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What bra size is 38ddd equal to?

But in general, a 38DDD woman should aim for a bra size of at least 40D. What Is A DDD Bra Size Equal To? DDD bras are the most popular size in the United States and they generally fit women who are 34B through 38DD. This size range is equivalent to the European size 48E. What Bra Size Is Equivalent To 38ddd?

Is a US DDD the same cup size as a UK e?

Yes, a US DDD is the same cup size as a UK E. Why do some US lingerie brands use the size DD/E on their bra tags? We think this is confusing too. Some US lingerie brands list a DD cup size as DD/E on their size tags. So if you see a DD/E on a bra that uses US bra sizing, keep in mind that the bra is a US DD.

What is the difference between DD and DDD bra sizes?

After D you can either go up to DD (Double D) or its equivalent E, DDD (Triple D) is the next cup size which turns to be the equivalent of F. Once you hit F/DDD you continue to go up letters like what was done before. Bra sizes are a pain and the perfect fit can be difficult. They organize the sizes by what they call “cups”.

Is size E the same as DD in USA?

In the USA, size E isn’t used, but sizes DDD and size F are used instead. Sometimes size DD is used instead of size E in the USA as well as in the UK. Between these two photos and the size chart below, you should have Not all bra makers use a ‘DDD’ designation so sister sizing can be a challenge.


What is a size 38DDD equivalent to?

SISTER SIZE CHARTS:38 BAND SIZECurrent Bra SizeSister Size DOWNSister Size UP38DD(E)36DDD(F)40D38DDD(F)36DDDD(G)40DD(E)38DDDD(G)36DDDDD(H)40DDD(F)5 more rows

What is equivalent to DDD cup size?

F ECup Size ChartDifferenceUS (United States)UK (United Kingdom)5”DDDD6”DDD/FE7”GF8”HFF12 more rows

Is a DDD cup the same as an E cup?

A DD cup = E for full figure bras, DDD = F, but if you are used to buying a standard bra that comes in cup sizes B-DD and no higher, there will be about a half cup size increase between the DD in a standard style and a DD/E in a full figure style.

What is 38F equivalent to?

International bra size conversion tableEURUKUSA85G38F38E85H38G38F85I38H38G90A40A40AA77 more rows

How much do DDD breast weigh?

How Much Do DDD Breasts Weigh? DDD cups usually weigh around 5-6 pounds, or 2.5-3 pounds per breast.

Is DDD bigger than DD?

A DD cup will fit bigger than a D cup. If your breast tissue is overflowing out of a D cup or you’re noticing a gap in your DDD/E bra cups, you might want to try a DD cup.

Is a DDD bra the same as an F?

Is a DDD the same as an F? It might seem confusing, but yes a DDD is the same as an F—at times they are labeled differently based on the brand. After size D you can either go up to size DD which is the bra size equivalent to size E, size DDD which is equivalent to size F, and size DDDD which is equivalent to size G.

Is a size 38 bra big?

It’s a common misconception that the larger the cup size, the larger the bra, no matter what the band size (i.e. a 32F is larger than a 36B, a 34C is larger than a 38A, etc). However, this is not the case….Bra Sister Size Size Comparison Chart:38 BAND SIZES36D38C40B36DD38D40C3 more rows

What is the biggest bra size?

Annie Hawkins-Turner has the largest natural breasts in the world. Her bra size is 102 ZZZ.

What does DDD bra size mean?

A breast measurement 5 inches larger than the band size is a DD and a breast measurement 6 inches larger than the band size is a DDD. Some European brands do have E and F cups. And there is some variance in sizing among the brands.

What is the largest cup size?

H CUP, HH, and Beyond. Bras of H cup size and beyond are less common, but they do exist. The largest bra size available in the United States is O with a nearly 150inch difference between the band and bust size.

Is C cup bigger than D cup?

A D cup is an inch larger than a C cup.

What is the bra sister size for DDD or E?

