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How do I get Genshin equivalent exchange?

To unlock Equivalent Exchange, you will need to talk to Viktor in the Favonius Cathedral after completing the Tales of Winter commission. You will only need to complete this commission once.

Is Dandelion a flower yes or no Genshin?

Answer Yes To Flora’s Question When asked by Flora whether a Dandelion is a flower or not, answer yes and she will immediately give you the required item. Answering her no will cause the quests to change and she will ask you to collect Dandelion Seeds.

How do you unlock tales of Winter Genshin?

The Tales of Winter quest requires the player to infiltrate Fatui, which is a major antagonistic faction in Genshin Impact. To fulfil the quest, you will need to have a conversation with Viktor, who is a part of the faction. The quest will take place in the Mondstat city when Victor approaches you to join the faction.

Where is Victor Genshin Impact?

Viktor (Russian: Виктор Viktor) is a member of the Fatui. He can be found inside the Favonius Cathedral at all times of the day until the completion of Return to Days of Winter where he will now leave from Mondstadt to Snezhnaya.

What is Mondstadt based off of?

GermanyCurrently, there are two nations that have playable plotlines: Mondstadt, based on Germany, and Liyue, based on China.

What is the official name now given to these ruins?

Correct Answers Of Swan QuizQuestionCorrect AnswerWhat is the official name now given to these ruins by the Knights of Favonius?Stormterror’s Lair2 more rows•Jan 13, 2022

Is tales of Winter a daily commission?

Tales of Winter is a daily Commission that occurs in Favonius Cathedral, Mondstadt.

How do you use Fatui disguise Genshin Impact?

2:3736:47GENSHIN IMPACT – PC Let’s Play Part 9 – Fatui Hideout – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipそんなことをすれば務めを放棄したと解釈される可能性もあるだから私はプライベートという形で行動するしか。 ない。 すっそういうところもキチダンの嫌いな理由の一つだただこの正体の分からない法人をそのままMoreそんなことをすれば務めを放棄したと解釈される可能性もあるだから私はプライベートという形で行動するしか。 ない。 すっそういうところもキチダンの嫌いな理由の一つだただこの正体の分からない法人をそのまま信じるとは思わなかった先輩のような厳しくて慎重な人でもこのたび人を信用しているではないか。 だから先輩はやめろ今回は協力すると決めている。

Is Dandelion a flower Genshin Impact Flora?

The next stop is visiting Flora, the owner at Floral Whisper. She’ll ask you if a Dandelion is a flower. If you say yes, she’ll give you a bookmark free of charge for Viktor. However, if you say no, you’ll have to collect Dandelion Seeds to trade her for it.

Where can I buy glaze Lily Genshin Impact?

Glaze Lily can only be located only in two locations in the wild; the first is Qingce Village, the second is at Liyue Harbor or more accurately Yujing Terrace. Enter the city from the northwest of Mt. Tianheng. Glaze Lily can also be purchased from Ms.

What happens when you offer incense Genshin?

Fine Incense is a Quest Item obtained during the World Quest Hereafter: Return to the Mountains. It is used by offering it to the statue of Pervases. It can also be obtained after the quest by speaking to Wang Ping’an, but only one may be owned at a time.

How do I get dandelion Genshin?

Dandelion Seeds can be harvested from Dandelions which are a local specialty of Mondstadt. To harvest them, an anemo ability needs to hit the dandelion, first. After hitting it with an anemo ability, simply move towards it and collect the seeds.

Where can u find Dandelions in Genshin?

Dandelions are easy to find in Genshin Impact. Dandelions can be found growing all over Starfell Valley. These white plants are incredibly easy to spot and can be located in the various fields in the game’s overworld. However, the best place to find Dandelions is right outside the city Mondstandt.

What are the glowing blue flowers in Genshin?

Find Dandelions. They are very distinctive in this game because they glow a light blue color and cannot be easily missed.

