Ag13 battery equivalents


What batteries can replace AG13?

AG13Button Energizer 357 – AG13 Equivalent Cell BatteriesMedic Batteries carries the Energizer 357/303 battery, which is an AG13 equivalent. The Energizer357/303 replaces all AG13 button cell batteries, which are found in watches, medical equipment, laser pointers, and other electronic devices.

Is an AG13 battery the same as LR44?

LR44 batteries, which are also known as either AG13 or A76 batteries, are generally a very popular type of battery and can be found in devices such as calculators, small electronic toys and digital thermometers.

Is A76 same as AG13?

They can last several years in storage with a low discharge rate. These batteries are also called AG13, A76 or V13GA batteries. The LR44 battery uses alkaline technology (using zinc and manganese dioxide) with 11.6mm in diameter and 5.4mm thick.

Are AG10 and AG13 batteries the same?

No, AG13 and AG10 are different batteries.

Is an AG13 battery the same as a 357?

AG13 batteries Alkaline Zinc Manganese button batteries are used mainly in watches. Also called LR44, 157, A74 or LR 1154, they are equivalent in size and voltage to the SR44 batteries, also called 357.

Can I use 357 instead of LR44?

For most purposes, the 357 battery and the LR44 battery are interchangeable, although devices require a constant voltage. such as precise calipers and some watches, benefit from the 357 ‘s constant voltage performance.

Is AG13 same as LR41?

Is AG13 same as LR41? Other names for the AG3 coin cell battery include: 384, 392 192, LR41, LR736 L736 GP192, and V36A.

Can I use 357 instead of A76?

Are A76 and 357 batteries interchangeable? Yes. The 357 is compatible in size with the A76. The A76 uses an alkaline manganese dioxide construction and will have a shorter service life than the 357 which has silver oxide chemistry.

Are LR44 and A76 the same battery?

Duracell 76A, Energizer A76, and AG13 batteries are direct LR44 replacements. These batteries are perfect replicas of the LR44 battery, with the exception of the name. All of these batteries are interchangeable.

What can replace LR44?

Direct replacements for LR44 would be Duracell 76A, Energizer A76, and AG13 batteries. These batteries are exact equivalents for the LR44 battery, the only difference being the name.

Is 2032 battery same as LR44?

Is CR2032 the same as LR44? No, they are not. CR2032 is a very popular lithium 3.0V non-rechargeable 20×3. 2 mm battery, while the LR44 battery is a 1.5V alkaline non-rechargeable 11.6×5.

What battery can replace AG10?

AG10 batteries are small, non-rechargeable button/coin batteries. AG10 Batteries power devices like watch batteries, calculators, toys, and car keys. Equivalent AG10 batteries include LR54, LR1130, L1131, and G10.

What battery can I use instead of LR44?

Direct replacements for LR44 would be Duracell 76A, Energizer A76, and AG13 batteries. These batteries are exact equivalents for the LR44 battery, the only difference being the name. These batteries can all be interchanged.

Can I use SR44 instead of LR44?

Replacing an LR44 battery with an SR44, or vice versa, won’t damage your electronic device. Unfortunately, the alkaline cell won’t perform as well as the silver oxide, in some electronic devices.

Are there different types of LR44 batteries?

The LR44 battery is of the alkaline type category, with equivalent batteries being A76, AG13, G13, LR1154, L1154, 154, etc. Silver-oxide batteries can replace these alkaline batteries, with equivalent batteries being SR44, SR44SW, SR44W, SB-B9, 303, 357, etc.

Are SR44 and 357 batteries the same?

Details. Energizer 357 / 303 Watch Battery, Silver Oxide Multi-Drain. A size 357 battery is the equivalent of a SR44W battery. Both versions (SR44W and SR44SW) have the same voltage and same physical dimensions, it is perfectly safe to use the high drain version instead of the regular version.

What batteries are equivalent to AG13?

What Are Some Batteries Equivalent to an AG13 Battery? Generic equivalents for AG13 alkaline cell batteries include LR44, LR154, L1154, KA, KA76 and A200 batteries. AG13 can also be replaced with silver oxide button cell batteries that include common equivalents, such as SG13, S76 and EPX76. AG13 is a button-shaped alkaline battery …

What is an AG13 battery?

AG13 is a button-shaped alkaline battery that converts stored energy into electrical energy through a manganese oxide and zinc chemical reaction.

What are some alternatives to the AG13 battery?

Alternatives to the AG13 alkaline battery include Duracell’s PX76A, Energizer’s A76, Maxell’s LR44 and Varta’s A76.

What is the voltage of an AG13 battery?

The AG13 Battery is a primary cell battery, and it is non-rechargeable. The AG13 Battery is a small and economical Alkaline battery with a nominal voltage of 1.5V.

What is an alkaline battery?

Works effectively in both low and high temperature. An alkaline battery is a battery that uses manganese dioxide and zinc to create a reaction, and it is an economical alternative to silver oxide batteries, while still providing high capacity and long usage . Battery Specifications: Model #: AG13 Battery. Nominal Voltage: 1.5 Volt.

What is the equivalent of a G13A battery?

Some equivalents to the G13A battery are the Vinnic L1154, NEDA 1166 and any manufacturer’s battery labeled A13 or AG13. Duracell, Energizer, Rayovac, Phillips and Eveready label this battery A76 and may include an initial prefix, such as Kodak’s KA76. Maxell, Panasonic and Sony use the LR44 designation.

What is a G13A battery?

Maxell, Panasonic and Sony use the LR44 designation. The G13A battery is a 1.5-volt, alkaline button-cell battery intended for general use in watches, calculators and medical devices. It is not rechargeable and measures 11.6 millimeters in diameter and is 5.4 millimeters thick.


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