Do you wear a 34DDD or 36DDD bra? For a 34DDD, the bra sister sizes are 36DD and 32DDDD/G (US) or 32F (UK).

What is a DD cup?

Some US lingerie brands list a DD cup size as DD/E on their size tags. So if you see a DD/E on a bra that uses US bra sizing, keep in mind that the bra is a US DD. If you’re looking for an E cup, you’ll want to size up to a US DDD.

Is the bra cup the same as the DD cup?

When it comes to US and UK bra sizing, the bra cup size (the letter) is the same for both US and UK sizing up to a DD cup. After a DD cup, US and UK bra sizing starts to look a little different. If you wear larger than a DD cup, you’ll need to convert your bra size from US to UK bra sizing or vice versa to get the right size.

What is the difference between a 36C and a 34C bra?

A bra in size 36C has a bigger cup (larger cup volume) than a bra in size 34C (even though they both are labeled with C-cups). The same applies to i.e. a 36B and a 38B; the 38B has a larger cup volume than the 36B (but they both have cup size letter B). But what is very interesting, is that the 38B bra actually have the same cup size as …

Can 36C and 38B fit the same bust?

In short: both 38B and 36C can fit the same bust – they are “sister sizes” with the same cup volume. 36B and 34C are also “sister sizes “. In short: More bra sizes can fit your bust! See which bra sizes that have same cup volume in the bra sister size charts below. Remember: Different “bra sister sizes” can be used by the same woman …

How does the band size change in a chart?

The band size increases as you move from left to right. Move left or right within the row if your band doesn’t fit. The cup size increases as you move from top to bottom on the chart. Move up or down the columns if your cups don’t fit.

How many bra sizes does ThirdLove have?

ThirdLove offers over 80 bra sizes from a 30 to 48 band and an AA to I cup! Using your current bra size as a starting point, you can refer to the chart above to refine your fit.

What Are Sister Sizes?

Sister sizes are groups of bra-size equivalents that are related by cup volume. For example, a 36F (DDD) cup belongs to the same family as a 38E, a 40D, and a 42C. Stick with us — we’ll explain. But just know that your perfect fit may still be out there waiting for you. And we’re going to help you discover yours today (P.S.

The Importance of Knowing Your Bra Sister Size

If you’ve ever struggled to find a bra that fits your unique shape, you’re not alone. It’s no easy feat, and even less so when you’re unfamiliar with your sister sizes. Remember: it’s not you, it’s your bra. Identifying your sister size can be especially helpful if you find that neither your cup or band fit properly.

How to Calculate Your Sister Size

Go up a band size (if your band is too tight), but go down a cup size. The same rule applies in the reverse if your band is too loose: go down a band size, but go up a cup size. We promise It only sounds more complicated than it is, so we created a handy sister size calculator for you to reference.

Which is bigger, 38 DDD or 42 DDD?

The anwer to which size is bigger 38 DDD or 42 D really depends on what are you referring to? The cup size or the person’s body thickness? In this case I think you mean the cup size so 38 DDD is bigger. Now, if you want to know why, it is simply because the numbers on the bra size are the measurements of the band. This means the part of the bra that goes around you. The letter in a bra size means the cup size. A person that wears 38 DDD bra size means they measure 38 in the band size and DDD cup size.I have only seen this type of size on a person with breast implants. A bra size 42 D is way mo

What is a DDD bra?

A DDD is the about the same as an F, Playtex is known to used the DD and DDD measurement for their bras. It is really best to get measured by a professional then try on bras to find the ones that fit you the best and not worry about the letters so much. Quora User.

Is a 42D bigger than a 36?

HOWEVER this is not always true. band size has a lot to do with the cup size too. A 36D and 42D will vary in how big the cup size is. the 42D will be much bigger than the 36.

Is DDD the same size as E?

At Motherhood Maternity, yes. Over all, no. It goes D, DD, DDD and E, although more likely than not DDD and E are the same size.


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