906 bulb led equivalent


They are generally interchangeable. The difference is the candle power. the 906 is rated at “6” mscp, and the 912 is rated at “12” mscp (Mean


How much does a 912 921 LED bulb cost?

Aukee 912 921 LED Bulb T15 18-SMD Chips 902 904 906 W16W for Reverse Backup Lights 1200LM Extremely Bright Error Free 6000K White (Pack of 2) 4.7 out of 5 stars30 $9.99$9.99

What’s the difference between halogen and LED light bulbs?

When converting from halogen bulb to LED there are often multiple eligible cross-reference bulbs. Many bulbs will use the same base and connectors while the different model numbers will be determined by color and wattage. These differences are not applicable to LED bulbs so we’ve created a handy guide for you.

What does 1157a mean on a light bulb?

If your bulb ends with an A such as 1157A it is an amber bulb. Replace with an amber bulb or place behind an amber lens.


How many lumens is a 906 bulb?

75The rated lumens value of the Sylvania Automotive SYLVANIA 906 Basic Miniature Bulb, (Contains 10 Bulbs) replacement bulb is 75. A unit of electrical power.

What is a 906 bulb used for?

SYLVANIA 906 Long Life Mini Bulb makes a perfect direct replacement solution for your car or truck’s interior or exterior lighting. These bulbs offer increased longevity, and have been engineered to withstand a sizeable amount of road shock and vibration.

How many watts is a 906 bulb?

#906 Miniature Bulb Glass Wedge Base – 13 Volt . 69 Amp 9.315 Watt T5 Glass Wedge Base, 6.0 MSCP C-2F Filament Design. 1,000 Average Rated Hours.

What is 60W equivalent in LED?

A 60-watt incandescent light bulb can be replaced with a 10-watt LED.

What is the difference between a 921 and 922 bulb?

GE921 = 18 watts. GE922 = 12.55 watts. I normally use a lower wattage bulb over the bed so if I need a light at night it’s not so bright.

What is a T10 bulb?

T10 Bulbs / T10 Incandescent Lamps Commonly used in exit signs, showcases, picture lights, and illuminated display units, T10 incandescent bulbs are simple replacements for T10 lamps that have burned out. We offer T10 bulbs in different watts and both clear and frosted.

Can I replace an incandescent bulb with an LED bulb?

Yes, in many cases, you can simply replace your bulbs separately, one by one. We guide you through the most important steps for selecting replacement LED bulbs for most commonly used fittings. If your bulbs require a voltage level other than the usual 230V, some additional elements need to be taken into account.

What is the wattage of a 921 bulb?

18 WattsBase Code: L921-3Model Number921Energy Used18 WattsLumens264LmVolts12BaseWedge3 more rows

How many watts is a t15 bulb?

✔Suit for Socket : T15, 912, 921, 906, 904, 902, W16W etc….Light Source TypeLEDPositionRear OuterWattage5 wattsFit Type特定于车辆的安装1 more row

Can I put a 100w LED bulb in a 60W?

One question that often comes up is this: “Can I use an LED with a higher wattage equivalent than the bulb I am replacing, such as a 100-Watt equal LED bulb in a 60-Watt rated socket, to get more light from my fixture?” The short answer is yes—as long as it still consumes fewer watts than the fixture is rated for.

What is 100w equivalent LED bulb?

LED equivalents to traditional incandescent light bulbsIncandescent Light Bulb WattageLED Equivalent Wattage100 Watt10 Watt75 Watt7.5 Watt60 Watt6 Watt50 Watt5 Watt1 more row•Mar 9, 2018

Can I replace 60 watt incandescent with LED?

The answer is YES. You can use an LED bulb having a higher wattage equivalent than your fixture allows — provided the LED bulb consumes less wattage than the fixture.

Is 9W LED equivalent to 60W?

This 9W A19 LED Light Bulb is as bright as an incandescent 60W bulb, but consuming only 20% of energy, Easy Installation – Standard A19 shape with (E26) medium screw base (Standard US base size).

How many lumens is a 60 W lightbulb?

about 800 lumensLumens measure brightness. For example, a 60-watt incandescent bulb produces about 800 lumens of light.

What is a 7 watt LED bulb equivalent to?

60 wattsCompare wattageTraditional bulb1Halogen2LED40 watts25 watts5 watts60 watts40 watts7 watts75 watts45 watts9 watts100 watts60 watts12 watts1 more row

What is 10W LED equivalent to?

Only 10W in power, incandescent equivalent to 80W. These Cool White (6000K) LED bulbs are ideal for use in table and floor lamps, living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and hallways or ceiling fixtures. Radiates a bright light of up to 1000 lumens with good heat dissipation and no flicker.

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