What is Venti’s favorite food?

3 Venti’s Favorite Food Is Apples In fact, Venti’s favorite food is an apple, not sticky honey roast or Mondstadt hash browns like one would expect from a resident of the city. Venti is thrilled to be brought or find fresh apples and prefers to eat them, even overcooked dishes.

What is equivalent exchange genshin impact?

The Genshin Impact Equivalent Exchange quest offers you a good chance to earn some tasty rewards, so this guide will show you how to start the quest, what you need to do to complete it, and the treats you’ll receive at the end.

What is genshin’s obsession with food?

Genshin has a curious obsession with food. Cooking is a major mechanic in the game, with dozens of recipes that can be prepared to help heal your party and provide a range of buffs.

How to unlock Equivalent Exchange quest in Genshin Impact

The Equivalent Exchange World Quest is locked behind the Tales of Winter Daily Commission. In simple words, players will first have to complete the commission and after that, the Victor NPC in the Cathedral Church will give them another quest.

Tales of Winter Daily Commission

Victor, who is a part of the Fatui, requests the traveler and Paimon to bring him Mitachurl loot from Mondstadt and promises to tell them a story in exchange.

How to complete Equivalent Exchange Quest in Genshin Impact

As it turns out, Victor had been looking for certain Mondstadt specialities and he asks the traveler and Paimon to collect them.

How to Unlock Equivalent Exchange Quest

To unlock Equivalent Exchange, you will need to talk to Viktor in the Favonius Cathedral after completing the Tales of Winter commission. You will only need to complete this commission once.

Equivalent Exchange

Viktor is looking for someone to help him gather some local specialties…

Make Sure That the NPCs Are Not Occupied With Other Quests

The quest may reach a minor block if the current objective of the quest is to talk to an NPC that’s needed for other quests. To proceed, clear the objective of the other quest first.

What is the quest start requirement for genshin impact equivalent exchange?

The quest start requirement for Genshin Impact Equivalent Exchange is completing the “Tales of Winter” daily quest. After you do that, you can go back to Mondstadt and speak to Viktor (you can see his location in the screenshots below). If you’ve completed “Tales of Winter,” he’ll now have a blue exclamation mark above his head. Have a chat with him, and he’ll tell you that he wants some local specialties. In exchange, he’ll spill his metaphorical beans. A tantalizing proposal, to be sure.

Does genshin impact equivalent exchange need to be locked?

Genshin Impact Equivalent Exchange quest start location. Yes, it sucks that the Genshin Impact Equivalent Exchange quest start requirement is locked behind a daily mission. That means that you just have to get lucky and get “Tales of Winter.”. Sure, it’ll happen eventually, but that means your completion percentage is going to stagnate …

What is equivalent exchange genshin impact?

The Equivalent Exchange is one of the many world quests in Genshin Impact where players have to bring the local specialties of Mondstadt to a Fatui member called Victor. To trigger the Equivalent Exchange quest in Genshin Impact, players must have completed the Tales of Winter Commission.

What is equivalent exchange?

Equivalent Exchange is basically a fetch quest where players have to talk to Sara (Owner of Good Hunter), Flora (the Florist), and Charles ( bartender at Angel’s share) about their specialties and bring the items back to Victor.

Is genshin impact free?

Genshin Impact is a free to play gacha-based role-playing game currently available on PC, PS4, Android, and iOS.

How to begin?

To emphasize, you must accomplish the daily mission in Genshin Impact in order to unlock the Equivalent Exchange mission. A Winter’s Tale is a story about the winter season. Viktor, the Fatui diplomat at Mondstadt Cathedral, will tell you that he requires your assistance in obtaining typical Mondstadt objects in exchange for a small report.

How to complete the mission?

Approach Sara at The Good Hunter and inquire about Mondstadt specialties.

Equivalent Exchange mission rewards

You will receive the following rewards for completing the Equivalent Exchange mission:


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