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The ACT to SAT score conversion chart is a valuable tool for assessing if it is in your best interests to submit ACT or New SAT results to a school. According to the SAT to ACT conversion 2020 table, 1260 on the SAT and 26 on the ACT are equivalent scores.


What is the SAT equivalent to the Act?

The score range of SAT is 400-1600 and the score range of ACT is 1-36. SAT and ACT both tests don’t have any negative marking system. There are various tools available to convert ACT to SAT scores or convert your SAT to ACT scores. Both SAT and ACT have different scoring systems. ACT is scored on a range of 1 – 36, and SAT is scored on 400 – 1600.

What is the SAT equivalent of a 29 Act?

What is the SAT equivalent to a 29 ACT score? For comparison purposes, a 29 on the ACT converts to a 1340 on the SAT based on the College Board / ACT concordance. Not all colleges report both SAT and ACT score admission data so you should check our comparable listings for both standardized tests to find academically similar schools.

Should I take the act instead of the SAT?

You can get by taking just one test, the ACT, or several tests; in some cases where you have to take the SAT plus a couple of subject tests. So why choose the ACT? Well, the ACT is the most popular college admissions test in the US.

Can I take the act instead of the SAT?

Take the ACT instead. If you’re not completely opposed to taking a standardized test, you can choose to take the ACT instead of the SAT. Most colleges will accept either, but there are many differences between the two. The SAT places more of an emphasis on vocabulary, while the ACT places more of an emphasis on science and advanced math.


What is an ACT score equivalent to SAT?

Table 2: Old SAT-ACT Conversion TableACT Composite ScoreEstimated SAT CompositeEstimated SAT Composite Range2416401600-16502315801560-15902215301510-15502114801450-150024 more rows•Feb 3, 2020

What is a 27 act equivalent to on SAT?

So you’ve taken both the ACT and SAT, and you want to know which score was better….ACT to SAT Score Conversion Chart.ACT ScoreSAT Score28131027128026124025121024 more rows•Dec 2, 2020

What is a 22 ACT equivalent on SAT?

The ACT and the College Board conducted a study to determine the relationship between ACT scores and SAT scores….SAT and ACT Conversion Chart.SAT Composite ScoreACT Composite Score1130-1150231100-1120221060-1090211030-10502024 more rows

What is 1500 SAT equal to in a act?

33ACT to SAT Conversion TableSATACTACT1500331414903314148032141470321431 more rows

Is a 29 on ACT good?

A 29 ACT score puts you in the 91st percentile — that means you scored higher than 91% of all test takers. That’s a brilliant accomplishment and you should be proud!

Is a 24 on ACT good?

If you ask us, “is a 24 on the ACT good? We will say ‘Yes’ because it places you in the 73rd percentile of the country’s 2 million ACT takers. Your score indicates above-average performance in English, math, reading, and science.

Is a 27 ACT score good?

Let’s first answer your question – Is 27 a good ACT score? Yes, it is. With a 27 ACT score, you can get into very good schools. It equals 85%, which is quite higher than the average score, so, if you have got a 27 ACT, good job!

Is 26 a good ACT score?

Students who have 26 on the ACT scale can take admission to many colleges. Of 2 million test-takers, 26 ACT scores place an applicant in the top 82nd percentile nationally. This score highlights that the applicant has prepared well and has a good knowledge of all the sections.

Is a 25 ACT score good?

So is 25 a good ACT score? We know that a 20 on the ACT is the average score for students in the 50th percentile. You outperformed 74% of your classmates on the ACT with a score of 24. A 25 ACT score adds you to the 78th percentile, which puts you ahead of three-quarters of test-takers.

Is 1500 SAT good for Harvard?

The 25th percentile New SAT score is 1460, and the 75th percentile SAT score is 1580. In other words, a 1460 places you below average, while a 1580 will move you up to above average. There’s no absolute SAT requirement at Harvard, but they really want to see at least a 1460 to have a chance at being considered.

Is 34 ACT good enough for Harvard?

The average ACT score of admitted students to Harvard University is 34. That means, if you or your child is applying to Harvard, scoring above 34 means the ACT is working in your favor. Scoring below 34 means the ACT is working against you.

Is 1500 a good SAT score for Ivy League?

For the Ivy League, competitive scores range between 1500-1550. For other highly competitive schools, it’s above 1400. 1300 and above will make you a competitive applicant for most other public universities and private universities.

