Behr equivalent to agreeable gray


Toasty Gray N320-2


What is the best Behr color for grey walls?

1 Behr Dolphin Fin 790C-3 Dolphin Fin is a slightly warm gray – not TRADITIONALLY warm in that it looks greige, but it sure as heck isn’t cool-toned. … 2 Behr Silver Drop 790C-2 Silver Drop offers a LIGHTER approach to gray. … 3 Behr Misty Coast PPU25-13 Misty Coast is one of my favourite gray Behr paint colours. … More items…

Is agreeable Gray a neutral greige color?

It is an interior design staple and the perfect shade for neutral color schemes. Now, more than ever, Agreeable Gray is the perfect neutral greige paint color because it offers the light and airy feel of the latest paint color trends but is also warm enough to elevate the comfort level of any room!

What is the difference between Sherwin-Williams agreeable Gray and repose gray?

What is the difference between Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray and Repose Gray? Sherwin Williams Repose Gray is one of Sherwin williams most popular gray colors. The problem with gray wall paint colours is that they can often look too cold or harsh.

What color goes with Sherwin Williams agreeable gray?

Sherwin Williams recommends coordinating colors for each of their paint colors. For Agreeable Gray, they suggest SW 7006 Extra White (our trim color!), SW 9004 Coral Rose (a surprisingly random bold pink), and SW 7028 Incredible White (a creamier white). As I mentioned, our new home was painted entirely Agreeable Gray when we moved in!


What color is similar to agreeable gray?

SW Worldly Gray is a light warm gray, a shade lighter than Amazing Gray. It is a similar color to Agreeable Gray with a little more green in it.

What is the most popular Behr gray paint?

What Are Behr’s Most Popular Gray Paint Colours?Behr Dolphin Fin 790C-3. Dolphin Fin is a slightly warm gray – not TRADITIONALLY warm in that it looks greige, but it sure as heck isn’t cool-toned. … Behr Silver Drop 790C-2. … Behr Misty Coast PPU25-13. … Behr Silver City MQ2-59. … Behr Sterling 780E-30. … Behr Eon N370-2.

Can Behr color match Sherwin Williams?

Since Behr and Sherwin-Williams hues are not identical, it’s a good idea to pick your colors only after you’ve decided which brand is best for your paint project. However, if you find a Behr color you like, Sherwin-Williams can match it.

What is the PPG equivalent to agreeable gray?

PPG Paint Whiskers (1025-3) vs Sherwin Williams Agreeable gray (SW 7029) side by side comparison.

Is agreeable gray still popular 2022?

Is Agreeable Gray still popular in 2022? The quick answer is YES! This color is an iconic Sherwin-Williams greige paint color, and is still one of the 50 most popular colors on the Sherwin-Williams website.

What color GREY does Joanna Gaines use?

Sherwin Williams – Silver Strand This gorgeous muted gray/green is Joanna’s go to color for interior walls in many of the homes she’s filmed on Fixer Upper.

Does Home Depot carry Sherwin Williams paint colors?

Home Depot doesn’t sell Sherwin Williams paint. The paint is exclusively found and sold at Lowes through a partnership between the two retailers. You can find various paints at Home Depot, including interior paints, exterior paints, wood stains, marine paints, and other colors.

Is paint cheaper at Home Depot or Sherwin Williams?

Take home: Sherwin Williams paints like Cashmere, Duration, Emerald urethane, and Super Paint, are excellent paints that perform much better than cheap Behr paint from Home Depot. Sherwin Williams paint is very expensive at full price for a homeowner looking to paint their home unless it’s purchased on sale.

How accurate is Home Depot color match?

Using the spectrophotometer, Home Depot can get at least a 90% accuracy on the color match.

Why does my agreeable gray look blue?

Let’s keep in mind that in cooler lighting situations AG is going to look cooler. All grays (warm and cool) have 3 undertones, blue, green, or purple which means there is always a chance that these undertones will show up in the right lighting. I’ve seen Agreeable Gray look almost blue in some rooms.

Is greige still popular 2022?

Is greige still popular in 2022? Not only is greige paint still hugely popular now, but interior design experts also predict that greige will be big for a while. I have noticed a bit of a departure from griege tones that lean more toward grays than beiges, as designers are now favoring warmer, earthier tones.

What is a lighter version of agreeable gray?

If you were to lighten Agreeable Gray by 50% the color ends up being significantly altered and will not be an accurate 50% lighter color. The truest, most accurate color that is 50% lighter is SW White Heron.

What GREY paint color is most popular?

1 Agreeable Gray, by Sherwin-Williams “Agreeable Gray SW 7029 is our most popular gray paint color because it’s the perfect hue for any living space, whether it be a family room or bedroom,” says Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams.

What Behr gray is a true gray?

Classic Silver PPU18-11 is the perfect balance between a cool and warm gray. A gray’s warmth is determined by the hue of it’s parent family.

What are the most popular Behr paint colors?

Here are the best Behr paint color ideas for family rooms and dens.01 of 10. Aged Beige. Behr. … 02 of 10. Bermuda Grass. Behr. … 03 of 10. Rumba Orange. Behr. … 04 of 10. Stone Creek. Behr. … 05 of 10. Dark Navy. Behr. … 06 of 10. Offshore Mist. Behr. … 07 of 10. Red Pepper. Behr’s Red Pepper emanates warmth. … 08 of 10. Urban Nature.More items…•

What color is Behr chic gray?

Chic Gray is a warm gray with a greige undertone.

What color is Eon?

Eon is a beautiful, muted, calming gray. Not traditionally cold, but not super muddy or warm either. Eon has a soft, pretty green undertone, that could slide slightly green-blue, perhaps with north-facing or eastern light.

Is Silver City a good dark room?

Silver City has a bit more meat on its bones with an LRV of 57. Still in the light range, but it’s a HEAVY light, so might not be the best for a dark room.

Is Silver Drop a cool color?

You’ll also see the Silver Drop is WARM, especially compared to other cool gray paint colours, without hitting the more greige end of things.

What is the closest paint to Agreeable Gray?

Revere Pewter is the closest equivalent to Agreeable Gray in Benjamin Moore’s paint deck.

Why is Agreeable Gray so popular?

One of the reasons that Agreeable Gray is so popular is that it doesn’t have much of an undertone. In my experience, it takes on the tones of the colors around it.

What is the most popular paint color for a home?

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray (SW7029) is one of the most popular paint colors for homes. Gray colors in general are popular, and greige is a super popular shade of gray.

Why is gray acceptable?

Part of the reason that Agreeable Gray goes with so much is because of the balance of undertones and warmth and coolness of it. It can really mold and meld to match so many styles of home decor!

What is the best paint color to paint a house to sell?

Agreeable Gray is a fantastic choice for a paint color if you plan to sell your home in the next year or two! It is neutral, timeless, and universally appealing and will not scare off any buyers!

How to select coordinating paint colors?

A great way to select a coordinating paint color is to select a color that is on the same paint strip. For a darker accent color, select a shade 2-4 shades darker than your base color.

Is greige a paint color?

But, greige isn’t an actual color that you can request at the paint store. It’s like going to the paint desk and adding for blue. You have to be more specific than that!


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