Cr1025 battery equivalent


The CR1025 battery is also a replacement for equivalent batteries: CR1025, DL1025, BR1025, KL1025, L1025, ECR1025, KCR1025, E-CR1025, KECR1025, 5033LC All batteries are by quality branded manufacturers, normally Renata, Varta, Rayovac or Panasonic. They are not the cheap makes you get on some websites.

CR1025 size batteries are used as replacements for: 5033LC, BR1025, CR1025, DL1025, ECR1025, KCR1025, and KECR1025. These batteries are all CR1025 battery equivalents.


How many Mah is a cr1025 battery?

Price/Ea. This CR1025 Lithium Coin Cell Battery is 3 V and has a capacity of 30 mAh. These are replacement watch batteries and replacement small electronics batteries.

What is the difference between Energizer cr1025 and batteryguy lithium batteries?

It meets or exceeds the Energizer CR1025 specifications defined by the Original Equipment Manufacturer but at a much lower price. (This is one Battery – Please verify quantity needed for your application before ordering) BatteryGuy Lithium Batteries are Manufactured to Meet or Exceed the Quality of the Original Equipment Manufacturer.

What is the replacement for Eveready ecr1025?

This CR1025 lithium battery is a replacement for Eveready ECR1025. These are replacement watch batteries and replacement small electronics batteries.

When will the Energizer cr1025 order ship?

Our online store will remain open so you can still shop and place orders but all orders placed on Thursday 25th and Friday 26th November will be shipped on Monday 29th November. BatteryGuy 3 Volt 30 mAh replacement battery for Energizer CR1025.


What size is CR1025 battery?

Renata Hearing Aid Batteries (Zinc-air)Renata Lithium CR1025 BatteriesRenata Lithium CR1632 BatteriesVoltage3.0 volts3.0 voltsCapacity30 mAh137 mAhDiameter0.393 in. / 10 mm0.630 in. / 16 mmHeight0.098 in. / 2.5 mm0.126 in. / 3.2 mm1 more row

What battery is equivalent to CR2025?

CR2032The CR2025 and CR2032 are both 3-volt lithium coin or button cells that measure 20mm in diameter. In terms of technology, both CR2025 and CR2032 batteries have the same voltage, chemistry, and diameter.

What battery can replace CR2450?

3.0V rechargeable LiR2450 batteries can be used as a direct replacement for CR2450 batteries since they feature the same (similar) output voltage that never exceeds 3.0 volts and pose no threat for sensitive electronics.

What battery can replace CR3032?

Lithium Cell Battery CR3032 Equivalent to the CR3032, CR-3032, CR 3032, DL3032, DL-3032, DL 3035.

Is 2025 and 2032 the same battery?

Intro: 2032 and 2025 are literally the dimensions of the battery. A 2032 is 20mm in diameter, 3.2mm thick, and a 2025 is slightly thinner, at 2.5mm thick. They usually both have the same voltage (3V), and assuming they fit in the case, they are interchangeable.

Is Duracell 2025 the same as CR2025?

Is there a difference between a CR2025 battery and a 2025 battery? CR2025 battery is a non-rechargeable 3.0V Lithium Manganese Dioxide battery featuring physical dimensions of 20×2. 5 mm, while 2025 battery features the very same dimensions (20×2.

Can I use a CR2032 in place of an CR2450?

The CR2450 is frequently compared to the widely used lithium 3.0 volts CR2032 battery. For the same chemistry types, the output voltages of these batteries are the same. The CR2450 battery uses the same type of storage as the CR2032 battery.

Can I use CR2032 for CR2450?

The CR2450 battery can be compared to the 3v lithium CR2032 battery. It is larger and has a higher capacity. Both batteries can be used with the same types and chemistry. CR2450 batteries (600-620 mAh), are preferred for certain ‘high-drain’ devices and not CR2032 (210-230 mAh).

Can a CR2430 replace a CR2450?

Furthermore, the CR2430 has much lower capacity and drain currents, which may cause certain devices to malfunction. To summarize, do not replace the CR2450 battery with the CR2430 battery unless absolutely necessary and at your own risk!

Is CR2032 same as CR3032?

DO NOT CONFUSE with the more common and less expensive CR2032. It is well worth checking that you actually want the rare CR3032 (3 cm across) and not the much more common CR2032 (2 cm across). These CR3032 batteries have a shelf life of 10 + years, so why not buy two or more.

Is BR3032 the same as CR3032?

Panasonic Coin Cell Battery CR3032 3V Lithium, Replaces DL3032, BR3032.

Are CR and LR batteries the same?

Typically the first letters in the alphanumeric code will identify the type of battery. The first letters (LR) indicates an Alkaline battery and may be thrown in the trash. Batteries with the first letters (CR) indicates a Lithium battery, (SR) indicates a Silver Oxide which contain heavy metals.

Can I use a CR2016 instead of a CR2025?

Conclusion. Both batteries have the same 20mm diameter and are 3V, so in theory, they are interchangeable. However, they have different thicknesses. The CR2016 is 1.6 mm thick and the CR2025 is 2.5 mm thick.

Can I use cr2032 in Mercedes key?

Some drivers have reported that a CR 2032 actually works better, improving key fob range. The number refers to the physical size of the battery, 2.5mm for the 2025, 3.2mm for the 2032. The voltage is the same, so if the 2032 fits, it’ll work.

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