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The 312 battery is the equivalent to the LR41 battery. The LR41 is a 1.5-volt silver oxide button cell battery. The 312 battery is a 3-volt lithium button cell battery.

LR41 Battery Equivalent Chart
Alkaline Top Manufacturers Voltage
312 Duracell, Rayovac 1.45V
PR41 Duracell, Rayovac
P312 Powermax
ZA312 Renata

19 more rows

May 6, 2022


What is the difference between lr41 and sr41 batteries?

The SR41 battery is one prominent equivalent to the LR41 battery. It features silver oxide and zinc as its electrolytes. Besides, it contains sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide as the electrolyte instead of alkaline. The SR batteries serve many functions similar to the standard LR41 batteries.

What is the pkcell equivalentlr41 312battery?

Finally, the pkcell equivalentlr41 312battery is a professional battery manufacturing factory, providing a large number of high-quality batteries for many companies around the world for many years. One customer says – “Couldn’t find this battery in the local stores.

Is the lr41 312 Battery good for high drain?

Finally, the rayverstar equivalent lr41 312 battery is good for high drain and it is used for other electronic devices. Almost all buyers agree that the battery is as good as the one hanging by the check-out counters. Moreover, they also found that the battery would be perfect with no sign of leakage.


What batteries can replace LR41?

Direct replacements for LR41 would be 192, 92A,LR736, and AG3. These batteries are exact equivalents for the LR41 battery, the only difference being the name.

What battery can replace 312?

These batteries can be replaced with alkaline (labeled as LR44, 76A, AG13, LR1154, A76, etc) or silver oxide (labeled as SR43W, SR43, SR43SW, 386, 301, etc.)

What size battery is LR41?

7.9 x 3.6 mmMaxell LR41 (192, AG3) Alkaline Button Cell, 1.5 Volt. Size: 7.9 x 3.6 mm. Used in electronic clocks, watches, calculators, computers, cameras, digital cameras, thermometers, digital voice recorders, glucometers, cholesterol testing meters, toys.

What is Duracell equivalent of LR41?

10 Energizer 392/384 Multi-Drain Batteries (Replaces LR41)

Does Energizer 392 replace LR41?

10 Energizer 392/384 Multi-Drain Batteries (Replaces LR41)

Is a 312 battery the same as a 13?

A size 13 battery is the same circumference as a size 312, but is about twice the thickness. Size 13 batteries are commonly used with larger in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids and full-featured behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids in order to provide the maximum battery life in a device that is large enough to hold it.

Do LR41 batteries have another name?

Alternate Names for LR41 Batteries For example, the LR41 is an AG3 battery equivalent, and can also be used interchangeably with SR41, SR41SW, 392, 392A, 192, 384, 92A, G3, GP192, V36, V36A, V3GA, LR736 and CX42 cells.

What uses LR41 battery?

There is an extensive list of devices which utilize the LR41 battery. These devices include various calculators, watches, electronic toys, laser pointers, flashlights, and a wide variety of medical devices. One of the most common medical devices that utilizes the LR41 battery are digital thermometers.

Is LR41 same as LR44?

The LR41 battery is smaller than the LR44 and has a lower energy capacity. LR41 can be used in place of 392 and LR44 can replace 357 button batteries.

Is LR41 same as 392?

This 392 Silver Oxide Button Cell Battery is 1.55 V and has a capacity of 45 mAh. It is also commonly called a LR41 battery. These are replacement watch batteries and replacement small electronics batteries.

Is LR41 a lithium battery?

The Lr41 Battery measures approximately 7.9mm in diameter with a 3.6mm thickness, with a power capability from from 25 to 32mAh. The ‘LR’ part of this battery code stands for lithium. Generally, these lithium batteries can be replaced with silver-oxide batteries with a IEC code of ‘SR’.

What battery is equivalent to AG3?

Direct replacements for the AG3 include LR41, LR192, 92A, LR736, 192, 384, and AG341.

IS 312 battery the same as 10?

The four most common hearing aid battery sizes are all smaller than the diameter of a dime: Size 10 – 5.8 mm wide by 3.6 mm high. Size 312 – 7.9 mm wide by 3.6 mm high.

Is a 312 battery the same as a P312?

312 and P312 are the same.

What can 312 batteries be used for?

power hearing aidsSize 312 batteries are the most common of the disposable batteries that have typically been used to power hearing aids. Nowadays, the most popular version of these batteries is known as a “zinc-air” battery.

Is there a charger for 312 batteries?

PowerOne Pocket Charger for ACCU Plus Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries (Size 312, 13 and 10)

What battery is equivalent to LR41?

Which Battery Is Equivalent to LR41? Because the LR41 battery is an AG3 battery equivalent, it can be safely replaced with 392, 392A, G3, V36, V36A, SR41, SR41SW, V3GA, 192, 384, 92A, GP192, LR736 and CX42 batteries. These batteries all have similar sizes and energy outputs, so which one you choose generally won’t matter.

How many volts does a LR41 battery have?

While the listed voltage of the battery is 1.5 volts, new LR41 batteries can have a charge as high as 1.62 volts. To make them fit across many different electronic goods, all LR41 batteries and their equivalents have a diameter of 9.9 millimeters and a height of 3.6 millimeters (3.2 millimeters if you exclude the height of the button).

