Equivalent ratios matching game


How to identify equivalent ratios?

Methods to Find the Equivalent Ratios

  1. Making the consequents the same
  2. Finding the decimal form of both the ratios
  3. Cross multiplication method
  4. Visual method

How do I determine if ratios are equivalent?

We will look at how to calculate equivalent ratios shortly, first lets look at how to use the free online equivalent ratio calculator:

  • Enter a Ratio into the equivalent ratio calculator, for example, you could enter 7:25
  • Select the number of equivalent ratios that you would like to see in the table of results
  • The equivalent ratio calculator will calculate as you type and produce a lis of equivalent ratios in a table below the calculator

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How do you determine whether the ratios are equivalent?

equivalent ratios: Two ratios are equivalent if you can multiply each of the numbers in the first ratio by the same factor to get the numbers in the second ratio. Each of these is a pair of equivalent ratios. For each pair, explain why they are equivalent ratios or draw a diagram that shows why they are equivalent ratios.

What are facts about equivalent ratios?

In fact, they’re called equivalent ratios, which are ratios that express the same relationship between two numbers. The ratios 60/1 and 120/2 are equivalent because the relationship between the two parts of the ratios didn’t change. According to the ratio 60/1, you travel 60 miles for every hour you drive.


Ratios are Elementary- Matching Equivalent Ratios

Are you working on comparing ratios and checking for equivalency? This game is a great skill builder to understand the concept of ratios and communicate or determine the relationship between two equivalent quantities.The Ratios are Elmentary Download includes:Task Card Holder Label, Directions, Stud

Identifying Equivalent Ratios Matching Activity

Identifying Equivalent Ratios Matching ActivityThis matching activity is a great way to practice equivalent ratios and proportional relationships . Students will match the visual representation of ratios to the correct representation written three ways. Each ratio is written with the word ‘to’ a ‘c

Equivalent Ratios 4-Way Matching Cards

Help your students practice finding equivalent ratios with these 4-way matching cards! Students will be given a ratio and have to find 2 equivalent ratios and a picture word problem that matches. Included: -10 sets of 4-way matching cards (total of 40 cards) -1 set of blank matching cards (4 car

Equivalent Ratio Match

This is a great activity to help students identify equivalent ratios. They can use different strategies such as multiplying both sides or dividing both sides to complete the task. It requires thinking as they are given nothing but the fifteen different ratios to group into triads (groups of three).

Equivalent Ratios – Matching Game

A fun, engaging and rigorous matching game for learning about unit rate and equivalent rates/ratios! Perfectly aligned with the Common Core State Standards for 6th and 7th grade math. Students can play with their peers, justify and critique reasoning, and practice calculating unit rates and identif

Equivalent Ratios Word Problems Matching Activity

In this activity, students will cut out the given word problems and match them with the correct answers. Students are asked to find equivalent ratios using ratio tables or proportions in order to solve these problems. This is perfect when working on proportional reasoning skills with your students.

Equivalent Ratios Match Activity

This is a matching activity that has students matching equivalent ratios. There are 2 different versions of matching activities included with similar problems in a different order. This can be used for early finishers, tutoring, around the world, enrichment, reinforcement, or math centers. *********

What is equivalent fraction sorting pocket?

Equivalent Fractions Sorting Pocket is an engaging way to get students to practice identifying equivalent fractions. They can practice independently or with a partner over and over and it is self-correcting.

What is the 6th grade math review?

This 6th grade math review activities bundle is perfect for test prep, cyclical review, end of year review, and beginning of the year review for 7th grade math. The topics that are covered are mean and range, graphing inequalities, dividing fractions, equivalent ratios, simplifying expressions, fin

How many sets of equivalent ratios are there in MCC6.RP.2?

In this activity, students will practice matching equivalent ratios, in an effort to practice MCC6.RP.2. The students will match 12 sets of equivalent ratios. Each set will include one pink, green, blue, and purple card. A recording sheet and answer sheet are included in this game. To make this ac

How many matching answer cards are there in Match Up?

About this resource:This match up game contains 14 problem cards and 14 matching answer cards covering the concept of solving proportions. The cards are of varying levels of difficulty, some including the distributive property. Great for pair or individual work!Color and Black & White versions i


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