Is a 27 on the ACT a good score?

Let’s first answer your question – Is 27 a good ACT score? Yes, it is. With a 27 ACT score, you can get into very good schools. It equals 85%, which is quite higher than the average score, so, if you have got a 27 ACT, good job!

What is the ACT equivalent of a 1440 SAT?

32ACT/SAT Equivalency TableSATACT Composite Score1450-1480331420-1440321390-1410311360-13803023 more rows

Is 1150 on SAT good?

An 1150 makes you an eligible (and competitive) candidate at a good number of institutions, generally making it considered “good.” Colleges often view SAT and ACT scores by percentage to compare against the whole body of test-takers, which, for the SAT, is upwards of 2 million.

What is a 35 on the ACT in SAT?

Ostensibly, 35 (ACT) and 1550 (SAT) are equal on a percentile basis: The CollegeBoard says 1550 is “99+%” And the ACT says 35 is 99 percentile.

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What is SAT to ACT conversion?

The SAT to ACT conversion when taken for one exam also gives the idea of how a candidate has performed in the other exam. For instance, by taking a single SAT practice test at the beginning candidates can use that score for conversion. If the difference of score between the two exams is very high – for instance, equivalent to 2 ACT points, …

What is the purpose of ACT to SAT conversion?

ACT to SAT score conversion helps to determine the better performance of the candidate in these exams. ACT and College Board have issued official concordance tables to convert SAT and ACT scores. Since both SAT and ACT are standardized exams taken for pursuing undergraduate courses, candidates are often confused between the two. SAT to ACT conversion offers insights into the performance level of aspirants. It helps candidates select which score to send across universities for selection. In this article, you’ll find an overview of how the ACT to SAT score conversion works.

What are the differences between SAT and ACT?

Should you take SAT or ACT? 1 In SAT we have one Math section which will allow the usage of calculators but calculators are not permitted in the ACT exams. 2 SAT does not have the science section which ACT exams have

What is the ACT score range?

The score range of SAT is 400-1600 and the score range of ACT is 1-36.

Can you convert SAT to ACT?

For instance, by taking a single SAT practice test at the beginning candidates can use that score for conversion. If the difference of score between the two exams is very high – for instance, equivalent to 2 ACT points, then the candidate can accordingly choose what to take. During SAT to ACT conversion, also consider the ACT syllabus section scores for accurate results.

Should you take SAT or ACT?

Even before calculating your score with the help of ACT to SAT score conversion checks your university requirements. There are certain colleges that only accept either of the exams. If your selected college also has similar requirements then you need to focus on only one exam.

Why Convert Between the SAT and ACT?

ACT to SAT conversion can be extremely helpful for figuring out which test you’re better at . It’s smartest to focus your efforts on just the SAT or ACT to maximize your score, rather than trying to score well on both tests. But if you take just one test, it’s useful to know how your score translates so you can better understand your performance as well as your chances of admission at various colleges.

What is the ACT score for NYU?

Using Table 1 to compare the scores, we see that ACT composite scores of 29-34 match up to SAT composite scores of 1330-1520. NYU’s actual SAT range is slightly lower than that, which means you’d need a comparatively higher ACT score to be within NYU’s 50 percent range.

What is the ACT score for Princeton?

According to Table 1, these SAT scores match with an ACT score range of 32-36, which is very close to Princeton’s actual ACT score range. At Princeton, then, there is not a slight ACT score advantage like there is at NYU.

What is the ACT score for University of Washington?

Here are the the University of Washington’s score ranges: ACT: 27-32. SAT: 1200-1460. According to Table 1, UW’s SAT range would match up with 25-33 ACT composite. However, its actual ACT range is slightly higher at 27-32. This means you could get a comparatively lower SAT score of 1200 and be within range at UW.

What is the bottom line in college admissions?

Remember, the bottom line in college admissions is to play up your strengths. Maximizing your ACT or SAT score is by far the best advantage you can give yourself on the standardized testing front!

What happens if you get a 30 on the SAT?

If you took the ACT and got a 30 when you were capable of scoring between 1450 and 1550 on the SAT, you’d decrease your chance of getting in. In the end, there is no substitute for smart studying. But it’s still useful to look up the middle 50 percent test score ranges for your target schools.

Do the SAT and ACT match up?

So do these ranges for the ACT and SAT match up according to the conversions above? The truth is, at many colleges, the SAT and ACT middle 50 percent ranges don’t match up exactly. Thus, for some schools, you’d have to do slightly better on one test to be a competitive applicant.

