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Color Comparisons For Hale Navy (Benjamin Moore HC-154)

Another popular navy is Sherwin Williams Naval. It is a better match if you want more of a royal blue than a true navy. It looks great on a point sample but sometimes on a large wall or furniture piece, it can get a little bright.Jun 17, 2022


Is Benjamin Moore Hale Navy similar to Sherwin Williams?

Here’s how Benjamin Moore Hale Navy stacks up against several popular, and several very similar navy paint colors. Sherwin Williams Naval (SW 6244) is often compared with Hale Navy, but it’s not because these two look super similar. They are, however, both exceedingly popular colors.

Is Sherwin Williams Naval blue or gray?

Sherwin Williams Naval (SW 6244) is often compared with Hale Navy, but it’s not because these two look super similar. They are, however, both exceedingly popular colors. While Hale Navy leans toward gray, Naval is all blue, all the time. There’s not much nuance to Naval. It’s an in-your-face true navy blue.

How many coats of Benjamin Moore Hale Navy do I Need?

How that the first coat is dry, paint on the second coat of Benjamin Moore Hale Navy. You might need a third coat depending on how well it is covering. Extra coats are just ‘par for the course’ when painting with deep paint colors but we saved at least two paint coats by using a dark primer!


What colors are similar to Hale navy?

Out of all the paint colors, Benjamin Moore’s Old Navy is the most similar to Hale Navy. It is a very true blue “navy blue” and has less gray than Hale Navy and is significantly darker.

What undertone is hale navy?

charcoal gray undertonesHale Navy has charcoal gray undertones, making it look equally great with silver hardware.

Is Hale navy a gray blue?

It does have some rich gray undertones that give it a sophisticated, velvety look. The gray keeps Hale Navy from being too bright. Instead, it is simply a rich, deep blue.

Is Hale navy a warm or cool color?

coolHale Navy is a cool paint color, but surprisingly it works really well with paint colors that have either a cool or warm undertone to them. As you can see based on the photo above, Hale Navy is a true navy–absent of any green undertones that can typically be found in navy blue paint.

Is Hale navy too dark for kitchen cabinets?

A favorite among designers all over the country, Hale Navy is deep and moody, but not so dark that you lose the beauty of the blue. This bold navy works great on cabinetry and looks terrific with white and brass accents. Pair it with creamy white upper cabinetry and a butcher block counter for a homey, rustic feel.

Does Hale navy go with agreeable gray?

Hale Navy is obviously a blue color, I know duh! But because it’s blue it pulls the blue undertones from Agreeable Gray. I love love love these two together. I think Hale Navy would be a great accent wall or furniture piece in a room with Agreeable Gray.

Does Hale navy go with alabaster?

In a similar vein to Hale Navy, Naval also pairs well with off-whites like Alabaster, used on the brick in the home design above.

Does classic gray go with Hale navy?

Here are a few of my favorite paint colors to pair with Hale Navy: White Dove (OC-17) Simply White (2143-70) Classic Gray (1548)

Does Balboa mist go with Hale navy?

Balboa Mist is another light greigey color that is popular for whole homes. It might be my favorite neutral with Hale Navy (besides white)!

What gray goes with Benjamin Moore Hale navy?

With its gray undertones, Hale Navy coordinates beautifully with light to medium grays, especially when they have a bit of warmth to them. Greiges are also a great pairing option, and even light blue-grays and greens. Here are a few of my favorite paint colors to pair with Hale Navy: White Dove (OC-17)

Does Hale navy go with Edgecomb Gray?

If you are looking for a bold contrast color for an accent wall, Hale Navy or Kendall Charcoal make Edgecomb Gray look its best. A light turquoise such as Tranquility by Benjamin Moore also pairs well. Edgecomb Gray also compliments honey oak tones of wood really well, so it’s a great choice for kitchen walls.

Does Balboa mist go with Hale navy?

Balboa Mist is another light greigey color that is popular for whole homes. It might be my favorite neutral with Hale Navy (besides white)!

What brown goes with Hale navy?

Plus, according to Benjamin Moore itself, Hale Navy also works well with Spring Medow (a lighter green shade), Butterfield (a warm cream), and Hidden Oaks (a taupey brown).

What color is Hale Navy?

