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Toasty Gray N320-2


What is the best Behr color for grey walls?

1 Behr Dolphin Fin 790C-3 Dolphin Fin is a slightly warm gray – not TRADITIONALLY warm in that it looks greige, but it sure as heck isn’t cool-toned. … 2 Behr Silver Drop 790C-2 Silver Drop offers a LIGHTER approach to gray. … 3 Behr Misty Coast PPU25-13 Misty Coast is one of my favourite gray Behr paint colours. … More items…

Is Sherwin Williams agreeable Gray a neutral color?

If you want to paint your house a neutral paint color, you are extremely likely to land on Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray. This is one of the most popular paint colors – for designers and new builders. In fact, our entire home was painted Agreeable Gray when we moved in.

Is agreeable Gray a neutral greige color?

It is an interior design staple and the perfect shade for neutral color schemes. Now, more than ever, Agreeable Gray is the perfect neutral greige paint color because it offers the light and airy feel of the latest paint color trends but is also warm enough to elevate the comfort level of any room!

What is the difference between Sherwin-Williams agreeable Gray and repose gray?

What is the difference between Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray and Repose Gray? Sherwin Williams Repose Gray is one of Sherwin williams most popular gray colors. The problem with gray wall paint colours is that they can often look too cold or harsh.

What color is agreed upon by Sherwin Williams?

What is the Perfect Greige Paint Color?

What color goes well with greige wood?

What is greige decor?

Why is Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter so popular?

What color is gray?

How much does Sherwin Williams paint cost?

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What color is similar to agreeable gray?

SW Worldly Gray is a light warm gray, a shade lighter than Amazing Gray. It is a similar color to Agreeable Gray with a little more green in it.

Can Behr color match Sherwin Williams?

Since Behr and Sherwin-Williams hues are not identical, it’s a good idea to pick your colors only after you’ve decided which brand is best for your paint project. However, if you find a Behr color you like, Sherwin-Williams can match it.

What is the Behr equivalent of Repose Gray?

Behr Dolphin Fin 790C-3Behr Dolphin Fin 790C-3 EVERY gray will have cool undertones and while Dolphin Fin is no exception, its undertones are quite passive and are similar to those of Sherwin Williams Repose Gray, another popular warm gray paint colour.

What is the most popular Behr gray paint?

“Among Behr’s top selling hues is White Metal N520-1. This hue is a fan favorite and one of Behr’s most popular gray paint colors,” says Erika Woelfel, Behr color expert. “The hue has a way of making spaces feel large and expansive and it provides a chic, neutral backdrop for any room in the home.”

Does Home Depot carry Sherwin Williams paint colors?

Home Depot doesn’t sell Sherwin Williams paint. The paint is exclusively found and sold at Lowes through a partnership between the two retailers. You can find various paints at Home Depot, including interior paints, exterior paints, wood stains, marine paints, and other colors.

Is paint cheaper at Home Depot or Sherwin Williams?

Take home: Sherwin Williams paints like Cashmere, Duration, Emerald urethane, and Super Paint, are excellent paints that perform much better than cheap Behr paint from Home Depot. Sherwin Williams paint is very expensive at full price for a homeowner looking to paint their home unless it’s purchased on sale.

Is Behr toasty GREY a greige?

Toasty Gray is a muddy gray with a green undertone. Depending on the light source or time of day, it may appear as a light greige on the walls.

What is the difference between repose gray and agreeable gray?

Repose Gray is a bit more gray than Agreeable Gray, which has a stronger beige undertone, making it more of a greige. So Repose Gray is cooler, but it’s still a warm gray. It’s also just a smidge darker than Agreeable Gray, but the difference is barely noticeable.

What color is a shade lighter than agreeable gray?

Edgecomb Gray. Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray is lighter, cleaner, and warmer than Agreeable Gray. They are both warm greige colors with green undertones.

What color GREY does Joanna Gaines use?

Sherwin Williams – Silver Strand This gorgeous muted gray/green is Joanna’s go to color for interior walls in many of the homes she’s filmed on Fixer Upper.

Is Behr wheat Bread greige?

Wheat Bread is a greige with a gray undertone. Depending on the light source or time of day, it may appear as a grayish beige on the walls.

What are the undertones of Behr Swiss Coffee?

Swiss Coffee by Behr: Swiss coffee is a creamy white with a bit of a yellow undertone. If you’re looking for a warm white, this is a great option. Palais white by Behr: This is a popular option because it’s a creamy white with less yellow than Swiss Coffee.

Can you color match different paint brands?

NO! We never recommend paint color matches from one brand to another – results are rarely good. If you need to use a specific paint company, find their version of the color that you want. Paint companies invest a lot of time and money to create proprietary paint color formulas.

How accurate is Home Depot color match?

Using the spectrophotometer, Home Depot can get at least a 90% accuracy on the color match.

How do you compare paint colors across brands?

The most common method would be a visual color comparison by looking at two physical color samples side by side under a light source. Color is very relative, so you can compare colors in terms of the other color across dimensions such as hue, lightness and saturation (brightness).

Can Lowes match a Sherwin Williams color?

What is this? YES, you can match any Sherwin Williams at Lowe’s really easily because the database of ALL of their colors are IN the Lowe’s paint system. Hand the item you need matched to the Lowe’s paint desk associate and they will do the rest for you!