What is a good substitute for LR41 batteries?

Silver Oxide Batteries. One popular substitute for LR41 batteries is the SR41 battery, which uses silver oxide along with zinc as its electrolytes. Potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide are used as the electrolyte in place of an alkaline solution. SR batteries are used for many of the same functions as LR41 batteries, including cash registers, …

Why are alkaline batteries so popular?

Alkaline batteries are popular because they can store a large amount of energy for a fair amount of time. Because most such batteries don’t contain mercury, they are less damaging to the environment than some other kinds of batteries and can be disposed of at home without fear of leaking toxic chemicals.

What is an alkaline battery?

Alkaline Batteries. LR41 batteries are alkaline-based. That means they use zinc and manganese dioxide as electrodes and pass electrons through an alkaline solution — potassium or sodium hydroxide — to create power. Alkaline batteries are popular because they can store a large amount of energy for a fair amount of time.

What is SR battery?

SR batteries are used for many of the same functions as LR41 batteries, including cash registers, watches, calculators, film cameras, microcomputers and other portable electronics that require a bit more energy than an alkaline battery can provide. Photo Courtesy: Encyclopedia Britannica/Getty Images.

What is LR41 used for?

Because LR41 batteries are so tiny, they’re often used to power watches, small medical devices, interactive cards and books, toys, laser pointers and more. They can be conveniently stacked on top of each other for more power and voltage.

What is the voltage of LR41 battery?

The dimensions for LR41 and AG3 batteries are diameter of 7.9mm (0.311 inches) and a height of 3.6mm (0.142 inches). With a nominal voltage of 1.5v with new batteries being as high as 1.55V. Cut off voltage is usually 1.2 V or 0.9 V.

What is SR41 battery?

SR41, SR736, SR736SW, SG3 are the silver oxide equivalent of AG3 and LR41 batteries. The name designated for watch batteries of this type are 192, 384 and 392 batteries. Silver oxide batteries have up to 100% more capacity than their alkaline counterparts. Silver oxide batteries maintain 1.5 V output until there is less than 10% capacity left. Silver oxide SR41 batteries do have a downside. That is the cost to manufacture and hence the end retail price. They are more than double the cost of their alkaline counterparts. So choose carefully when purchasing. If using sensitive electronics and medical devices or watches then silver oxide is definitely the choice. However if using lots of them within a small time period for instance in LED flashlights then the cheaper alkaline is a more suitable choice.

What is the difference between LR41 and SR41?

LR41 and AG3 are and alkaline battery whereas SR41 (known as 192, 384 and 392 watch batteries) are the silver oxide version. It is important to buy the correct type of battery when choosing a replacement. The alkaline AG3 and LR41 is mostly used in small electronics where a constant voltage is not important. The silver oxide SR41 and its equivalents maintain a constant voltage of 1.55V. This is important for devices like wristwatches where keeping time is a necessity. Finally there is a zinc air variant which is predominantly used in hearing aids. Zinc air batteries offer a much larger capacity of around 180mAh. The downside to zinc air batteries are the price and the shelf life. After activating (removing the protective tab) of a zinc air battery they typically have a shelf life of less than one month. An LR41 battery is the best choice for general electronics without specific voltage requirements.

How much does an AG3 battery cost?

The average cost of a single AG3 battery is around $0.45c retail. They are usually sold in packs of 10 and pricing can vary greatly by brand. For instance a maxell LR41 battery pack of 10 will cost $7.90 whereas a china produced brand would be somewhere around the $5 price range. The difference in quality is negligible so choose at your discretion.

How much does a silver oxide battery cost?

Silver oxide batteries cost more to manufacturer and this is definitely reflected in the retail price. A single SR41 battery costs around $0.90 retail. This will vary greatly by brand for instance a energizer pack of 5 SR736SW silver oxide batteries will cost around $6-7 whereas a generic pack would cost around 4-5 dollars.

Where are alkaline button batteries made?

In short, alkaline button batteries of this type are the cheapest and most economical. They are mass produced in china and sold under hundreds of different brand names. A great choice for disposable electronics and electronics that are not sensitive to voltage fluctuations.

Can you use zinc air 312 batteries?

But due to the ability to recharge they are a much more economical solution in the long run. Rechargeable zinc air 312 batteries typically have a capacity of less than 50mAh. Something to keep in mind is the voltage variation on Silver zinc rechargeable batteries. Nominal voltage is 1.85V so check your device for compatibility before purchasing. Most devices will explicitly state that it can use both zinc air and rechargeable batteries.

What is the LR41 battery?

October 25, 2020 by mrmole. The LR41 battery is a small battery used in many small electronics, think watches, electronic books and digital thermometers. The Lr41 Battery measures approximately 7.9mm in diameter with a 3.6mm thickness, with a power capability from from 25 to 32mAh. The ‘LR’ part of this battery code stands for lithium.

Can lithium batteries be rechargeable?

Lithium batteries can be rechargeable and used in electronic devices that require more energy like mobile phones. With an estimated 14 billion phones in circulation, that’s an aweful lot of lithium batteries being sold to mobile phone companies.

Do silver oxide batteries last longer than lithium batteries?

Silver oxide batteries are generally more expensive than lithium equivalents because they last longer. Silver oxide batteries last 3-5 years, even if being used 24/7. They are typically used in low energy devices like watches.


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