Honda hcf 2 transmission fluid equivalent


Which CVT fluid for Honda hfc-2?

Valvoline’s website says that their CVT fluid is compatible with Honda HFC-2 transmission fluid. I have used the Valvoline CVT fluid in my Nissan and it works quite well. I highly recommend all of the Valvoline transmission fluids.

What is the best brand of hcf-2 fluid?

on time delivery, and quality as expected. Honda genuine fluid with on time delivery and same price with Honda dealer even cheaper since not all Honda dealer charging the HCF-2 fluid the same, good stuff. Genuine Honda fluid is the best!

What type of transmission fluid is best for my Honda?

Honda genuine fluid with on time delivery and same price with Honda dealer even cheaper since not all Honda dealer charging the HCF-2 fluid the same, good stuff. Genuine Honda fluid is the best! No guessing. Drain transmission and fill with 4 bottles of HCF-2 Genuine Honda fluid

Is the Honda CVT Trans fluid kit worth it?

The kit comes with everything you need to change the CVT Trans Fluid, except the tools. It is a good price and economical for the DIY people out there. It is the actual Honda CVT Fluid so you can’t go wrong there. Overall, it is a very good purchase. Personally, I have a 4′ x 6′ ft catch rug to prevent oil from getting on my garage floor.


Is HCF-2 fluid CVT?

Superior coefficient of friction for increased efficiency and fuel economy. USE THIS SPECIAL CVT FLUID ONLY IN TRANSMISSIONS WITH THE HCF-2 Fill Plug Label. Check your owners Manual or call the Honda Parts Experts at Honda Parts Connection to verify this fluid is for YOUR Honda.

Who makes HCF-2 fluid?

HondaTechnical DetailsManufacturer‎HondaBrand‎HondaModel‎08200-HCF2Item Weight‎0.01 ouncesItem model number‎08200-HCF22 more rows

Who makes Honda HCF-2 fluid?

Honda – Kah Motor – Honda HCF-2 Fluid 3.5L.

What fluid does Honda CVT transmission take?

HCF-2 fluid2 (HCF-2 fluid) Honda HCF-2 Transmission Fluid, the second generation of Honda CVT fluid, is used specifically in Honda vehicles with second generation Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT).

What transmission fluid does Honda use?

Honda ATF-Z1Always use Honda ATF-Z1 (automatic transmission fluid). If it’s not available, you may use a DEXRON III automatic transmission fluid as a temporary replacement. However, continued use can affect the shift quality. Have the transmission flushed and refilled with Honda ATF-Z1 as soon as it is convenient.

Who makes Honda’s transmission fluid?

IdemitsuIdemitsu is the OEM supplier for Honda fluids. Therefore, don’t waste your money buying the exact same fluid in a Honda bottle. This fluid works flawlessly. And, if you have an Acura MDX, with the 5-speed, you know it is critical to change your transmission fluid regularly.

When should I change my Honda CVT transmission fluid?

When to Change Transmission Fluid. Most automotive experts will say that transmission fluid should be changed somewhere between 60,000 and 100,000 miles.

How often should the transmission fluid be changed?

every 30,000 to 60,000 milesIf you drive manual, most manufacturers will recommend changing your transmission fluid every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. If you have automatic, you can typically boost that range up to 60,000 to 100,000 miles. There’s no harm in changing your fluid early.

What is Honda HCF2?

SKU: 08200-HCF2. Description: Advanced Protection for your Honda Second Generation CVT Transmission. High Viscosity Index provides wide temperature performance. Advanced Pressure and Wear Protection.

Do you have to use Honda transmission fluid?

Do you Need to Use Honda Brand Fluids? The simple answer is yes. It’s all about corrosion, and Honda fluids will be the best fluid to minimize corrosion and keep your Honda reliable. Different car manufacturers utilize different metal alloys and rubber compounds in vehicle components.

Can you use any CVT fluid?

No, these two are different. A CVT transmission fluid is only compatible with CVT transmission vehicles, while the automatic transmission fluid only works with automatic transmissions.

What type of fluid does a CVT transmission use?

Valvoline™ CVT fluid is designed for today’s technologically advanced variable transmissions. It is formulated with full-synthetic, premium base oils, long-life friction modifiers, unique anti-wear additives and shear stable viscosity modifiers that help prevent oil film breakdown.

What color is Honda CVT fluid?

redSCHAUMBURG, IL (847)413-2188 | TORRANCE, CA (310)327-1020 A: The color of most ATF is red. CVT Fluid comes in red, Color does not indicate quality or product applications.

Is it necessary to change CVT fluid?

The short answer is Yes. Just like other automatic transmissions, you need to check, maintain and occasionally flush the transmission fluid on a CVT. Check your owner’s manual for more details.

How do you check Honda CVT fluid level?

Wipe off the dipstick with a rag and then insert it back into the vehicle. Remove the dipstick again and check the level. If it’s under the “Full” marking, you’ll need to add more. Use a funnel to bring the fluid level up to full, making sure not to overfill it.

