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What is the difference between Alexa and Google?

Difference Between Google Home and Alexa Google Home is a family of voice-enabled smart home speakers developed and created by Google and powered by the Google Assistant, the company’s AI powered personal virtual assistant. Google Assistant is your personal Google that is always ready to help. Alexa is the Amazon’s answer to Google Assistant and the brain behind the millions of

What’s better Google or Alexa?

Google’s voice assistant is better at understanding what you mean without giving a really specific command, while Alexa does more. Aesthetically, both companies put out great looking products, so you can’t go wrong.

What are the alternatives to Alexa and Google Home?

Alexa-powered Google Home Alternatives. 1. Amazon Echo. Echo is a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled smart speaker powered by Amazon’s voice-based intelligent personal assistant, Alexa. It was the very first device from the company to have been launched with Alexa-based voice controls built right in, and remains one of the very best smart speakers …

What are the best things to do with Alexa?

  • Control your lights. You can ask Alexa to turn lights on or off. …
  • Open or close your garage door. Smart garage door openers like Garageio work with Alexa.
  • Change the temperature. “Hey Alexa, set the temperature to 68.” Honeywell, Nest and Ecobee are just a few smart thermostats that work with Alexa. …

Does Google have a device like Alexa?

The most literal answer to this question is that Google Home is a smart speaker powered by Google Assistant while Alexa is the virtual smart assistant behind Amazon’s Echo smart speaker.

Which one is better Google Assistant or Alexa?

Alexa has the upper hand of better smart home integration and more supported devices, while Assistant has a slightly bigger brain and better social skills. If you’ve big plans for the smart home, Alexa is your better bet, but Google’s generally more intelligent right now.

What is replacing Alexa?

5 Best Alternatives You Can Use Right NowSimilarWeb.Ahrefs.Semrush.Spyfu.SE Ranking.

Does Google have an Alexa?

With Google Assistant that is “Hey Google” or “Ok Google” and with Alexa that is “Alexa”. After this, Google Assistant or Alexa will get started for you. Both speech assistants work the same in that respect. The difference is mainly in specific functions.

Which voice assistant is best?

When it comes to answering questions, Google Assistant takes the crown. During the test of more than 4,000 questions led by Stone Temple, Google Assistant consistently outperformed other industry leaders including Alexa, Siri, and Cortana when recognizing and responding to questions correctly.

What is the best home assistant device?

The best device that runs Home Assistant that is in stock is the ODROID-N2+ Home Assistant Bundle from Ameridroid. This bundle contains the ODROID-N2+ which is what also powers our Home Assistant Blue. It comes with Home Assistant pre-installed so it’s ready to go. It’s in stock today.

Which Google Assistant is best?

The best Google Assistant devicesGoogle Nest Hub Max.Google Nest Audio.Nvidia Shield TV.Google Chromecast with Google TV.Sony X85K.Google Pixelbook Go.

What is the difference between Alexa and Google Assistant?

For now, the differences between Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa boil down to how each system deals with specific tasks like smart home routines, shopping lists, and how they design their mobile apps.

How many users can Alexa have?

Alexa and Google Home each support up to six user accounts, though Google handles its accounts much better than Alexa. For Google, you can add anyone to your home for free as long as they have a Google account. This includes supervised accounts that you create for children using Google Family Link.

When did Alexa come out?

The first Echo device with Alexa voice services hit the market in 2014— two full years before the Google Home speaker landed. Because of this head start, Alexa supports more smart home devices than Google. Still, most major smart home device makers like Philips Hue and Samsung SmartThings support both.

How many actions can Google Assistant do?

Google Assistant can handle up to three actions in a single voice command. All you have to do is say “and” between each request. Saying “Hey Google, turn off the lamp and lock the door” is much faster than making separate requests like on Alexa.

Where does Google Assistant store shopping lists?

Instead of placing your list in the Google Home app, or even sending it to Google Keep (a great app for shopping lists), Google Assistant stores its lists on a website: This is an odd choice that isn’t as intuitive. It requires you to leave the Google Home app or add items using voice commands.

What is the selling point of virtual assistants?

Voice controls are the main selling point of virtual assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, Samsung’s Bixby, Google Assistant, and Apple’s Siri. Entire swathes of the internet are abuzz about which system answers questions better and what skills they have.

Can Alexa say the door is open?

