Honda vtm-4 fluid equivalent


What type of differential fluid does the Honda VTM use?

The Honda VTM is not like any other differential. That’s why it does not use conventional differential fluid. It has been that way since it’s inception some 10 years ago.

What is Honda VTM 4 fluid used for?

What Is Honda VTM 4 Fluid Used For? Honda VTM 4 fluid is used to lubricate and cool the clutch packs inside the rear differential. This fluid helps to reduce the amount of friction and heat that is created when the clutch packs are engaged. This prevents the differential from overheating and wearing down over time.

Is VTM-4 fluid the same as brake fluid?

Brake and power steering fluids are general fare. VTM-4 is VTM-4, as long as it says VTM-4 on it (do NOT use dual pump fluid!). Honda coolant is premixed with distilled water so that the cooling system isn’t prone to developing mineral deposits from hard water. I seriously doubt Honda uses “Distilled Water” in their coolant mix.

What type of fluid does Honda use in their cars?

Brake and power steering fluids are general fare. VTM-4 is VTM-4, as long as it says VTM-4 on it (do NOT use dual pump fluid!). Honda coolant is premixed with distilled water so that the cooling system isn’t prone to developing mineral deposits from hard water.


What is Honda VTM-4 fluid used for?

What is it? Part of the Variable Torque Management® 4WD System (VTM-4®), the rear differential automatically varies the amount of torque distributed to each rear wheel based on demand. Rear differential fluid lubricates and cools the clutch packs inside the rear differential.

What weight is VTM-4 differential fluid?

2 PoundsEnhance your purchaseBrandHondaLiquid Volume1 GallonsItem Weight2 PoundsRecommended Uses For ProductVehicleItem FormLiquid

What is the equivalent of Honda dual pump fluid?

If the Dual Pump Fluid is not available, you may use Honda Premium Formula Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) or a quality DEXRON® III ATF as a temporary replacement.

How often should you change VTM-4 fluid?

every 15,000 milesReplace VTM-4 rear differential fluid If you regularly drive your vehicle under these conditions, have the differential fluid changed at 7,500 miles (12,000 km), then every 15,000 miles (24,000 km). Independent of the maintenance minder display, replace the brake fluid every 3 years.

How often should rear differential fluid be changed on Honda Pilot?

You should always use genuine Honda fluids in your 2021 Pilot. If you regularly drive your Pilot into high-altitude areas at low speeds or you frequently tow trailers, then it’s advised to replace the differential fluid at the 7,500-mile mark and then again every 15,000 miles.

What is Honda dual pump fluid used for?

What is it? Dual Pump II Fluid is used in the Real Time 4WD/AWD system for lubrication and to produce hydraulic pressure for transmitting force to the rear wheels when needed.

What is Honda DPSF?

Honda DPSF (Dual Pump System Fluid)

When should I change VTM-4 fluid Honda Pilot?

Honda recommends changing the VTM fluid at 15k for the first time.

How do I reset my Honda Pilot VTM-4?

Answer provided byWhile the car is running, press and hold the VTM-4 button, typically located on the dashboard next to the radio.Shift the drive selector lever to P and then back to D while stopped.Turn the ignition switch to the lock position, wait a bit, and then restart the engine.

How much differential fluid do I need Honda Pilot?

3 quartsStep 1: Purchase at least 3 quarts of the Honda Genuine 08200-9007 Dual Pump II Differential Fluid. Step 2 With wheel chocks, carefully secure your Pilot so that it will not roll. You should be able to get underneath your Pilot without jacking it up.

What is distilled water?

Distilled water is simply water that has been converted to steam then condensed back to liquid to remove the nasty stuff that might be in it . And, if the ion was really missing you would have thought someone would have found it by now. WillyHank said: I seriously doubt Honda uses “Distilled Water” in their coolant mix.

Is distilled water acidic?

While distilled water is slightly acidic, it is not for “a missing” ion, it is from the lack of any ions (Water is naturally slightly acidic). Distilled water is just fine in colling systems (unless they are constructed of some exotic and very reactive materials). As soon as the distilled water comes in contact with any metal it will no longer be …

Does Honda use distilled water?

I seriously doubt Honda uses “Distilled Water” in their coolant mix. Maybe a highly filtered water, but distilled has a missing ion and will destroy the cooling system. This from many years of maintaining all kinds of equipment.

Is 100% distilled water bad for your car?

If you were to use 100% distilled water in a cooling system then, yes, that would be very bad for your vehicle. However, what NJay is referring to is diluting the coolant with distilled water which will negate the corrosiveness of the distilled water. Here’s a link of what distilled water can do to a metal..

What does it mean when a Honda 1234 says “Meets or exceeds”?

That means the fluid meets or exceeds all the specifications, and by law all warranty provisions will remain in place (unless the problem can be attributed to the specific fluid itself).

Does MDX use VTM?

Idemetsu entered into an agreement for Apollo to make the fluids in the USA during the period it took for Idemetsu to buy out Apollo. MDX’s use the SH-AWD system not VTM. This is also a BorgWarner product and originally used ATF-Z1, but this was replaced with Acura All-Wheel Drive Fluid (DPSF).

Can you use Honda 1234 fluid?

The fluids you should never use will say “For use in Honda 1234″ (or similar). All that means is the manufacturer of the fluid thinks it will be ok to use it. It does not mean your warranty will still be valid if you use the product, and any fluid related failure may not be covered by any warranty.

Is there a competitive fluid for Honda?

If someone made a competitive fluid only for Honda, it might spark an interest. But since the ones being made are universal for assorted makes and models, that holds little interest for me. Actually, a fluid intended to work in a Honda, along with many other cars, I do find somewhat mystical.

Is Honda a small market?

The Honda market is small and most companies do not want to market. Any product that meets Honda specs, is equivalent to Honda product. Honda releases the specs to all to avoid the repercussions of the Magnusson-Moss act and dessn’t want to be forced to provide the products free to maintain warranty.

Did Honda spend a lot of time developing fluids?

rollinhonda said: Another way to think of it, Honda spent a great deal of time developing fluids that would be fully compatible with only their mechanical design. Other companies spent less time developing one fluid to work in more vehicles.

Can you use Amalie on Honda?

Now you have a choice, you can use Amalie for everything in the Honda if you trust a universal to do the same job. I don’t but that’s a personal decision. It is probably a better alternative to using GM fluids not approved for Honda. I.


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