Equivalent fraction 6/9


Both 6 and 9 are divisible by 3 so if you divide the numerator and denominator by 3 you obtain the equivalent fraction 2/3.

What fraction is 6 9 equivalent to?

2/3Hence, 2/3 × (3/3) = 6/9, is the fraction equivalent to 2/3.

Are the fractions 4 6 and 6 9 equivalent?

They are the same.

What is 6 9 in its simplest form?

23But 69 is not; 6 and 9 have a common factor 3 . So 69 in simplest form is 23 . This is known as reducing fractions .

What is 6/8 as a fraction equal to?

3/4Thus, 6/8 is an equivalent fraction of 3/4. We can find some other equivalent fractions by multiplying the numerator and the denominator of the given fraction by the same number.

What is equivalent calculator?

Equivalent Expression Calculator is a free online tool that displays the equivalent expressions for the given algebraic expression. BYJU’S online equivalent expression calculator tool makes the calculations and simplification faster and it displays the equivalent expression in a fraction of seconds.

What is the fraction 4/6 equivalent to?

2/3Let’s find the fraction in its simplest form. To do so, evaluate the greatest common factor of the numerator and the denominator. Here, the GCF of 4 and 6 is 2, so 4/6 is an equivalent fraction of 2/3 , and the latter is the simplest form of this ratio. Therefore, 2/3 is our base.

What is 6 9 in a mixed number?

Since 69 is a proper fraction, it cannot be written as a mixed number.

What is the whole number of 6 9?

6 / 9 = 0.66666667 If you insist on converting 6/9 to a whole number, the best we can do is round the decimal number up or down to the nearest whole number.

What is 6 9 as a percentage?

66.666667%Fraction to percent conversion tableFractionPercent3/933.333333%4/944.444444%5/955.555556%6/966.666667%41 more rows

What is 1/3 the same as?

Answer: The fractions equivalent to 1/3 are 2/6, 3/9, 4/12, etc. Equivalent fractions have the same value in the reduced form. Explanation: Equivalent fractions can be written by multiplying or dividing both the numerator and the denominator by the same number.

What is 3/5 equivalent to as a fraction?

So, 3/5 = 6/10 = 9/15 = 12/20.

What is meant by equivalent fraction?

So equivalent fractions are, essentially what they sound like. They’re two fractions that although they use different numbers, they actually represent the same thing.

What three fractions are equivalent to 4 6?

2/3, or two out of three, is another fraction equivalent to both 4/6 and 8/12. The three fractions 2/3, 4/6 and 8/12 are shown below respectively in a fraction wall to demonstrate their equivalence.

What is the fraction 4/5 equivalent to?

8/10Decimal and Fraction Conversion ChartFractionEquivalent Fractions4/58/1048/601/62/1212/725/610/1260/721/72/1412/8423 more rows

What is a way to show 4 6?

Some equivalent fractions for 4/6 are: {4/6, 6/9, 8/12, 10/15, 12/18, 14/21, 16/24, 18/27, 20/30, 22/33, 24/36, 26/39, 28/42, 30/45, 32/48, 34/51, 36/54, 38/57, 40/60}

What is 3/6 equivalent to as a fraction?

1 2 and 6 12 .

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