How many sections are there in the Act?

The ACT, on the other hand, has four main sections to handle:

Is it normal to take two different tests?

It’s normal, especially if you’re thinking about switching tests to take before application time. However, remember that they’re still two different tests, so it’s never going to be a pure equivalency.

Is the SAT and ACT the same?

After recent redesigns, the ACT and SAT are almost identical today. Both cover the same overall subject matter and look similar to each other. However, they both operate on two very different point scales. Here is a quick and easy ACT conversion to ACT score guide.

How to compare SAT to ACT?

To compare your SAT to ACT scores (and vice versa), you must either perform an SAT-to-ACT conversion or an ACT-to-SAT conversion. To convert your SAT score to the ACT scale, or the other way around, you’ll need to refer to the official concordance charts produced by the CollegeBoard.

How Is the SAT Scored?

Up until 2016, the SAT had three sections, with each being worth up to 800 points. On that test, students received a score between 200-800 on every section and could achieve a composite score between 600-2400, calculated simply be adding up their section score totals.

How is SAT score calculated?

In any case, your final SAT section scores and composite scores are calculated through an equating process in which raw score data is converted to the 800-point scale. The exact process for this involves scanning your answer sheet to count the number of correct answers. This is your raw score, but you’ll never see it. Your raw score then undergoes an equating process to account for the specific difficulty of each version of the test. Equating results in your final section scores on the 800-point scale.

What are the two standardized tests that college applicants take?

In this post, we’ll discuss the two primary standardized tests taken by college applicants: the SAT and the ACT. We’ll discuss how each is scored, the scoring scales, and how you can perform an SAT-to-ACT conversion, as well as an ACT-to-SAT conversion.

How many points are there in the SAT?

Now, the SAT is back to two sections, each worth up to 800 points. There is an optional third section that is composed of an essay, but it is scored on a separate scale and not included in the composite score. On the most recent version of the SAT, students can achieve a composite score from 400-1600. This can get a little confusing when comparing scores. For example, if your older sibling scored a 1900 on their SAT, your recent score of 1480 may actually be more impressive, since it represents a higher achievement on a smaller scale.

What is the score scale for Act?

The scoring scale for the ACT is 1-36, and this is true regardless of whether you’re talking about a specific section or your composite score. Each section is graded individually from 1-36, and your scores on each section are then averaged to find your composite score.

Is the ACT a complex test?

The process for scoring an ACT is both careful and complex. It is similar to that of scoring the SAT in that neither is scored on a student-based curve, but both account for the slightly varying difficulty of different versions of the tests.

Is 1250 SAT or ACT comparable?

For example, if your child scored a total of 1250 on the SAT and a 26 on the ACT, according to the chart, these are comparable scores. Since neither score is significantly “higher” or “lower” than the other, your child could submit either score (or both) to colleges.

Do you take the SAT and the ACT?

It’s becoming increasingly common for students to take both the SAT and the ACT in preparation for the college admissions process. The ACT and the College Board conducted a study to determine the relationship between ACT scores and SAT scores. The ACT & SAT Conversion Chart below is based on the results of that study.

What is Concordance?

The term “concordance” refers to establishing a relationship between scores on assessments that measure similar (but not identical) constructs. A technically sound concordance allows students and professionals to compare scores from similar assessments to inform decisions.

Potential Uses of Concordance Tables

A variety of stakeholders use concordance tables to compare scores across the ACT and the SAT to inform policies, processes, and decisions.

What is the minimum score for SAT?

To be considered at that level, you want to score at least a 670 SAT Evidence-Based Reading or 30 ACT English, as well as, a 680 SAT Math score or 28 ACT Math. Overall, SAT scores that are 700+ or ACT scores that are 30+ are considered strong with competitive schools.

How many sections are there in the SAT?

The SAT has two main section areas: The ACT has four equivalent main sections: Both tests also come with optional Essay sections. Also, note that the ACT has its own Science section but the SAT does not. While there are Science-related questions that pop up, there isn’t an equivalent for the ACT’s Science section.

Can you compare SAT scores to ACT scores?

Students often want to know how their SAT scores would translate to the ACT. It’s perfectly natural; you want to see how you’d do on the other test, as a fallback option. Remember that they’re still two fundamentally different tests, so there’s never a pure 1-to-1 comparison. But you can get a fair approximation between the two.


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