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Is it easy to find replacement batteries for 357 batteries?

These tiny button cell battery replacements are not always easy to find. Our Energizer 357 battery cross reference table will make it simple to not only select the right battery, but also lead you to purchase the freshest batteries, and save 20-50% off retail prices.

Is a 357 Battery the same size as an LR44?

357 Battery Equivalent. The 357 silver oxide is same size as the LR44 but performs better and lasts longer. This 357/303 is not automatically interchangeable with the LR44 because of the low mAh (capacity) of the LR44 and lower voltage will cause very poor performance for devices designed for the 357.

What kind of battery does the Energizer 357 use?

The Energizer 357 battery is a 1.55V silver oxide battery. Small devices, watches, gadgets, and toys frequently use these batteries. The following batteries are compatible with the 357 battery:

What is the difference between 357 Silver oxide and 357 Battery?

357 Battery Equivalent. 357 silver oxide is a 1.55V Silver Oxide button cell battery. The 357 silver oxide is same size as the LR44 but performs better and lasts longer.


How big is a LR1154 battery?

The alkaline LR1154 and the silver-oxide SR1154 are both 5.4 mm in height and 11.6 mm in diameter . The capacity of power of these batteries depends on the chemical compositions used, which can be known through the labels. It also depends upon the capacity and the power usage of the device that they are meant to power.

What is the difference between a coin battery and a button battery?

As the name suggests, coin cells resemble a coin. The coin cells are thinner than a button cell battery and have a bigger diameter. The button cells are more stocky and tall in appearance. Both cannot replace each other due to the variance in the shapes and sizes.

What is the LR1154 label?

Although for silver-oxide, G13 ‘SG13’ label should be used. The IEC standards state that AG13 should be named LR1154 if it is alkaline or SR1154 if the composition is silver-oxide. May times, its short two-digit code is also applied to labels like LR44 for alkaline compositions and SR44 for Silver-oxide batteries.

How long do LR44 batteries last?

The shelf life of AG13, LR44, SR44, SR44SW, and 357 depends on their quality and the manufacturer’s use of quality raw materials and chemicals. In general, good quality Alkaline batteries have a shelf life of five years. In comparison, Silver-oxide batteries have a longer shelf life, estimated to be approximately ten years or more. This large capacity also balances a sturdy voltage while working, and the power doesn’t drop.

What is the label for a silver oxide battery?

However, the way these button, coin, or cell batteries are labeled might cause confusion to the buyer. This confusion is due to the use of the same label for both silver oxide battery and alkaline battery, such as the label ‘AG13 is used for both Alkaline G13 and Silver-oxide G13. Although for silver-oxide, G13 ‘SG13’ label should be used.

What is the difference between silver oxide and alkaline batteries?

The nominal voltage of an Alkaline battery is 1.5V, whereas the nominal voltage of Silver-oxide is 1.55V. In contrast, Zinc Air has 1.4V to 1.45V, and mercury-oxide has 1.35V. This range makes mercury-oxide the lowest in nominal voltage.

What batteries are used in flashlights?

AG13, LR44, SR44, SR44SW, and 357 coin, button, or cell batteries are very well known as they are used in various devices. These are essential for mini flashlights, wristwatches, calculators, and other small appliances needing limited power. They are also used in mini electronic devices.


The LR44 is an alkaline battery, while the 357 is a silver-oxide battery. The 357 battery has a longer useful life and a more stable voltage level over time than the LR44. In addition, the 357 battery is more expensive than the LR44 battery.

Overview of LR44 Battery

The LR44 is a zinc-manganese alkaline button cell battery. The LR44 battery is normally 1.5 volts and can operate at temperatures ranging from 0 to 60 degrees Celsius, with 20 degrees Celsius being the ideal range.

Overview of 357 Battery

The Energizer 357 battery is a silver oxide battery with many uses. These 1.5-volt size 357 batteries are used in watches, medical equipment, laser pointers, and more.

LR44 vs. 357: Difference in Features

High-cost performance has been achieved owing to the use of manganese dioxide as a cathode material.

Alkaline LR44 Battery vs. Silver-Oxide 357 Battery

Alkaline LR44 batteries have a nominal voltage of 1.5 volts and cutoff voltage of 0.9-1.0 volt – as the battery is being discharged, the output voltage drops more or less constantly.

Are LR44 and 357 cells interchangeable?

To generate electricity, the 357 and LR44 batteries use distinct materials and chemical reactions. The performance of the silver oxide 357 battery outperforms the alkaline LR44 battery. Until its chemical energy is nearly depleted, the 357 battery maintains a constant voltage near 1.55 volts, at which time the voltage drops abruptly.


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