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  • 3 32 metric equivalent

    Full Answer What is 3/32 inch in mm? Here is the answer with the math that shows you how to convert 3/32 inch to mm: 3 / 32 = 0.09375 0.09375 x 25.4 = 2.38125 3/32 inch = 2.38125 mm inch to mm Converter Here you can convert another fractional inch to mm. How many […]

  • 3 2 equivalent fractions

    How to find equivalent fractions? 6 4 is equivalent to 3 2 because 3 x 2 = 6 and 2 x 2 = 4 9 6 is equivalent to 3 2 because 3 x 3 = 9 and 2 x 3 = 6 12 8 is equivalent to 3 2 because 3 x 4 = […]

  • 3 16 mm equivalent

    SAE to Metric Conversion Chart SAE Metric Inch 3/16″ 0.188 5mm 0.197 5.5mm 0.216 7/32″ 0.219 47 more rows • Apr 29, 2020 What is the unit of length of a millimeter? How many millimeters is an inch? What is the unit of measurement for inches? About this website Is 3/16 and 5 mm the […]

  • 2sd669 equivalent

    the results show mje344 is a suitable substitute for 2sd669 and the mje350 for the 2sb649.Sep 19, 2002 Full Answer What is the TJ of the 2sd669a transistor? 2SD669A Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search. Transistor Catalog Max. Operating Junction Temperature (Tj): 150 °C 2SD669A Transistor Equivalent Substitute – Cross-Reference Search 2SD669, 2SD669ASilicon NPN EpitaxialApplicationLow frequency […]

  • 2sc1740 equivalent

    NPN Complementary: PNP Complementary of 2SC1740 is 2SA933AS.Feb 4, 2022 Full Answer What is 2sc1740 transistor? 2SC1740 or C1740 is an NPN BJT transistor available in TO-92 and TO-92S or E-Line package. TO-92S or E-Line package is a smaller package than TO-92. The transistor is designed for general purpose switching, amplification and radio frequency applications. […]

  • 2sa970 equivalent

    The 2SA1163 (SOT-23), 2SA1312 (SOT-23), 2SA1587 (SOT-323), FJV992 (SOT-23) and FJX992 (SOT-323) is the SMD version of the 2SA970 transistor. Replacement and Equivalent for 2SA970 You can replace the 2SA970 with the 2SA1049 , 2SA1269 , 2SA1285 or 2SA1285A . Member. You can try BC559C, BC309C, BC413 and NTE replacements – www.Jan 24, 2010 Full […]

  • 2n5551 transistor equivalent

    Operating & storage temperature must be (Max) -55 to +150 C Complementary 2N5551 transistor is 2N5401 and equivalent 2N5551 transistors are 2N5551K, BC637, NTE194, BC639, 2N5833, BC487 & 2N5551G. The similar 2N5551 transistor is 2N5550. 2N5551 Equivalent You could use NTE194, 2N5833, 2N5088, 2N3055, and 2N5401 (PNP) as 2N5551 equivalents.Mar 30, 2022 Full Answer How […]

  • 2n5401 equivalent

    2N5401 Equivalents Part Number Description 2N5401,412TRANSISTORS 2N5401 2N5401TFTRANSISTORS Small Signal Bipolar Transistor, 0.6A I(C), 150V V(BR)CEO, 1-Element, PNP, Silicon, TO-92, LEAD FREE PACKAGE-3 2N5401RLRBTRANSISTORS 600mA, 150V, PNP, Si, SMALL SIGNAL TRANSISTOR, TO-92 7 more rows • May 21, 2022 Full Answer What is 2n5401 transistor? 2N5401 is a TO-92 Packaged PNP transistor, today we are […]

  • 2n4401 equivalent

    The 2N4401 transistor is very much similar to the commonly used NPN transistor 2N2222.May 30, 2018 Full Answer Is 2n4401 a good transistor for my project? The 2N4401 transistor is very much similar to the commonly used NPN transistor 2N2222. So if you looking for an NPN transistor that could switch loads or for decent […]

  • 2n2904 equivalent transistor

    What is 2N3904 transistor? 2N3904 Transistor is a popular NPN bipolar junction transistor used in low power and current, medium voltage applications. It is widely used for low power amplification and switching. 2N3904 is complementary to 2N3906 PNP bipolar junction transistor. It has a current rating of 200 mA, voltage rating of 40 V, and […]