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The CR1220 battery or CR1220 Battery Equivalent is a non-rechargeable lithium 3.0V button/coin cell battery that is quite popular. They are commonly used in electronic equipment, cameras, heart rate monitors, PDAs, medical scales, keyless remotes, thermometers, keychain LED flashlights, etc.


What can I use instead of CR1220?

In most situations BR1220 and CR1220 batteries are interchangeable.

Is CR1220 the same as CR1225?

CR1220 Batteries VS CR1225 Batteries The size difference is the most significant: CR1220 batteries have 12.5 x 2.0 mm physical dimensions, a smaller capacity (35-40 mAh), and lower drain currents. CR1225 batteries have 12.5 x 2.5 physical dimensions, a higher capacity (50 mAh), and somewhat higher discharge currents.

What battery is CR1220?

Panasonic lithium coin CR1220 batteryThe Panasonic lithium coin CR1220 battery has a high voltage of 3V and an ultra-compact design: that means lots of power in one battery. So when you needed two, three or more traditional batteries, now you only need one lithium battery. Your small devices are by this provided with a powerful source of energy.

Does Walmart carry CR1220 battery?

Panasonic CR1220 3V Lithium Coin Battery – 2 Pack –

Are coin batteries interchangeable?

While alkaline, silver oxide, and mercury batteries of the same size may be mechanically interchangeable in any given device, use of a cell of the right voltage but unsuitable characteristics can lead to short battery life or failure to operate equipment.

Is 1225 battery the same as 2032?

Though different from CR1225, energizer 2032 is similar in size and has an excellent quality history. It is an ideal replacement for CR1225. CR2032 Energizer battery can last for up to 8 years of continuous service when properly used.

What does CR stand for in battery?

Heat Resistant Coin Type Lithium ManganeseCR (Heat Resistant Coin Type Lithium Manganese Dioxide Battery)

How long do CR1220 batteries last?

A typical LED uses about 20mA and the capacity of a (mini) CR1220 Coin Cell is 40mAh. See below for a battery life estimate: Number of LED(s) in one circuit: 1 – Battery life: 2 hours. Number of LED(s) in one circuit: 2 – Battery life: 1 hours.

What size battery does a Timex Indiglo watch take?

CR1216 3V Lithium BatteriesCR1216 3V Lithium Batteries for Timex Watch (30pc)

How do you change a battery in a G shock?

0:462:22How to Change a G-SHOCK Watch Battery – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipBefore you put your watch back together and you want to take your tweezers. And hold it to theMoreBefore you put your watch back together and you want to take your tweezers. And hold it to the battery for three seconds. And doing this will hard reset your battery.

What is battery Wikipedia?

Batteries are designed so that the energetically favorable redox reaction can occur only when electrons move through the external part of the circuit. A battery consists of some number of voltaic cells. Each cell consists of two half-cells connected in series by a conductive electrolyte containing metal cations.

What is equivalent to CR1225 battery?

BR1220/CR1220 batteries are very similar to BR1225/CR1225 batteries.

What takes a CR1225 battery?

Power your devices and projects with our reliable CR1225 battery. Used in remote controls, medical devices, fitness sensors, calculators, keyless entry systems, LED lights, motherboards, and many other electronics. And it’s a great battery to incorporate into your compact low-current projects.

Are BR1225 and CR1225 the same?

The BR1225 is designed for very low drain applications and will not supply the current needed for the backlight and beeper in VICKS fever thermometers. The CR1225 is rated for 3mA pulse load and 1mA continuous load and will work perfectly in the VICKS thermometer.

Are CR and BR batteries interchangeable?

Typical example is the BR2032 battery, with typical capacity of ~190 mAh. Generally BR#### and CR#### are interchangeable batteries – slight lower voltage of BR#### batteries is not problem, at least not for most common devices.

CR1220 Description

CR1220 is a lithium coin battery that is mainly used in high-powered devices such as keyless input devices, glucose monitors, heart rate monitors, and toys & games. It comes in a cylindrical shape and may retain power for a maximum period of time. If it is spared alone for one year, only 1% of the total battery capacity will be discharged.


Panasonic – BSG CR1220 technical specifications, attributes, parameters and parts with similar specifications to Panasonic – BSG CR1220.

CR1220 Manufacturer

Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales Company of America is the industrial components and electronic devices division of Panasonic Corporation of North America.


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