Female equivalent of a hard on


What is the female equivalent of “junior”?

What Is The Female Equivalent Of “Junior”? The female equivalent of “junior” is also “junior.” There is no difference between male and female names here. While “junior” isn’t as common for women, it is still used when possible. For example, Mary Jane Junior could be a daughter’s name if her mother is Mary Jane.

What is the female equivalent of testosterone and oestrogen?

The female equivalent to testosterone is testosterone. And the male equivalent to oestrogen is oestrogen. Both sexes (and intersex) have both hormones; it is the quantities of both that vary. English, and loves languages. Author has 1.4K answers and 3.8M answer views 5 y What is the female equivalent of “Junior”?

What is the difference between a Sir and a Dame?

For the British system of formal titles, “Sir” is a knighthood and “Dame” is the feminine equivalent. Sir and Dame are grouped under the general heading peerage but knighthoods (male and female) are not strictly peerage.


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