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AG4, LR626 and LR66 are alkaline button batteries with identical dimensions and specs. They are a very common button battery used for consumer electronics and are not rechargeable. The silver oxide equivalent is the SR626SW and SR626. Most typical use of an AG4 battery is as a wrist watch replacement battery.Nov 20, 2021


Is a 377 the same as an AG4 battery?

– Silver-oxide SR626/SR626SW batteries have a nominal voltage of 1.55 volts and it is rather constant over time as the battery is drained….LR626 vs. SR626 Batteries Comparison Chart.ChemistryAlkalineSilver-OxideTypical LabelsLR66, LR626, AG4177, 376, 377, AG4, SG4, SR66, SR626, SR626SW4 more rows•Nov 2, 2021

What is a 377 battery equivalent to?

377 Watch Battery SR626SW and equivalent button cell batteries – SR626, SR626W, SR66, D377, V377, AG4, GP377, SB-AW, 377.

Are 377 and SR626SW the same?

Energizer 377-376 Battery (SR626SW) Silver Oxide 1.55V (1PC)

What voltage is an AG4 battery?

AG Number Watch Batteries:CodeSizeVoltageAG46.8 x 2.6 mm1.55AG57.9 x 5.4 mm1.55AG69.5 x 2.1 mm1.55AG79.5 x 2.6 mm1.559 more rows

Is a 377 watch battery the same as a 364?

No, despite they feature the same chemistry (silver-oxide) and very similar dimensions: – 364: 6.8 x 2.1 mm, – 377: 6.8 x 2.6 mm. Due to the same diameter and very similar height, it is possible to place 364 battery into the 377 battery compartment, and sometimes even vice versa.

What are 377 batteries used for?

Energizer® 377 Battery For watches, toys, glucose monitors and calculators.

What is a substitute for a SR626SW battery?

377 Battery377 Battery is a direct replacement for SR626SW, SR66, SR626, SB-AW, 280-39, BA, V377, D377, 606, S626E, GP377, AG4, AG-4, 377, L626, SG4, LR626, LR66, SR628SW, E377, E377CA, LR626SW, 377A, SR262SW, 377X, 377S, GP177, SR6265W, 377/376, E377A, SR66SW, SR625SW, 377BA, CR626SW, AG4/377, AG04 batteries.

Can I use a different battery in my watch?

A new watch battery should be chosen according to the watch manufacturer’s recommendations. If your old battery was an alkaline battery and your watch supports the use of silver-oxide batteries, go for silver-oxide battery. Alkaline batteries are somewhat cheaper, but the end price difference is almost negligible.

Can a SR626SW battery replace a SR621SW?

Additionally, the height of SR621SW and SR626SW is different. The height of SR621SW is 2.15 mm, and the height of SR626SW is 2.6 mm. So they are not interchangeable and the application of they are applied in different places.

Which battery is better silver oxide or alkaline?

Also, silver-oxide batteries under the same conditions, on average, feature 10-40% larger capacity – due to the more stable output voltage and larger capacity, silver-oxide batteries feature ~15-50% better energy density when compared with the alkaline batteries.

What is the difference between LR and SR batteries?

LR44 and SR44 are the same physical size. However, the terminal voltage of the SR version is a tad higher (1.55v -v- 1.5v) and its capacity is also higher. There are plenty of devices around that are designed to work with the LR44 battery.

Is Silver Oxide battery better than lithium?

Compared with alkaline batteries, silver oxide batteries have a flatter discharge curve, and compared with lithium-ion batteries, silver oxide batteries have a greater run time. Also, silver oxide batteries do not have flammability problems and are free from thermal runaway, unlike their lithium-ion counterpart.

Can a 357 battery replace a LR44?

For most purposes, the 357 battery and the LR44 battery are interchangeable, although devices require a constant voltage. such as precise calipers and some watches, benefit from the 357 ‘s constant voltage performance.

What is the difference between 377 and 377A battery?

Are the watch battery 377 equivalent and 377A the same? The difference is that the 377 has a silver oxide base, while the 377A is alkaline. In most cases, the two variations can be used interchangeably, however, some specialized electronics may specifically require using the 377 rather than the 377A.

What battery is equivalent to 357?

A size 357 battery is the equivalent of a SR44W battery.

How many volts does an alkaline battery have?

The nominal voltage of alkaline LR/66LR626 batteries is 1.5 volts, and it lowers to 1.0 volts pretty quickly over time. When utilizing alkaline AG4/LR66/LR626 batteries, however, sensitive electronics may have problems running at such low voltages and may have reliability difficulties. Furthermore, as compared to silver-oxide batteries, their capacity is 30 percent lower when drained down to 1.0 volts and up to 50 percent lower when drained down to 1.2 volts.

What devices are compatible with the Energizer 376 battery?

Hearing aids, diabetes meters, blood pressure monitors, calculators, and watches and a variety of other electronic devices are all compatible with the Energizer 376 battery.

What is a 377 battery?

The Energizer 377 battery, the Seiko SB-AW battery, and the Duracell D377 battery are all comparable in size and function to the Maxell SR626SW battery. These button-cell batteries, often known as micro batteries, power timepieces and small electronics like calculators and health monitors.

What battery replaces SR626W?

The SR626W and SR626SW batteries are replaced by the 377 button battery. The Energizer 377/376 is a multi-drain silver oxide button cell battery with a voltage of 1.55 volts. 377 376 is a watch battery that replaces the SR626W and SR626SW batteries.

What is the most popular watch battery?

Having a stockpile of calculator and watch batteries ensures you’ll never be caught off guard. The SR626SW battery (e.g., Energizer 377 376 watch battery), is the most popular watch battery, and is widely used by Timex, Seiko, Fossil, Casio, Accurist.

How many volts does a SR626SW have?

A Silver-Oxide battery, the SR626SW has a nominal 1.55 v, cutoff volt of 1.2 v, nominal capacity of 25-30 mAh.

What are the dimensions of a LR626 battery?

The physical dimensions of LR626 and SR626SW batteries are the same (D x H) 6.8 x 2.6 mm, with the chemistry being the only change.

377 Watch Battery and Equivalent Chart

Our 377 battery chart below shows all the equivalent battery models from different manufactures.

Where to buy a 377 battery or equivalent?

Most online stores will stock the 377 battery, we recommend Amazon, Ebay or Walmart

Best 377 Battery Brands

We recommend Energizer 377 silver oxide batteries. We do not advise buying any cheap brands from Amazon – they are Chinese made imports with no comeback for guarantee.


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