One of the best examples of Alexa’s superiority with routines is the simple option to have it play a sound or message whenever a sensor triggers on the front door. Alexa can then say the front door is open. This is something Google Assistant simply can’t do. In contrast, Google’s routines are too simplistic.

Which is more accurate, Google or Alexa?

Google Assistant is technically more popular (it’s installed on most Android phones) and more accurate than Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant.

Which is better, Google or Amazon?

The winner: It’s a tie. Amazon has a wider array of devices, so it has the upper hand, but Google has better designs and color options for the devices that it does have in its lineup.

Why are Amazon and Google neck and neck?

Google and Amazon are neck and neck when it comes to pricing, especially because Google’s devices have come down over the last few years.

Which is better, Google Nest Mini or Echo Dot?

To break up what would nearly be a tie, it’s important to consider the shapes of the devices. The Nest Mini lies flat against whatever surface you put it on, while the Echo Dot stands at attention in a sort of dome shape. If you’re looking for a device you can easily camouflage, Google Nest Mini is your best bet. If you’re looking for something more bold, an Echo Dot might be the better option.

Which voice assistant answers more questions correctly?

The market research firm Statista found similar results in a 2019 test of three voice assistants, including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The report showed Google answered more questions correctly than Alexa across all categories tested: local questions, commerce queries, navigation, general information, and commands.

Can Alexa play Spotify?

However, Amazon forces users to either subscribe to Prime and use Amazon Music to rock out, or you must connect a Spotify subscription. There’s no way to tell Alexa to play something on YouTube or from your music library, unlike Google Home.

Is Alexa a good voice assistant?

It’s not that Alexa isn’t a great voice assistant —after all, Amazon still owns the market for these smart speakers thanks to an early entrance and discounted Prime Day sales each year. It’s just that Google has put a lot of cash into its artificial intelligence efforts. The winner: Google Assistant.

How to interact with Alexa?

The most common way to interact with Google Assistant or Alexa is through a smart speaker. Assistant may be more easily available on phones, but in our experience, you won’t use your digital assistant much out on the street compared to at home.

What is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is the AI-powered software you talk to when using a Google Home speaker, or when you long-press the Home button in recent Android phones. It’s Google’s Siri, if you like. Alexa is Amazon’s equivalent technology and what you talk to when using an Amazon Echo smart speaker, or a Fire TV remote control.

Is Alexa an Amazon device?

Alexa is primarily an assistant of Amazon’s Echo speakers, Fire TV devices and – to a lesser extent – Fire tablets. The Google Assistant is available for iPhones and Android handsets, and comes built into just about all new Android phones.

Is Google Assistant at war with Alexa?

Our Google Assistant vs Amazon Alexa guide reveals all. Yes, Google and Amazon are very much at war in 2019, vying for control of your living room, kitchen and (in the least dodgy way possible) bedroom with their respective AI helpers.

Is Alexa ahead of Google?

However, Alexa is ahead in a trite but – unfortunately – important way. Alexa’s ‘wake word’, which is what you say to make a smart speaker start listening, is less of a mouthful than Google’s. “Alexa” is simply easier to say than “OK, Google”, which is a vowel salad.

Does Alexa know more than Google?

While Alexa has improved recently, with the ability to interpret your questions based on those you’ve already asked, right now Assistant knows more thanks to Google owning the internet search space for what seems like forever. Questions to Assistant are less likely to be met with a, “Sorry, I don’t know that one” response, which can bring an abrupt end to the illusion you’re dealing with something intelligent.

Is Google Assistant available in Android Auto?

Google also announced Google Assistant is coming to Android Auto, an established system found in some higher-spec cars from most of the big manufacturers including Ford, VW and Volvo.

Which is taller, Google Home or Echo?

Conversely, instead of having lights along the top, the Echo has a light ring around the base. In terms of appearance, the Google Home is a little bit taller than the Echo (5.6 inches vs. 5.2 inches).

What is Google Duplex?

One interesting Google Assistant feature is Google Duplex, which can make calls on your behalf. This makes tasks like making a dinner reservation or buying movie tickets easier than ever. Duplex is currently live in every U.S. state except Kentucky and Louisiana.

What is the difference between Google Home Max and Google Home Mini?

These bases are available in carbon, pink, or copper metal. Additionally, you can get the Google Home Max, Hub, or Google Home Mini. The Google Home Max and the Home Mini are larger and smaller, respectively, than the original Google Home model. The Google Home Max is more expensive and is built for sound, while the Google Home Mini is a miniature, …

How many devices does Google Home support?

