25w led equivalent


Lumens to Watts Conversion Chart

Lumens Incandescent Watts Halogen Watts LED Watts
100 7 6 2
375 25 20 4
450 30 25 5
800 60 45 9

Aug 14 2022

Compare wattage
Traditional bulb1 Halogen2 LED
25 watts 15 watts 2 watts
40 watts 25 watts 5 watts
60 watts 40 watts 7 watts
75 watts 45 watts 9 watts

1 more row


What is the best LED bulb?

Best smart bulbs to buy in 2022

  • Avatar Controls Smart Bulb. …
  • Philips Hue White Filament Single Smart LED. …
  • Lepro WiFi Smart Bulb. …
  • LIFX Clean Antibacterial Bulb. …
  • BRIMAX Smart Outdoor String Lights. …
  • Treatlife Smart Wi-Fi Colour LED Bulb. …
  • Wiz Connected lightbulb. …
  • Dusk to Dawn Light Bulb. …
  • LIFX White to Warm Wireless Smart Bulb. …

What is the equivalent wattage for LED bulbs?

So in most cases, it would look something like this (incandescents – LEDs):

  • 30W – 3W
  • 50W – 5W
  • 60W – 6W
  • 75W – 7.5W
  • 100W – 10W

How hot does a 25 watt bulb get?

The majority of the time, these particular bulbs are not a major heating danger. They use 25 Watts of heat per hour, which is less than 10% of their power. The surface temperature is not going to be much higher than 70F. Can you heat a room with light bulbs?

Do LED light bulbs use less electricity?

LED light bulbs use less energy because they emit little heat than CFL bulbs that release 80% of energy to heat. In comparison, incandescent bulbs release 90% of their energy as heat. For this particular reason, the overall consumption of LED bulbs is 80% less than other types.


What is a 25 watt LED equivalent to incandescent?

A 5 to 25 watt LED lightbulb can give off the same brightness as a 40 to 100 watt lightbulb. Traditional incandescent light bulbs waste 90% of their energy by giving off much more heat than an LED bulb.

How many lumens is 25W LED?

230 lmWatts to Lumens ComparisonPowerLight bulbLED14 W–1500 lm25 W230 lm–40 W430 lm–60 W730 lm–6 more rows

How many lumens is 25 watts?

For example, to replace a 25 watt light bulb for a LED lamp the amount of lumens must be compared….25 Watt in Lumens.Type of bulbIncandescent200-300 lumens25-30 watts300-500 lumens40 watts500-700 lumens60 watts700-1000 lumens75 watts4 more columns

What is 20w LED equivalent to?

LED light bulbs take energy efficiency to another level, using around 40% less energy than CFL equivalents….LED equivalents to CFL light bulbs.CFL Light Bulb WattageLED Equivalent Wattage20 Watt12 Watt15 Watt9 Watt9 Watt5.5 Watt5 Watt3 WattMar 9, 2018

WHAT LED bulb is equivalent to a 60 watt?

10-watt LEDA 60-watt incandescent light bulb can be replaced with a 10-watt LED.

Can I use a 40 watt LED in a 25 watt lamp?

The answer is YES. You can use an LED bulb having a higher wattage equivalent than your fixture allows — provided the LED bulb consumes less wattage than the fixture.

What is 24w LED equivalent to?

Wattage to Brightness ComparisonIncandescent Bulb WattageEquivalent Halogen Bulb WattageEquivalent LED Bulb Wattage40 W (~460 lm)28 W6 W60 W (~830 lm)45 W11 W75 W (~1100 lm)56 W15 W100 W (~1800 lm)80 W24 W

What is 18W LED equivalent to?

Lumen & Wattage ComparisonLumens (Brightness)Incandescent WattsCFL Watts650 – 85060W13 – 18W1000 – 140075W18 – 22W1450-1700+100W23 – 30W2700+150W30 – 55W1 more row

How many lumens is an LED watt?

LED technology typically produces 75-110 lumens/watt. So, LEDs are about 6 times more efficient at producing light than incandescent bulbs. Use this 6:1 ratio as a rough guide when selecting an LED bulb to replace an incandescent bulb.

What is a 40 watt bulb equal to in LED?

A19 LED Light Bulb, Warm White 3000K,40W Equivalent They are approximately the same size and shape as standard incandescent lamps, so there’s no worrying about whether this will fit into a particular lampshade or fixture.

How bright is 30W LED light?

It’s actually measured in lumens. Always look for lumens when replacing a halogen light with an LED alternative. For example, our 30W slimline LED floodlight beams 2870 lumens of light –equivalent to a 100W halogen floodlight, while consuming a lot less energy.

What is the LED equivalent to 75 watts?

SYLVANIA LED Light Bulb, 75W Equivalent A19, Efficient 12W, Medium Base, Frosted Finish, 1100 Lumens, Daylight – 1 Pack (79293)

How many lumens does a 15 watt LED bulb produce?

900 lmLED WattageCFL WattageLumens6W12W700 lm9W15W900 lm12W20W1,300 lmApr 16, 2018

What wattage is 300 lumens?

What wattage light bulb do I need?LumensIncandescent bulb (12-18 lm/W)LED bulb (80-100 lm/W)300-450 lm25 W4 W480-720 lm40 W7 W720-1080 lm60 W10 W900-1350 lm75 W13 W4 more rows

How many lumens is a 100w LED bulb?

about 1600 lumensThe current 100-watt incandescent bulb is the equivalent of about 1600 lumens.

How many watts is 1500 lumens?

Lumens to watts tableLumensIncandescent light bulb wattsFluorescent / LED watts600 lm40 W10 W900 lm60 W15 W1125 lm75 W18.75 W1500 lm100 W25 W3 more rows

How many Watts does an LED bulb use?

Now, LED’s have changed the game as an LED bulb the uses 15-Watts is no way similar to a 15-Watts Incandescent. Nowadays, companies rate bulbs through lumens as these give you a more accurate indication of how much light to expect from an LED.

What is an LED lamp?

LED lamps were the most recent lights to be introduced and since then a new method of rating was required since the wattage no longer determined which bulb had the superior brightness.

Why are light bulbs important?

Light bulbs bring objects to life, different lighting temperatures set the mood, they make it safer to walk across spaces and can even decorate and highlight specific locations. There are three main categories of electric lights, each with its advantage and disadvantage.

Do LED lights use less wattage?

Watts do not measure brightness but the amount of power used. Since LED’s use lesser wattage and produce the same amount of brightness, they save much more energy. Other than helping lower the electric bills; most LED bulbs are also dimmable and don’t contain any Mercury.

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This 25-Watt equivalent G25 globe LED bulb uses only 2.7-Watt of energy. Use as a replacement for your incandescent G25 bulbs in vanities, table lamps and other visible fixtures. The long lasting LED bulb is ideal for use in areas that are difficult to reach. The frosted appearance provides a bright, energizing light similar to natural daylight.

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Product Overview

The 2.5-Watt (25-Watt) Frosted G9 LED Light Bulb with Bright White Color is ideal for everyday use. This bulb can reduce energy and operating costs up to 90% compared to a standard halogen bulb with the same brightness.

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