370 battery equivalent


Energizer 371/370 battery equivalent: Panasonic SR1116W, Sony SR1116W and Toshiba SR1116W.


What does 370/371 mean?

Batteriesinaflash.com has an abundant amount of size 370/371 watch batteries available. These watch button cells (also are known as coin cells) fit many sizes. For example, a size 371 battery is the equivalent of a SR920SW battery, which is also the same is a AG6 / SG6 battery.

What is a 377 battery?

The 377 battery is a standard ‘coin battery’ found in many watches and electronic products. These of coin batteries and equivalents come in 2 types: Silver Oxide and Alkaline batteries.

What are the different types of batteries available at microbattery University?

389 / SR1130W Battery 392 / SR41W Battery Lithium Batteries 1/2 AA Battery 2CR5 Battery AA Battery AAA Battery C Battery CR 1/3N Battery CR123A Battery CR2 Battery Alkaline Batteries AA Battery AAA Battery C Battery LR41 Battery (192) LR43 Battery (186) LR44 Battery (A76) LR1130 Battery (189) N-Cell Battery MicroBattery University

What can you use Energizer 379 batteries for?

A variety of watches, toys, glucose monitors and calculators use the 379 battery. The 386 button battery provides reliable power for toys, lasers, flashlights, watches and more. The Energizer 389 Battery is used in watches, remotes, toys, games and more.


Are 370 and 371 batteries the same?

Is the 370 and 371 watch battery the same? These batteries feature the same physical dimensions, nominal voltage, and even capacity, but the 370 battery is a high-drain battery with a somewhat higher self-discharge rate than the low-drain 371 battery.

What battery is equivalent to 371?

371 Watch Battery SR920SW and equivalent button cell batteries – SR920SW, ST69, SR921, SB-AN, 280-31, V371, D371, 605, S921E, GP371, AG6.

What is a 357 battery equivalent to?

SR44W batteryA size 357 battery is the equivalent of a SR44W battery. Both versions (SR44W and SR44SW) have the same voltage and same physical dimensions, it is perfectly safe to use the high drain version instead of the regular version.

What is a 377 battery equivalent to?

377 Watch Battery SR626SW and equivalent button cell batteries – SR626, SR626W, SR66, D377, V377, AG4, GP377, SB-AW, 377.

What size is a 371 watch battery?

Murata 371 Dimensions: Height: 0.08″ (2.05mm) Diameter: 0.37″ (9.5mm)

Are 377 and 364 batteries the same?

No, despite they feature the same chemistry (silver-oxide) and very similar dimensions: – 364: 6.8 x 2.1 mm, – 377: 6.8 x 2.6 mm. Due to the same diameter and very similar height, it is possible to place 364 battery into the 377 battery compartment, and sometimes even vice versa.

Is a 357 battery the same as LR44?

Is a 357 battery the same as a LR44? No, they are not. LR44 is alkaline 357 is silver oxide. 357 is a longer-lasting silver oxide version of the alkaline L44.

Is LR44 the same size as 357?

357 silver oxide is a 1.55V Silver Oxide button cell battery. The 357 silver oxide is same size as the LR44 but performs better and lasts longer.

What does Energizer 357 Replace?

“Energizer 357” was on the package. It says they are 1.55v Silver Oxide Batteries. They replace 303, A76, A613, EPX76, LR1154, LR44, and SR445W/W.

Are 357 and 377 batteries the same?

357 batteries are 11.6 x 5.4 mm batteries, while 377 batteries are 6.8 x 2.6 mm batteries – they differ in size, capacity, and other important features making them anything but compatible.

Is 377 battery same as LR44?

Direct replacements for LR44 would be Duracell 76A, Energizer A76, and AG13 batteries. These batteries are exact equivalents for the LR44 battery, the only difference being the name. These batteries can all be interchanged….LR44 Battery Nominal Voltage1.50 VoltsLR44 Battery Diameter11.6mmLR44 Battery Height5.4mm3 more rows

What are 377 batteries used for?

Energizer Silver Oxide 1.5 Volt Button Battery 377 / 376 for watches toys, glucose monitors and calculators. The most used button cell for Accurist, Casio, Fossil, Seiko and Timex watches.

Is AG4 battery the same as 377?

AG4 Battery (LR66, LR626, SR626SW, 377)

What is an LR41 battery equivalent to?

Direct replacements for LR41 would be 192, 92A,LR736, and AG3. These batteries are exact equivalents for the LR41 battery, the only difference being the name.

What battery is equivalent to 373?

373 Battery is a direct replacement for SR916SW, SR68, SR916, SB-AJ/DJ, 280-45, WA, V373, GP373, 617, 373, D373, 373A, 373X, SB-AJ, E373 batteries.

What is my watch battery size?

You can look in your owner’s manual for the specific model and watch battery size. Other methods include doing a quick google search with the brand name and model number or opening up the watch to read the number on the battery. 116 and 377 are common watch battery types to look out for.

377 Watch Battery and Equivalent Chart

Our 377 battery chart below shows all the equivalent battery models from different manufactures.

Where to buy a 377 battery or equivalent?

Most online stores will stock the 377 battery, we recommend Amazon, Ebay or Walmart

Best 377 Battery Brands

We recommend Energizer 377 silver oxide batteries. We do not advise buying any cheap brands from Amazon – they are Chinese made imports with no comeback for guarantee.

What battery is used for a calculator?

For powering your medical devices, calculators and watches reliably, use the Energizer 357/303 battery.

What is an Energizer 223 battery?

The Energizer ® 223 Battery provides dependable performance you can rely on in your digital SLR cameras, regular cell phones, and other high tech devices.

What is the 2L76 battery?

The Energizer ® 2L76 Battery provides power you can rely on for your watches, glucose monitors, and the latest games and toys.

What is the battery used in a glucose monitor?

A variety of watches, toys, glucose monitors and calculators use the 379 battery.

What is the Energizer battery used for?

Used in watches, toys, glucose monitors and calculators.Try the Energizer 364 Battery.


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