Sherwin williams Agreeable Gray- SW 7029 Ultimate Color Guide

Agreeable Gray has an LRV (light reflectance value) of 60 our of a scale of 0 to 100. Is Agreeable Gray paint A Gray, Greige, or Beige? With so many complex terms for neutral paint colors, it can be confusing to determine whether a color is gray, greige or beige.

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray: Undertone Colors & Is It Still Popular?

via Instagram Lexi Pratz. Agreeable Gray has slight green undertones, but they are minimal and not harsh. Whereas Sherwin Williams Eider White has pretty distinct pinky-purple undertones, Agreeable Gray is pretty subtle with the green undertones.. Again, the surrounding colors will affect overall how Agreeable Gray reads in a room if it has less green undertones that are noticeable.

What is the closest paint to Agreeable Gray?

Revere Pewter is the closest equivalent to Agreeable Gray in Benjamin Moore’s paint deck.

Why is Agreeable Gray so popular?

One of the reasons that Agreeable Gray is so popular is that it doesn’t have much of an undertone. In my experience, it takes on the tones of the colors around it.

What is the most popular paint color for a home?

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray (SW7029) is one of the most popular paint colors for homes. Gray colors in general are popular, and greige is a super popular shade of gray.

Why is gray acceptable?

Part of the reason that Agreeable Gray goes with so much is because of the balance of undertones and warmth and coolness of it. It can really mold and meld to match so many styles of home decor!

What is the best paint color to paint a house to sell?

Agreeable Gray is a fantastic choice for a paint color if you plan to sell your home in the next year or two! It is neutral, timeless, and universally appealing and will not scare off any buyers!

How to select coordinating paint colors?

A great way to select a coordinating paint color is to select a color that is on the same paint strip. For a darker accent color, select a shade 2-4 shades darker than your base color.

Is greige a paint color?

But, greige isn’t an actual color that you can request at the paint store. It’s like going to the paint desk and adding for blue. You have to be more specific than that!

What color is Eon?

Eon is a beautiful, muted, calming gray. Not traditionally cold, but not super muddy or warm either. Eon has a soft, pretty green undertone, that could slide slightly green-blue, perhaps with north-facing or eastern light.

Is Silver City a good dark room?

Silver City has a bit more meat on its bones with an LRV of 57. Still in the light range, but it’s a HEAVY light, so might not be the best for a dark room.

Is Silver Drop a cool color?

You’ll also see the Silver Drop is WARM, especially compared to other cool gray paint colours, without hitting the more greige end of things.

What is the color of Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray?

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray SW 7029 is a soft warm gray paint color. It is an amazing neutral that works well with almost any other color in any space. It’s also a crowd-pleaser as its Sherwin Williams number one selling color. Here we go again, another day, another gray paint color.

What color goes with Agreeable Gray?

The bathroom walls are the perfect place to use SW Agreeable Gray. Because this gray is pretty dang neutral, it goes with almost any color. As you can see in the photo, AG makes a beautiful backdrop for this bathroom’s black and white color scheme.

What is the LRV of Agreeable?

Agreeable has an LRV of 60, which is a hair lighter than Repose Gray at 58.

What is the color of AG?

AG is a warm gray/ greige paint color. If you place it side by side another paint color, Depending on the color you are comparing it to, it can either look more or less warm than the opposing color. For example, when you compare Ag to SW Passiveor BM Gray Owl, it’s clear that AG is a warm color.

What does 60 AG mean?

At 60 AG is a bit past the middle of the range. It will reflect a good amount of light.

Is Agreeable Gray a paint color?

So yes, Agreeable Gray is in fact a gray a paint color. But there is more to it than meets the eye. Yup AG may look like a gray paint color but, he’s got a lot going on.

Is gray a paint color?

You would think this is a silly question being that GRAY is in the name of the paint color. However, you’d be surprised at some of the names of paint colors and how they don’t look anything like their names.

What color is agreed upon by Sherwin Williams?

Somehow Agreeable Gray works with almost any other color scheme which is probably why its an all-time best-seller for Sherwin Williams. Not only is Agreeable Gray Sherwin Williams’ most popular gray color but it is also the perfect greige.

What is the Perfect Greige Paint Color?

Somehow Agreeable Gray works with almost any other color scheme which is probably why its an all-time best-seller for Sherwin Williams.

What color goes well with greige wood?

Agreeable greige goes so well with rustic wood tones that are so popular now. It also looks great against the tall board and batten in SW Pure White

What is greige decor?

They were a rustic, carefree, imperfection-embracing break from the yellow-toned beiges that accompanied more traditional home decor.

Why is Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter so popular?

Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter has had huge popularity in the last five years but it is wavering in popularity because lighter beiges are now trending. Revere Pewter is more of a muddy gray.

What color is gray?

All grays have blue, purple, or green undertones . That means under the perfect conditions (or not-so-perfect conditions) these colors can show through. HOWEVER, because the intensity of the undertones of Agreeable Gray are so perfectly balanced, you seldomly see these colors come through.

How much does Sherwin Williams paint cost?

Sherwin Williams paint products start at about $50 / gallon and go up from there. That sounds like a lot and it is but take into consideration that you will use much fewer coats with higher quality paint.


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