Do Honda CVT transmissions have filters?

Your Honda Civic transmission filter will need to be replaced every 30,000 or 50,000 miles. Be sure to check your vehicle’s maintenance guide for more information on mileage and time intervals. You can also give Coggin Deland Honda a call for expert advice.

Product description

Genuine Honda HCF-2 Transmission Fluid Change Kit. Kit Includes 4 quarts of Honda HCF-2 Fluid, Genuine Honda drain plug washer, pair of gloves, 1 oil dry pad (may vary in color), and sheet of mechanic blue paper towel.

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What is the best transmission fluid for a Honda?

Overall #1 Rated Pick 1 This particular transmission fluid is made by Honda, specifically for Honda vehicles with automatic transmissions. It is the recommended choice and the best fit for most Honda vehicles. 2 This transmission fluid is designed specifically to meet Honda quality standards. 3 Genuine Honda Fluid 08200-9008 ATF-DW1 Automatic Transmission Fluid is designed for high performance and easy shifting in both low and high temperatures. 4 This ATF or automatic transmission fluid is designed to help protect seals and O-rings with special additives. 5 This option also comes complete with the ability to reduce oxidization levels, this allowing for a longer runtime between transmission fluid changes.

What transmission fluid is best for a Honda Civic?

If you are looking for the best transmission fluid for your Honda Civic, this Idemitsu Type H-Plus Automatic Transmission Fluid is one of the best options to go with, as most Honda Civics require Type H Plus automatic transmission fluid, therefore making this product a perfect fit. This particular transmission fluid is designed to enhance fuel economy, a big bonus, plus it also allows for superior flow in low temperatures, although it’s not the best for high temperatures. This product will also help keep your transmission clean and will prevent the buildup of sludge. This ATF has excellent thermal breakdown resistance and resistance to oxidization, therefore providing for a longer period of use between transmission fluid changes. It even comes with special anti-wear technology to provide maximum protection against friction and general wear.

What transmission fluid is needed for a 2008 Honda Fit?

Many people are wondering what the Honda Fit automatic transmission fluid type is. Well, for this vehicle, you will require Honda DW-1 transmission fluid, such as the product we looked at above. When it comes to 2008 Honda Fit transmission fluid and 2010 Honda Fit transmission fluid, you will want to stick with Honda DW-1 transmission fluid, or something very similar.

What is ATF fluid?

This ATF or automatic transmission fluid is designed to help protect seals and O-rings with special additives.

Is Honda Fit fluid OEM?

This is a genuine OEM product for Honda vehicles, it is overall the best fit for Honda Fit, and it is one of the most widely used automatic transmission fluids with all Honda vehicles with automatic transmissions. This is the recommended choice from the manufacturer itself, and therefore makes for the best choice.

Does Honda Civic have transmission fluid?

Transmission Fluid for Honda Civic. The fact of the matter is that not all Honda vehicles require the exact same transmission fluid. If you have a Honda civic, you will still require ATF or automatic transmission fluid, but it must be ATF type H Plus. This is a special kind of automatic transmission fluid which can be easily found …

Can you change transmission fluid on Honda Fit?

In case you have a Honda fit, and you are looking to change the transmission fluid on your own, here we have a quick tutorial on how you can do just that. The video included below will take you on a step by step tutorial on exactly how to change the transmission fluid in your Honda Fit.

What fluid should I use for a Honda transmission?

Given how picky Honda transmissions can be, and how infrequently ATF is serviced, I’d advise going with OEM fluid . It is more expensive, but at least you have no doubt that it’s the right fluid.

Can you put non-Honda fluid in a Honda transmission?

Never put non-Honda fluids in a Honda automatic transmission or power steering system.

Is 2013 Honda accord up for fluid change?

2013 Accord (CVT) is up for AT Fluid change. Thoughts on using Honda HCF-2 or Compatible aftermarket brand?

Is Honda stupid about fluid?

honda is stupid about honda fluids: manual transmission fluid, power steering fluid, hondabond, moly 77… but in my experience the honda stuff is worth the cost. bite the bullet – it isnt that much amortized out over all the miles you’re driving.

What brand of fluid is used in Honda 7th generation?

There are many members here that use Valvoline (Maxlife) ATF in their 7th. generation Hondas without a problem. Bought @ Walmart is the cheapest, just know that other brands of fluid may give you a different shift feel.

How many D&Fs do you need to do to switch to VML?

If switching to VML, do at least 2 D&Fs, driving a few miles in between. After 5-10k, do a 3rd.

What does MFG do with a car?

All the car mfg. has to do is get the car beyond the warranty period.

Is Amsoil fluid smoother?

Smoother is what I would say even though the mix is a combination of the 2 fluids (making it a semi-synthetic for the last 3K miles). Before the Amsoil, sometimes there would be a very slight hesitation when going from a stop. I don’t notice that anymore, the only info I could find about it was that the Amsoil fluid was better at preventing “belt slip” (according to their info.).


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