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The 150 watt LED light fixture replaces the 400-watt metal halide for 10 hours/day and 260 days/year, saving 650 wk/year. In fact, based on the electricity cost of 0.12 kWh, each fixture can save $ 78 per year. 50 fixtures can save $3900.


How hot does a 400 watt metal halide lamp Get?

How hot does a 400 watt metal halide bulb get? When fully lit, the Metal Halide lamp will reach a temperature of 2000 degrees Fahrenheit and operates at a vapour pressure between 70 and 90 pounds per square inch.

What is the equivalent wattage for LED bulbs?

So in most cases, it would look something like this (incandescents – LEDs):

  • 30W – 3W
  • 50W – 5W
  • 60W – 6W
  • 75W – 7.5W
  • 100W – 10W

How many lumens in a 400 watt metal halide lamp?

The mean lumens for the 400W metal halide lamp is approximately 24,000. The recommended replacement for the 400W metal halide flood is the 120W HyLite LED Prizm, producing approximately 13,000 lumens. Click to see full answer. Moreover, what is the LED equivalent of a 400 watt metal halide?

Is 400 watts enough?

Offhand I’d say 400W is enough depending on size of places, but it does depend on a bunch of things, as stated above. Go hear some other local bands, and find out what they are using. Around here, a JBL 722 top and 728 sub per side (or equivalent) is pretty common. Though I’ve heard bands sound quite nice through a Mackie 450 and sub per side.


What is 400W LED equivalent?

The mean lumens for the 400W metal halide lamp is approximately 24,000. The recommended replacement for the 400W metal halide flood is the 120W HyLite LED Prizm, producing approximately 13,000 lumens….LED Luminaires – Efficiently Delivering Lumens.Mean Lumens24,000 lumens13,000 lumensLuminaire Efficacy60%100%Fixture Lumens14,400 lumens13,000 lumens2 more rows•Sep 24, 2015

WHAT LED is equivalent to 400W HPS?

As a side note: A 400-watt HPS luminaire initially supplies about 50,000 lumens. The rule of thumb is to reduce the HPS lumen output by half to determine the LED lumen output, which would be 25,000 lumens in this case.

What is the LED equivalent of a 300 watt bulb?

45 Watt (300 Watt Equivalent) T30 High Lumen LED Light Bulb.

What LED wattage is equivalent to 100w?

If you are used to an incandescent bulb of 100 Watts in your living room, the LED wattage equivalent will be an LED bulb between 15 to 20 Watts. This will give you a brightness of 1100 lumens that you were used to.

Can I replace a HPS bulb with LED?

Good news: yes, you can! There are a number of LED solutions on the market today to make upgrading to LED simple, whether it’s office lighting or high-power parking lot lights you’re looking to make more efficient and get a longer operating life out of.

What LED replaces a 600W HPS?

MIGRO 400 LEDReplace a 600W HPS system with a MIGRO 400 LED and the power consumption reduces from 640 watts to 370 watts.

WHAT LED is equivalent to 1000w?

300 watt LEDAs can be seen from the guide, 300 watt LED is the best replacement for your 1000 Watt Metal Halide.

How many lumens is a 300w bulb?

Spec SheetNo.0397400Volts120Color Temperature (Kelvin)2850Life (Hours)750Brightness (Lumens)58709 more rows

WHAT LED is equivalent to a 500w halogen?

These high quality floodlights use one superbright SMD LED chip to emit over 4500 lumens making them equivalent to a 500w halogen light.

Which is the brightest LED bulb?

Philips 5000 Lumen LED BulbThe Brightest Household LED Bulb: The Philips 5000 Lumen LED Bulb is the brightest LED bulb — this is a huge bulb (5.28 x 5.28 x 12.13 inches ). The Brightest “Warm White” LED Bulb: The SANSI 27W A21 Dimmable LED Light Bulb. This bulb is warm white and produces 3500 lumens.

What is 60w LED equivalent to?

A 60-watt incandescent light bulb can be replaced with a 10-watt LED.

How do you convert watts to LED?

LED technology typically produces 75-110 lumens/watt. So, LEDs are about 6 times more efficient at producing light than incandescent bulbs. Use this 6:1 ratio as a rough guide when selecting an LED bulb to replace an incandescent bulb.

How do I convert high pressure sodium to LED?

They are incandescent lamps, gas-discharge lamps (such as fluorescent bulbs) and LED lamps….LED Light Bulb Conversion Chart.Metal Halide / High Pressure Sodium to LED Wattages ConversionOriginal LampLED Lamp100 Watt High Pressure Sodium50-60 Watt LED150 Watt High Pressure Sodium80-90 Watt LED250 Watt High Pressure Sodium90-125 Watt LED5 more rows•Jun 13, 2018

WHAT LED is equivalent to a 1000w HPS?

1000w LED fixtures generally have an output equal to 900 watts of HPS light, despite what many manufacturers claim.

Can you switch from HPS to LED mid grow?

Rest assured, it’s a much easier transition than you might expect. LED grow lights are made for simplicity and accessibility. They also come with major benefits that will change the way you approach cultivation from here on out. Here are the five best reasons to switch from HPS to LED grow lights this year.

What is 50w LED equivalent to?

Halogen light bulbs are more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs, but still require much more energy to generate light than LEDs, which use around 85% less energy than halogen bulbs….LED equivalents to halogen light bulbs.Halogen Light Bulb WattageLED Equivalent Wattage50 Watt6 Watt30 Watt4 Watt3 more rows•Mar 9, 2018

What is the LED equivalent of a 400 watt bulb?

