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Dried onion substitutes

The dehydration intensifies the onion’s flavor, so when you’re substituting dried onion for fresh onion, you’ll need much less. For example, for 1 cup of fresh onion, you would substitute 3 tablespoons of dried onion.Jan 14, 2021

How much dried onion equals a fresh onion?

The flavor of dried onions is more intense than fresh, so less is needed. One tablespoon of dried, minced onion equals one small fresh onion, minced. How do you substitute dehydrated onions? Substitute for Onions, dehydrated For 1/4 cup dehydrated onion use 1 cup raw chopped onion OR 1 teaspoon onion powder.

What can you substitute for fresh onions?

What to Consider When Choosing an Onion Alternative

  1. Shallots. Shallots look like small onions and have a very similar, yet slightly milder flavor. …
  2. Leeks. Leeks are best used in cooked dishes. …
  3. Green Onions. Green onions, also referred to as scallions, can be used raw or cooked. …
  4. Chives. Chives are best used raw and fresh. …
  5. Fennel. …
  6. Celery. …
  7. Onion Powder. …
  8. Onion Flakes. …
  9. Asafoetida Powder. …

Are dehydrated onions bad for You?

Some people might experience stomach discomfort or indigestion, but there are also some rare cases of severe complications. For example, if someone has an allergy to onion or is dehydrated, eating raw onion can lead to the development of hemolytic anemia.

Can you substitute dried, minced onions for fresh onions?

To substitute dried minced onion for fresh onion you need to know that for a recipe that calls for 1 cup chopped fresh onion, you can substitute 3 tablespoons of dried minced onion since it is much more potent. How much onion substitute to use?


How much dried onion equals an onion?

A: Dried onion in any form—minced or powdered—can be substituted for chopped onion. Use a smaller quantity of minced and even less powdered onion as stand-ins for chopped. Fresh chopped onion is another good option. One medium-size chopped fresh onion equals 1/4 cup dried onion.

Is dehydrated minced onion the same as onion flakes?

Are minced onion and onion flakes the same thing? Minced onions and onion flakes are both made from fresh onions that are dehydrated. They provide the same texture once cooked, but flakes are finely chopped whereas minced onion is chunkier.

Can I use onion flakes instead of onion?

Onion flakes are made from fresh onions which have been minced and dehydrated. Onion flakes can be used to replace fresh onion in soups, stews and other cooked foods and make a good emergency pantry staple.

How much onion powder do i substitute for dried minced onion?

When there’s no time to chop onions, onion powder is one option. Substitute 1 tablespoon of onion powder for one medium chopped onion. For the best onion flavor, use frozen chopped onions or dried minced onion (found in the spice aisle). One tablespoon of dried minced onion equals 1/4 cup minced raw onion.

Can I substitute minced onion for onion flakes?

Instead of 1 tablespoon of onion flakes, try 2 to 3 tablespoons of jarred minced onion, 3/4 to 1 teaspoon of onion powder, 3/4 to 1 teaspoon of onion salt (and reduce the amount of any other salt added to the recipe), 1/2 cup chopped fresh or frozen onion, or 2/3 cup of chopped green onions.

Can you rehydrate dried minced onion?

Put onion and water in a small microwave proof bowl. Heat for 30 seconds on medium. Let sit 15 minutes or until the water has been absorbed. If the onions still seem wet you can press out the extra water with the back of a spoon.

When to use an onion substitute

Fresh onion is 89% water, so as it cooks, the water is released, and depending on the recipe, it softens the onion into buttery, caramelized deliciousness, or you adjust how much liquid you add to a recipe, like for Wonton Soup .

Dried minced onion vs onion powder

Dried minced onion and onion powder aren’t the same thing — although they both started as fresh onion — and you have to know how much to use in place of fresh onion, or your finished meal will be overpowered by ONION.

Fresh onion substitutes

If you’re making a soup or stew and you realize last minute that you’re out of the fresh diced onion it calls for, you can make substitutes to still get that oniony flavor.

Dried onion substitutes

Dried onion comes in two forms — flakes and minced — though minced is the one you’ll see most often in the spice aisle. It’s made by dehydrating fresh chopped white onions. (Every now and then I see dried red onion in the store.)

Onion powder substitutes

Onion powder is basically dried onion that’s been ground. Although dried onion is just the onion flesh, onion powder can also include dehydrated onion skins and roots.

Green onion substitutes

Green onions add fresh hit of color and are typically added last minute to a dish so it retains the bright green and some crunch. The qualities of green onion are unique but you can make some subsitutes in a pinch.

How much onion substitute to use

Let’s first clarify how much a small, medium or large onion will yield. One of my pet peeves is seeing a recipe instruction that says “chop 1 small onion.” But just how big is “small?” And how much larger is considered “medium?” Most of the time, I just chop up a large onion and save what I don’t use.