Google Home supports more than 30,000 products, which make its compatibility level seem substantially less. It’s worth noting, though, that in January 2018, the Google Assistant was only compatible with 1,500 devices. That jump indicates smart home compatibility is an area of focus and desired growth for Google.

Which is better: Echo Show or Nest Hub?

Want to make phone calls with your smart speaker? That’s possible on both devices, but the Echo Show and Spot are better for video calling since the Google Home Hub lacks a camera, and the Nest Hub Max has a higher entry price.

How tall is Google Home?

The original Google Home is shaped like a cylinder, and it looks a little bit like a dehumidifier. It sits 5.6 inches tall, and it’s 3.79 inches in diameter. It has a white top and a slate-gray fabric bottom.

Is Google Home smarter than Alexa?

We will say that the Google Home and the voice assistant inside does seem smarter than Alexa. We’ll continue to update this post as more features and capabilities for both devices are announced. For now, Echo is still leading the way, especially for audiophiles who crave superior sound. The new design also helps out a lot, too, since the orb shape can fit any décor.

Which is better, Echo Dot or Nest?

For pure audio, Amazon has superior sound with its larger and smaller speaker options, as the Echo Dot sounds better than the Nest Mini, and the Echo Studio no longer has any competition from Google in the form of the Home Max. The midrange speakers, the Echo and the Nest Audio, are similar enough that we put them on equal footing.

Which is better, Nest or Echo?

If you want a voice assistant that’s easy to talk to, a Nest speaker will be better. If you want the best sound quality, go with an Echo. And, of course, any smart home devices you already use should be factored into your decision.

Is Amazon Echo a smart speaker?

The Amazon Echo and Google Nest (formerly Google Home) aren’t just speakers, they’re platforms. While their physical hardware doesn’t get updated very often, the services that power them—Alexa and Google Assistant—are in a constant state of change. A smart speaker is generally a gateway to a voice assistant ecosystem. When you choose an Echo or a Nest, you’re choosing a side—whether to voice-enable your home with Alexa or Google Assistant.

Does the Echo Dot have a clock?

The Echo Dot also has a version with a built-in clock, which both looks nice and is very useful. The Nest Audio, meanwhile, is shaped vaguely like a pillow standing on its end, while the tiny Nest Mini is more like a puck. Whether you have light or dark decor, either speaker line will have something complementary.

Is Google Home Max still available?

The discontinued Google Home Max was easily the loudest first-party smart speaker out there, but it’s no longer available. Now, the Echo Studio is by far the strongest in terms of sound quality, with powerful audio and the ability to fill a room with directional sound thanks to its angled drivers.

Is Google Assistant harder to talk to than Alexa?

It makes Alexa a bit hard to talk to unless you get used to phrasing requests how Alexa wants to receive them. Google Assistant doesn’t have nearly as many third-party plug-ins, but it’s much easier to talk to. It can understand different requests more easily than Alexa, and that’s very appealing.

Does Echo have a wake word?

The Echo has multiple wake word options, but only one female voice. You can alert it with “Alexa,” “Amazon,” “Echo,” or “Computer.”. The Google Home only has one wake word option, “Hey Google,” but it has both male and female voices.

How does Google Home compare to Echo?

They’re both very capable smart assistants that respond to voice commands and work well with many smart home devices. Read our full head-to-head below to get a better idea of the specifics.

Which is better, Echo Dot or Google Home Mini?

If you can only afford the entry-level devices, and music remains a top priority for you, go for the Google Home Mini, which sounds a lot better than the Echo Dot. Unless you hook up a Dot to another speaker over Bluetooth or the 3.5mm jack, it’s just too thin and harsh to fully enjoy.

Can you go wrong with an Amazon Echo Dot?

The good news is that, in a way, you can’t go wrong with your decision.

Is Google Home the same as Amazon Echo?

The smart features of the Google Home and Amazon Echo lines are broadly similar – speak to them, and you’ll be able to do anything from playing back music, having general knowledge questions answered, controlling smart home gear, and setting alarms and timers… and that’s just scratching the surface of the Amazon Echo vs Google Home debate.

Is Google Home a smart speaker?

Google’s smart speaker range is a little smaller than Amazon’s, with six Google Home speakers to choose from, including the recently unveiled Google Nest Mini, the latest model in Google’s partnership with smart home company, Nest.

Is Google Home vanilla?

