Cr1620 battery equivalent


Specifications and features of CR1620 batteries

Battery type Coin Manganese Dioxide Lithium Batteries
Nominal Voltage 3.0V
Nominal Capacity 80mAh
Standard Discharge Current 0.1mA
Operating Temperature Range -30℃ to 70℃

Aug 13 2022


Which batteries are interchangeable with the CR1620 watch?

Which Batteries Are Interchangeable With the CR1620? Alternative batteries that work as replacements for a CR1620 watch are the DL1620, ECR1620, BR1620 or KCR1620. The CR1620 battery code name refers to the chemical composition of the product, which is lithium and manganese dioxide, and its dimensions in terms of diameter and height.

What is the self-discharge rate of CR1620 batteries?

The CR1620 battery is a manganese-dioxide lithium battery with a self-discharge rate of only 1-2 percent per year at room temperature. However, as the battery’s temperature rises, the self-discharge rate increases.

What is the difference between ML1620 and CR1620?

The ML1620 battery, which can replace the CR1620 battery, is a rechargeable lithium manganese oxide battery with a nominal voltage of 3.0 volts.

Are CR1620 batteries safe for children and pets?

CR1620 batteries, like any similar small and shiny things (including other button/coin cell batteries), can be ingested by children and pets; this is why these batteries are packaged in ‘pets-safe’ and ‘kids-safe’ containers.


What battery can I use instead of CR1620?

ML1620 battery is a rechargeable lithium manganese-dioxide battery, with a nominal voltage of 3.0 volts and can be used instead of a CR1620 battery.

Can I replace CR1616 with CR1620?

While most battery compartments that can accept a CR1620 battery can also accept a CR1616 battery, it is not recommended to replace a CR1620 battery with a CR1616 battery due to the lower capacity and somewhat lower maximum drain/pulse currents that can cause the device to malfunction.

What battery is compatible with CR2016?

It provides 3V nominal voltage and 130mAh nominal capacity, rated at 15K ohms at 21C. This battery is also compatible with BR2016, CR2016, DL2016, ECR2016, KCR2016, KECR2016, KL2016, and L2016 batteries….Energizer ECR2016 Battery 3V Lithium Coin Cell (1PC Tearstrip)Battery:CR2016CR2016 Battery Diameter:20mmCR2016 Battery Height:1.6mm3 more rows

What battery can I use instead of CR1616?

Ever since we started, our mission has been to innovate with both performance and responsibility in mind in order to give you power that you can use and depend on. CR1616 Battery Equivalent: CR1616, DL1616, ECR1616, BR1616, 280-209, DL 1616B, CR1616-1W, LM1616, KCR1616, 5021LC, L11 and L28 batteries.

Specifications and features of CR1620 batteries

CR1620 batteries are small and easy to carry around. These button/coin cells feature physical dimensions of (DxH) 16mm x 2mm (~0.62992 inches), hold a nominal voltage at 3 volts, but cutoff drops down to only 2 before dying out completely with no services left for your device–unless you can find another CR-series battery!

The benefits of LITHIUM COIN CR1620

Lithium batteries are the future. Why replace something that is still working properly when you can just upgrade with one of these babies? They’re tiny, powerful and very convenient!

Batteries: BR1620 versus LiR1620 versus ML1620 versus CR1620

It is very uncommon to find BR1620, LiR1620, or ML1620 batteries in everyday life.It features a slightly higher capacity and lower drain current than the CR1620, but also has a significantly lower discharge rate and a wider temperature range than the BR1620 battery.

CR1616 vs CR1620

It has the same diameter of 16.0 mm, but it differs in height, as well as they have different drain currents and other features: The CR1616 and CR1620 are both non-rechargeable manganese-oxide lithium batteries:

Issues with CR1620

In the same way as other small, shiny objects (including other button/coin cell batteries), CR1620 batteries can be swallowed by children and pets. That’s why these batteries are packaged in ‘pet-safe’ and ‘kid-safe’ packages.


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