Ways to Use Dehydrated Onions

Substituting dried onions is the perfect shortcut in the kitchen if you don’t have time for peeling and chopping onions. Here are some ways you can use dried onion flakes, dried minced onions, and onion powder in everyday cooking:

Tips for Dehydrating Onions

Dehydrating food is a great way to preserve your garden harvest. The process of drying fruits and vegetables removes moisture so the food doesn’t spoil when stored at room temperature. Dried food takes up less space in storage and can be easily reconstituted without losing flavor. Here are some tips for dehydrating onions:

Steps for Making Dehydrated Onions

Any onion can be dehydrated, including red, white, and yellow. If you are cutting by hand, you may wish to wear gloves and eye protection to shield yourself from the pungent onion fragrance.

How to Make Dried Minced Onions and Onion Powder

Dehydrated onion pieces can be stored as is, or broken down further into minced onions and onion powder with a food processor, high quality blender, spice grinder, or coffee grinder.

How to Use Dehydrated Onions

Use the following replacements for dried onion flakes, minced onions, and onion powder as a guideline to replace fresh onions in your favorite recipes. The flavor will vary depending on the onions used. Also, the flavor of dehydrated onions diminishes over time, so you may need to use more in your recipes if yours is over a year old.

Dehydrated Onions, Dried Minced Onions, and Onion Powder

Are your onions getting soft? It is easy to dehydrate onions so they last longer for food storage. Turn your onions into dehydrated onion flakes, minced dried onions, and onion powder.

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Onion Flakes

Of the various dried onion products you’ll find in the spice section of your supermarket, the most onion-like are the dried pieces, rather than powdered. These come in a couple different forms, some larger than others. Most are rather small flakes, meant as a minced onion substitute.

Using Dried Onion in Recipes

Because the onion is dried, in most cases you’ll want to add it to a liquid ingredient.

Using Onion Powder

The most concentrated form of dried onion is onion powder, which is essentially the same as dried onions except they’re milled to a consistency resembling fine salt or stone-milled flour. Onion powder can be used in the same dishes as dried onion flakes, though with a couple of changes.

Dried Onions Aren’t Necessarily a Compromise

You don’t have to be sheepish about using dry onions. They’re faster than fresh, they’re more convenient and in some ways, they’re more versatile.

Freshness Still Counts

All these substitutions are based on the assumption that your dried onions are fresh and flavorful, and that’s not always the case. If you don’t remember how long yours have been in the cupboard, throw them out and treat yourself to some new ones. Labeling and dating your spices when you buy them is a good habit to develop.

Using Onion Powder or Flakes

You can substitute chopped onions with either onion powder or dried onion flakes using the following equivalences:

Effects of Substitutions

These substitutes will give you the onion flavor that you’re after. At the same time, they will change the texture of your recipe and may also affect how many servings the recipe produces because dried onions take up less space than chopped onions.

Onion Allergies

When cooking for someone who is allergic to onions, you’ll obviously have to leave the onions out of the recipe. Consider replacing them with something that has similar bulk, such as chopped bell peppers, carrots, or celery.

Avoid Running out of Onions

Though they’re most often kept fresh, chopped onions freeze well. Prep a bunch and tuck them in the freezer, so you can grab a handful whenever you need them. There’s no need to thaw them first, either. Measure out as many as you need for your recipe, add them to your dish, and they’ll thaw as they cook.

How to size up onions for recipes?

Onions are used in many dishes and are available in different sizes. Onions are usually sold in bunches, but sometimes they are sold individually. The size of onions varies from 1/4 cup to 2 cups. A medium sized onion weighs about 3 ounces. Large onions weigh around 5 ounces.

Can you substitute fresh onion with dried minced onion?

Dried minced onions are not the same as fresh onions. Dried minced onions are usually ground into smaller pieces while fresh onions are sliced. Fresh onions are generally used in recipes where the texture of the onion is important.

How much onion substitute to use?

Onion substitutes are a great way to cut down on the amount of onions used in recipes. Onion substitutes are usually made from garlic, leeks, shallots, chives, scallions, spring onions, and/or green onions. Onions are very versatile and can be used in many different ways.


Onions are a member of the lily family Liliaceae and are cultivated worldwide. Onions are used as vegetables, flavoring ingredients, condiments, and medicines.

How many cups is one large onion?

An average sized onion weighs about 1/2 pound 227 grams. One cup equals 227 grams.

Size compared with sports ball

A basketball is about 9 inches in diameter while a volleyball is about 12 inches in diameter. A soccer ball is slightly smaller than a basketball but larger than a volleyball.

In terms of grams

Grams measure weight and not volume. One gram is equal to 0.0254 pounds. So if you weigh 100 grams of flour, you get 0.0254 x 100 = 25.4 ounces.


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