The equivalent of a 1000W Metal Halide bulb is a fixture or retrofit that produces at least 45,000lm. The more efficient you are at producing those lm, the better the energy savings.

What is 40w equivalent in LED?

The same amount of light can be given off by a 5 to 25 watt light bulb.

How many watts equals a light bulb?

Equal light output is determined by the number of lm of the bulb and the standard 60W bulb. You can use 75W, 100W, or even 125W equal bulbs if your fixture is rated for 60 Watts.

How many watts does a GAU 600W light draw?

The GAU LTL 600W is a 600 watt high intensity light that draws 500 watt from a 120 watt electrical system.

How many watts does a flood light have?

30 Watts may not sound like much, but it is enough to illuminate a large area and is suitable for most basic needs. The led flood light has a light output of over 3000 lm.

What was the first energy efficient alternative?

The first real energy efficient alternative was the compact fluorescent lamp, also known as a light bulb.

How long does a 50W halogen floodlight last?

The SANYO Floodlight 50W (replace 500W Halogen) is 5000lm and has an lifetime of 50.000h.

How many lumens is a 400 watt HPS light?

The same things happen with LEDs. Some LEDs are less efficient than high quality ones, and they give you less light. The lamp efficiency is not always stated in the mol/joule rating.

Can I replace a high pressure sodium bulb with LED?

A higher watt high pressure sodium bulb can be replaced with a lower watt LEDs because they are better at controlling the light.

How many lumens does a 400W LED light emit?

Generally speaking, a 400W metal halide lamp emits around 40,000 Lumens. Considering the warm-up time, you will need to light up the gym, facility, or the outdoor pitch at least half an hour before the athletes can start practicing. LED high bay lights have no warm-up time. Whenever you need them on, you turn them on.

How many lumens does a 400 watt lamp have?

The luminous efficacy of a metal halide lamp ranges between 65 to 80 lumens per watt. So, this means that the typical 400 watt metal halide lumen output is as follows:

How to replace 400 watt metal halide with LED lights?

The first step involves the purchase of the equivalent LED light. You can find many models. Besides, you can opt for a LED retrofit to convert the old 400W MH lamp holder into the new casing. In the latter case, you would probably use the base just to screw in the LED retrofit. Then, you would use a driver to connect the equivalent LED light source to the power grid.

How many ra does a metal halide bulb have?

On average, metal halide bulbs generate between 70 Ra to 90 Ra, which is fine. But the gap is so wide because they wear down with usage and time. On the other hand, LED lights have higher CRI values. Plus, they last so long that the reduction happens over a longer period of time.

How long do LED lights last?

Whenever you look at a direct comparison, there is no contest. LED high bay lights last 150,000 hours. Instead, MH bulbs last between 5,000 to 15,000 hours. Over time, a metal halide lamp needs more and more voltage.

How many watts is a standard LED light?

The standard 150 to 250 watts LED light is equivalent to 400 watts metal halide. Today, there are numerous types of LED lights on the market. Thanks to the LED lights’ high illuminance output, it is possible to retrofit and replace old HID models.

Can you replace a 400 watt lamp with an LED?

Before you replace a 400 watt lamp with its LED equivalent, you might want to know more about LED lights. In fact, it is not just a matter of wattage. Let’s say that you are about to buy an LED light with a similar lumen output to a 400 watt metal halide light. At the same time, you will get:

How many LED watts replaces 400 watts metal halide?

We think that it would be a waste of time to give you generic advice as you may ignore it. However, we think that you must know the primary thing that LEDs should never be purchased on basis of watts.

What is the difference between LED and other light sources?

LED lights mark a contrast with most other light sources by producing light of the visible spectrum only . This means that LEDs will give a brighter light that is visible too despite having the same lumen value as any metal halide light fixture.

What is the scale used to measure lumens?

The scale used to measure the quality of lumens is called Color Rendering Index or CRI. Usually, LEDs have higher lumen CRI ratings than the metal halide or other fixtures too. Thus, whenever you go for changing your metal halide light fixtures with LED lights, you will be selecting the LEDs with lesser lumens.

How many hours does a L70 light fixture last?

This means they lose nearly 15,000 lumens by the time they complete 7500 hours. Coming to L70, this term denotes the total hours any light fixture remains lit before its lumen output rate comes down to 70% of initial lumens. The L70 value of metal halides is 5000 hours.

How many lumens does a metal halide bulb have?

About Metal Halide Initial Lumens and L70. As an example, lets use a Metal Halide that produces 30,000 lumens. This bulb, out of the box, produces high initial light output. But then their lumens start depreciating rapidly. They lose about 50% lumens at half-life and they last for about 15,000 hours.

What is lumen in light?

A Lumen is the light measurement metric that denotes the amount of light generated by a light fixture or bulb. These light lumens are produced when the fixtures converts electricity to light. This may prompt you to relate wattages with lumens – but that’s not the right thing to do.

How many lumens are in a foot candle?

A foot-candle refers to one lumen per square foot and measures light intensity. A lighting plan is done to generate data on the foot candles and quantity of light for any particular area by assessing the input values of light sources through advanced lighting software. Further, the software calculates the total amount of light at any given spot produced by all the lights that might affect that area.

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