Hqt-4 spark plug equivalent


Is the m10x10 hqt4 672201 an original OEM part?

Husqvarna 586672201 Spark Plug M10x10 Hqt4 672201 is an original OEM part. Category – Spark Plug Took way, way too long to receive. Was this helpful? No problem with the selection and ordering, just surprised it took two months to supply a simple spark plug.

Do you use the spark plug cross reference?

So do I. Please consider a donation instead. The Spark Plug Cross references are for general reference only. Check for correct application and spec/measurements. Any use of this cross reference is done at the installers risk.

What does special order status mean on a spark plug?

“Special Order” status means that this Champion N12YC Spark Plug (Each) is not available in our local inventory and must be brought in from Stens. Once your order has been received, we expect this item to ship within 2-3 business days. Unfortunately, backorders do occur.

What does “in stock” mean on a spark plug?

“In Stock” means that this Champion RDZ4H Spark Plug (Each) is stocked in our local warehouse. Currently, this item is currently available for shipment and typically ships within 1 business day.


What spark plug is compatible with a champion CJ8?

MTD 751-055003 SP-34 Spark Plug – Replaces Champion CJ8.

What spark plug is equivalent to BPR4ES?

NGK BPR4ES Spark Plug Replaces Champion RN14YC and Autolite 4265.

Can you cross reference a spark plug?

If you are looking to cross reference your spark plug you have to come the right place! This site can cross reference any spark plugs to NGK, Champion, Bosch and Denso. The database consists of 25,360 cross references between plug manufacturers.

What spark plug is equivalent to a champion RCJ6Y?


What is the difference between NGK BPR4ES and BPR6ES?

#3 – What is the difference between NGK BPR4ES and BPR6ES? Again using our NGK numbering system, we find that this first number designates the heat range. We also see that an NGK 6 is 2 heat ranges colder than an NGK 4. #4 – Let’s take a non spark plug example.

How do you match spark plugs?

Replacement spark plugs must be the same size as the original (same hex size, diameter, thread pitch and length), and have a similar “heat range” (hot enough to resist fouling when the plug is cold, and cool enough to resist pre-ignition when the plug is hot).

What is the best spark plug?

Iridium. The best spark plugs on the market boast an iridium construction. Iridium spark plugs give you even better gas mileage, performance, reliability, and longevity than double-platinum plugs.

Do E3 Spark Plugs really make a difference?

E3 spark plugs have a unique ground electrode that encourages more turbulence in air/fuel mixture. This leads to a more complete burn of the available fuel and the downstream benefits of improvements in power, fuel efficiency, and reduced emissions.”

How can you tell when a spark plug is bad?

Symptoms of bad spark plugs can include:Reduced gas mileage.Lack of acceleration.Hard starts.Engine misfires.Rough idling.

What does a champion rcj6y fit?

RCJ6Y Spark PlugsGap0.027″ (0.7mm)FitsSTIHL FS20, 48, 52, 62, 150, 151, 160, 180, 200, 202, FS220, 280, 360, 420 trimmers; BG65, BG85C, BR340L, BR420, and BR420C blower; FC75 and FC85 edger; FS250 and FS74R brush cutter; HS80and HS85 hedge trimmer; 009, MS200T-14 and MS260 chain sawReplacesNGK 1195, BPMR7A9 more rows

What is the NGK equivalent of RC12YC?

NGK BCPR5ESNGK BCPR5ES (OHV) Spark plug Equivalent To Briggs and Stratton number RC12YC. NGK Spark Plug Code 6130.

What spark plug is compatible with RC12YC?

NGK Pro-V Spark Plug BKR5E (RC12YC) fits Champion, NGK and Autolite.

What spark plug is the same as a champion RC12YC?

Use Champion spark plugs for an easier, cleaner start, reduced engine emissions and improved fuel economy. Replaces Champion Spark Plugs RC12YC, RC14YC, BKR5EY and BKR5E-11.

What spark plug is equivalent to RJ19LM?


What is the NGK equivalent of RC12YC?

NGK BCPR5ESNGK BCPR5ES (OHV) Spark plug Equivalent To Briggs and Stratton number RC12YC. NGK Spark Plug Code 6130.

What spark plug is equivalent to Bosch R10?

Details about Bosch R10 Super Start Spark Plug, Champion RCJ67, CJ6Y, NGK BPMR7A, BPM7A, BPM7Y.

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