a 1 year old domain.

Should domains be easily spoken?

The domain should be easily spoken and easily understood . If you have to spell it each time you say it over the phone, it will drive you crazy when you promote it.

Should I use just one factor when buying a domain name?

I don’t recommend you use just one factor when buying a domain name. Here are the factors I consider but I’ll rank them so you can get the answer to your question.

Can I use Lastpass on multiple devices?

The defining difference seems to be using multiple devices. Lastpass lets you install it on multiple Macs PCs for free (But you need to pay for the app if you want to use it on your smart phone). Dashlane requires a $20/year subscription for this feature.


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