While the vanilla Google Home is an acquired taste in terms of design, both the Mini and Max are subtly attractive, and should fit into any surroundings without much concern.

Does Google Home Hub have a camera?

It can show videos, the weather, recipes, music artwork and so much more, but it doesn’t have a camera – so video calling is out of the question.

Which is better, Alexa or Google?

In the end, the race was a close one, with Alexa pulling ahead of Google Assistant, thanks to strong performance in the smart home and communications arenas. But Google was certainly no slouch, and the fact remains that both are still strong choices, depending on which capabilities you prioritize. While both do pretty well in the case of general knowledge and extendability, for example, if you want the broadest possible support for music and podcast services, Alexa is probably the one to pick. If, on the other hand, you have a household with multiple people in it, each of whom want to get their own personal information via a smart speaker, Google Assistant might be a better choice.

How many actions does Google Assistant have?

The Google Assistant claims it features more than a million actions, but they basically include all possible queries from both first- and third-party offerings, so it’s hard to make a straight comparison between the best Google Assistant commands and Alexa’s library.

Does Alexa play Paint It Black?

Alexa adroitly handled a request to play the Rolling Stones’ “Paint It Black” (because I have it linked to my Apple Music account). Even though I don’t subscribe to any of the pay music services supported by the Google Assistant, it still played “Paint it Black” and a playlist containing other Rolling Stones songs on YouTube Music.

Does Alexa play podcasts?

In terms of being able to find and play podcasts, both assistants have improved further since our last comparison. Alexa now lets you link your Apple Podcasts account like a music service, giving tighter integration for those on iOS devices and Macs, while Google Podcasts seems to have improved on the Assistant. Not only did both assistants easily play the most recent episodes of both “Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me!” and “The Incomparable” podcasts, but they even handled the more obscure Australian show “Dragon Friends.”

Is Alexa good at cookie recipes?

Google passed the “chocolate chip cookie recipe” test with flying colors, even walking me through the recipe step by step. Alexa was almost as good, offering multiple recipes, providing a list of ingredients, a recipe mode, and giving me the option to get the recipe in the Alexa app.

Does Alexa work with Sonos?

Alexa and Google Assistant also support audio playback from some music services to Sonos speakers, while Google Assistant can communicate with any Chromecast-connected speaker. And both Google Assistant and Alexa also come built in to a number of the best smart speakers.

Can Alexa order Chinese food?

Neither of the assistants could place an order for Chinese food. At best, they provided a list of restaurants nearby; at worst, Alexa tried to order packages of food from Amazon. Google, at least, recognized the general idea and provided me with a list of nearby Chinese restaurants.

What is Alexa routine?

Routines allow a user to issue a single command to control multiple smart home devices and play parts of their Flash Briefing. Routines can also run on a schedule, but you can’t use them to run just any command.

How much does Google Home cost at Walmart?

Since the Google Home ( $80 at Walmart) launch in 2016, Google has been frequently updating the voice assistant speaker to close the gap between what it and Amazon’s Alexa speakers can do. Among many other things, Google has rolled out support for third-party services, voice shopping and a wide range of smart home devices.

What streaming services does Google Home support?

Like Amazon’s Alexa devices — currently, the Echo, Echo Dot, Tap and the new Echo Look camera — the Google Home supports plenty of third-party streaming services, like Pandora, Spotify and TuneIn. However, both Google and Amazon are keen on promoting their in-house music services, not their competitors’.

Does Google Home have routines?

While Google Home has no feature quite like routines yet, what it does have is called Shortcuts. Think of these as a text expander for your voice. You can create a shortcut where the command is, “OK, Google, play my favorite song,” and Google Home understands that command as, “OK, Google, play ‘Ad a dglgmut’ on Spotify.”

Can you use Google Home speaker as a controller?

Not only can you cast audio to the Google Home speaker, you can use the speaker itself as a controller for your other Chromecast devices. Just say, “OK, Google, play ‘Stranger Things’ on the Chromecast.”.

Can Alexa do things Google Home can’t?

9 things Google Home can do that Alexa can’t. The Google Home is the first major competitor to Amazon’s Alexa speakers, and Google came out of the gates swinging. Here are nine things the Google Home can do that the Echo, Dot and Tap still can’t. Taylor Martin. April 26, 2017 12:06 p.m. PT.

Can Alexa be used as a night light?

Currently, Alexa doesn’t have a similar feature. Though, you can use it as a nightlight.


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