Thanks to its versatility, the deep blue makes Hale Navy houses stand out, especially with a creamy white trim. Don’t be afraid to use this color as full exterior paint for the entire home. With white shutters and trim throughout, it can literally transform the entire look of a house.

What color is Benjamin Moore Hale Navy?

While neutral paint colors still hold as the standard, bolder colors are starting to take center stage. If you’re looking for a rich color update for your home, Benjamin Moore Hale Navy offers a deep blue that coordinates with a range of styles. This velvety rich hue looks incredible in a variety of applications from your home’s exterior …

Does Hale Navy have a bathroom?

Thanks to the nautical vibe, it’s not surprising that Hale Navy looks stunning in a bathroom.

What color is Hale Navy?

Not only are Hale Navy (Benjamin Moore) Cabinets a gorgeous way to add color to a kitchen, but they still have a neutral feel from the gray undertones in BM Hale Navy. Benjamin Moore’s Old Navy or Gentleman’s Gray are beautiful color options but Hale Navy’s gray undertones make it a better neutral navy and look great with white marble. Nothing beats Hale Navy kitchen cabinets and rest assured they won’t be too bright or overwhelming. If you are concerned about it being overpowering, you can just do hale navy on your lower cabinets.

What color is Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy?

Deep colors are dramatic and rich creating depth in your room, filling it with creativity, energy, and confidence. The challenge with darker colors can be finding ones that work well with neutral paint colors. Fortunately, Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy has gray undertones make it soothing and sophisticated while its blue undertones still dominate.

What is the Best Navy Blue Paint Colour?

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy is wonderful because it is so versatile for blue walls, cabinets, and furniture. In my opinion, this makes it the best navy on the market today!

What is the LRV of a color?

The LRV is the depth of color of a particular shade. Light reflectance values are really helpful to tell you which colors are deeper than others. When you are trying to decide between a dozen navy paint samples, a solid quantitative value is helpful! Of course, Hale Navy has a dark light reflective value of 6.3 (Black is 0 and white is 100).

Is Hale Navy a good color?

Hale Navy is a very dark color so although it interacts well with different lighting situations, consider using it on an accent wall instead of the entire room if you are concerned that about using it in a dark room where you don’t have a lot of natural light coming in. It would also be stunning as an accent wall behind the bed in a master bedroom.

Do you have to be an interior designer to use navy blue?

You don’t have to be an interior designer to feature this gorgeous navy blue on a focal wall. Sarah at Life on Virginia Street has done an amazing job pairing this Benjamin Moore Hale Navy accent wall with Simply White in her summer home office off her living room.

Is navy a classic color?

Navy is a classic color and elegant choice, but improper application can bring out any flaws and imperfections and making the finish look messy.

Where to use SW Naval?

SHERWIN-WILLIAMS NAVAL CABINETS. One of the most popular ways to use SW Naval is on kitchen cabinets, kitchen islands, and cabinets in laundry rooms and bathrooms.

What is the difference between anchors aweigh and naval?

Both are very dark navy blue colors, with a LRV of 4. Anchors Aweigh has slightly more green in it, and Naval comes off a little younger and lighter.

What is the difference between salty dog and navy?

Comments: Above you can see how different Salty Dog and Naval are. Salty Dog has a lot of green in it, whereas Naval is much more of a true navy blue. Salty Dog is also quite a bit lighter than Naval, and has muchj more of a teal look to it.

What colors go well with navy blue?

Navy blue paint is incredibly versatile, as I explained above; but, my favorite paint colors that go with SW Naval are a clean white, pops of red for a nautical flair, and blue-gray paint colors .

Is Hale Navy lighter than SW Naval?

Hale Navy is slightly lighter than SW Naval, as you reflected in its LRV.

Is SW navy blue?

See below how, SW is quite a dark color, and is a true navy blue. It doesn’t have many green or purple undertones. If you’re looking for a good true navy blue, then choose SW Naval.

Can you paint a laundry room navy?

YES! There are no tried and true decorating rules in my opinion, although there are some good guidelines to keep in mind. We painted our laundry room BM Hale Navy, and it’s one of the darkest and smallest rooms in our house. Doing so only made it seem bigger because the walls recede into the background. We also used a dark navy blue paint (BM Gentleman’s Gray) in my daughter’s first nursery, and it was an itty bitty small room. If you want a cozy feeling, then use a dark color in a small room!


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