Ag8 battery equivalent


LR1120 battery equivalents are also reffered to as AG8, LR1120H, and 391A.


What is the equivalent of AG13 battery?

AG13 can also be replaced with silver oxide button cell batteries that include common equivalents, such as SG13, S76 and EPX76. AG13 is a button-shaped alkaline battery that converts stored energy into electrical energy through a manganese oxide and zinc chemical reaction.

What kind of batteries does Energizer use?

The Energizer 1025 battery is used in remotes, heart rate monitors, and many hand held devices. Get reliable performance from Energizer’s 1216 coin lithium battery. It’s used in many common devices. Energizer’s 2016 battery.

What is the llr1130 battery equivalent?

Each manufacturer’s component numbering system is different, hence the LLR1130 battery equivalent refers to 189 LR54 AG10 V10GA G10A L1131 LR1131. The LR1130 is an alkaline cell battery manufactured by GP Batteries that is commonly used in tiny electronic devices such as calculators. 1.5V voltage.


What battery replaces AG8?

Compare with similar itemsThis item 10pk Exell EB-L1121 Alkaline 1.5V Watch Battery Replaces AG8 LR1120 391Customer Rating4.4 out of 5 stars (51)Price$795Sold BybatteriesinaflashBrand NameExell Battery3 more rows

Is LR1130 same as 389?

Since it is so popular, practically all battery brands manufacture LR1130 batteries, but they also use many other labels, including LR1131, LR54, SR1130, SR1130SW, AG10, 390, 389, 387, 189, etc.

What battery can replace LR1120?

LR1120 Batteries These button cells are single use batteries which can be substituted for, among others, 191, LR55, GP191, V8GA, G8, AG8, G8A CNB and G8A LR55 cells.

Is LR44 same as CR2032?

Is CR2032 the same as LR44? No, they are not. CR2032 is a very popular lithium 3.0V non-rechargeable 20×3. 2 mm battery, while the LR44 battery is a 1.5V alkaline non-rechargeable 11.6×5.

Does 357 replace LR1130?

The short answer is yes, you can replace an LR1130 battery with a 357 battery. The two batteries are of similar size and voltage, and they will both work in devices that require an LR1130 battery. However, there are a few things you should know before you make the switch.

What is LR1130 compatible with?

What alkaline batteries will fit in my device? What Is The LR1130 Battery Equivalent? Depending on the manufacturer, batteries of the same size and capability of LR1130, are referred to in a few different variations. Direct replacements for LR1130 would be 1130, AG10, 189, LR54, and LR55.

Can I use LR44 instead of LR43?

LR43, LR41, and LR44 batteries are different in size, voltage, and weight. Therefore, they are not interchangeable totally. LR43 batteries are slimmer than LR44 batteries. If you can put the batteries into the battery compartment (same number, polarity, etc.)

What do the numbers on button batteries mean?

The first two digits refer to the diameter of the battery in mm and the second two digits give the height or thickness of the battery in tenths of mm. So, for example, a CR2032 is a Lithium button cell which is 20mm in diameter and 3.2mm thick.

Are all LR44 batteries the same?

The LR44 battery is identical in size, but different in chemistry to silver oxide button cells such as SR44, SR44SW, 303, 357. Although batteries can fit into each other’s devices fairly easily, it is important to choose the recommended battery type for your device to avoid over/under discharge.

Is there another name for LR44 battery?

AG13 batteries Alkaline Zinc Manganese button batteries are used mainly in watches. Also called LR44, 157, A74 or LR 1154, they are equivalent in size and voltage to the SR44 batteries, also called 357.

Is Energizer 357 same as LR44?

Are 357 batteries the same as LR44? No. lr44 is alkaline 357 is silver oxide. 357 is a longer lasting silver oxide version of the alkaline L44.

Can I use AA batteries instead of LR44?

Since LR44 is alkaline, AAs or AAAs are a one to one replacement. Solder the wires, in correct polarity, to the springs that make contact to the LR44. Or you could just strip the wires and twist them around the springs, then insert something in the battery compartment to hold them in place…

What battery is equivalent to 389?

Energizer 390-389 battery equivalent: 280-24, 390, 603, D390, GS10, S24, SB-AU, SR1130, SR1130SW, SRI-BOSW, TR1130W, V390, WS-10 1138SO, SR54, D389, SP389, SR1130W, V389, 1159SO, D390, 390, SP390, SR1130SW, V390, 189, 1168A, LR54, D189A, 189-1, LR1130, V10GA, GP89A, L1131, V390, 534, 390, 603, SB-AU, 280-24, GP390, …

Is LR1130 same as 390?

In this case, the silver oxide 389/390 (SR1130) is a longer lasting and more stable version of the alkaline (LR1130).

Is LR1130 the same as L1131?

The normal thickness is 3.05mm and can be rounded up or down to 3.0 or 3.1 for part numbering reasons. Hence some manufacturers round up and some down. So we have the LR1130 L1130 and LR1131 L1131, both of which are the same battery.

What does LR mean on batteries?

Batteries – Button Cell Batteries The first letters (LR) indicates an Alkaline battery and may be thrown in the trash. Batteries with the first letters (CR) indicates a Lithium battery, (SR) indicates a Silver Oxide which contain heavy metals.

What battery is used for a calculator?

For powering your medical devices, calculators and watches reliably, use the Energizer 357/303 battery.

What is the 2L76 battery?

The Energizer ® 2L76 Battery provides power you can rely on for your watches, glucose monitors, and the latest games and toys.

What is the Energizer battery used for?

Used in watches, toys, glucose monitors and calculators.Try the Energizer 364 Battery.

What is an Energizer 223 battery?

The Energizer ® 223 Battery provides dependable performance you can rely on in your digital SLR cameras, regular cell phones, and other high tech devices.

What is the battery used in a glucose monitor?

A variety of watches, toys, glucose monitors and calculators use the 379 battery.

What is the A76?

The Energizer A76. Reliable power for watches, toys, glucose monitors, and calculators.

Specifications and Features for LR1130 Battery

LR1130 batteries are a low-cost, dependable power source, however they have a short storage life (2-3 years) and their output voltage diminishes fast.

GP Alkaline Battery L1130 LR1130 1.5V Battery

Customers frequently inquire as to why this battery is referred to as the LR1131 L1131 as well as the LR1130 L1130. The solution may be found in the battery’s measurements. An alkaline battery is denoted by the letters L or LR. The number 11 is derived from the diameter of 11.6mm. The end of the component number is made up of its width.

What batteries are equivalent to AG13?

What Are Some Batteries Equivalent to an AG13 Battery? Generic equivalents for AG13 alkaline cell batteries include LR44, LR154, L1154, KA, KA76 and A200 batteries. AG13 can also be replaced with silver oxide button cell batteries that include common equivalents, such as SG13, S76 and EPX76. AG13 is a button-shaped alkaline battery …

What is an AG13 battery?

AG13 is a button-shaped alkaline battery that converts stored energy into electrical energy through a manganese oxide and zinc chemical reaction.

What are some alternatives to the AG13 battery?

Alternatives to the AG13 alkaline battery include Duracell’s PX76A, Energizer’s A76, Maxell’s LR44 and Varta’s A76.


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