17mm socket equivalent


SAE to Metric Conversion Chart
SAE Metric Inch
16mm 0.63
21/32″ 0.656
17mm 0.669
11/16″ 0.688

47 more rows

Apr 29, 2020


What size socket or wrench is needed?

You at least need a set of 3/8″ (drive size) sockets set with sizes 8-19mm. Some vehicles use Allen or Torx bits for the caliper guide pins. Torx and Allen bits are not interchangeable. The wrong bit may feel like it fits, but it might damage the female head of the bolt.

Will SAE thread into metric system?

Yes, you can use some sockets on both metric and SAE sizes. However, you need to be careful, as most times they are not exactly the same, and you can strip a bolt by using an SAE socket on a metric bolt and vice versa. What is 8mm in standard?

What is 17mm in standard?

Seventeen millimeters is the equivalent of 0.669 inches, or slightly more than 2/3 inch. One inch equals 2.54 centimeters and, therefore, 25.4 millimeters. Dividing 17 millimeters by 25.4 millimeters per inch gives the result of 0.669 inches.

What is the standard socket size?

  • 5mm: Used on fixing inner fender screws and most interior screws.
  • 7mm: Used for bumper bolts, windshields, hood bolts, and seat belts
  • 10mm: The most common for fender bolts, license plates, and antennas.
  • 13mm: Used for bracket bolts
  • 15mm: Used to fix larger bumper brackets and fog lights, infill panels, and doors in the home

What is a 17mm socket in standard?

17mm. Just short of 11/16 Inch.

Is 17mm the same as 11 16?

17mm = almost 11/16 inch. 18mm = just over 11/16 inch. 19mm = 3/4 inch. 20mm = 25/32 inch.

What socket is between 16mm and 17mm?

Wrench Size And Conversion TableInchesMillimetersSpanner0.6005/16 Wworth; 3/8 BSF0.6255/8 AF0.63016mm16mm0.66917mm17mm65 more rows

What size is a 5/8 socket in MM?

Metric / Standard Wrench Conversion ChartBolt DiameterMetricStandard7/16″16mm5/8″1/2″19mm3/4″9/16″21mm13/16″22mm7/8″39 more rows•Apr 9, 2020

How many mm is a 11/16 wrench?

SAE to Metric Conversion ChartStandard (SAE)Metric (mm)Inches (decimal)11/16″17.4625 mm0.688″18 mm0.709″23/32″18.2563 mm0.719″19 mm0.748″56 more rows

What is a 7/16 socket in metric?

7/16 inch = 11.1125 mm.

What are socket sizes in order?

There are four common socket sizes: 1/4 inch (0.6 centimeters), 3/8 inch (0.9 centimeters), 1/2 inch (1.3 centimeters) and 3/4 inch (1.9 centimeters). In-between sizes are available too, starting with 1/4 inch (0.6 centimeters) and increasing every sixteenth of an inch (0.16 centimeters).

Will a 9/16 fit a 14mm?

But thats no biggie ~ to answer your question, 9/16 SAE is actually 14.3 Metric, but it is the closest SAE size that will fit a 14mm metric head. Hope that helps!

Why is there no 16MM wrench?

1911, is there a reason they don’t use any 16MM nuts or bolts? 16mm and 18mm nuts / bolts are most commonly found on American vehicles that converted to metric hardware, and not import vehicles designed with metric hardware. So, you don’t find them in most basic wrench / socket sets.

Which fraction is bigger 3 4 or 11 16?

These are approximate calculations and tubing weights may vary due to a number of variables but regardless, we can conclude that 11/16″ actually weighs more than 3/4″.

What size is 13 16 in mm?

20.65 mmConversion table inches to mmDimensions — Inches to Metric0.625”5/8”15.88 mm0.688”11/16”17.48 mm0.750”3/4”19.05 mm0.813”13/16”20.65 mm21 more rows

What is 16mm in standard?

STANDARD / METRIC WRENCH CONVERSION CHARTBOLT DIAMETERSTANDARDMETRIC7/16″5/8″16mm1/2″3/4″19mm9/16″13/16″21mm-7/8″22mm39 more rows•Dec 15, 2020

What standard wrench is closest to 18mm?

However, the only common wrench size that isn’t included in the chart is 18 mm, and it’s counterpart is 45/64″.

What is the size of a 33mm socket?

A 33mm metric socket is 1.29921 inches in size which most closely matches a 1 5/16 standard size socket. A 1 5/16 standard size socket is 33.34mm which is a little bit bigger than a 33mm socket but it is the standard size socket that best fits over a 33mm bolt.

What is the difference between standard sockets and metric sockets?

Standard sockets are measured in inches while metric sockets are measured in milimeters (mm). Depending on the region you live in, one measurement system will be more common than the other. This can become frustrating because different manufacturers also embrace different measurement systems.

What is a 36 mm in standard size?

A 36mm socket is 1 7/16″ in standard (SAE) size, almost. 1 7/16″ converts into so a 1 7/16 socket is the standard socket that best fits a 36mm fastener.

Do metric sockets match standard sockets?

Some metric sockets, like the 32mm socket, do match exactly with a standard sized socket so you see why switching between the two systems can be frustrating. Some fit, some don’t, and remembering what fits what can be difficult. Tip: Keep your sockets neatly organized from smallest to largest so that you can quickly test fit alternate sizes.

What are the different sizes of sockets?

Sockets follow two different sizes. There are SAE-sized sockets and metric sockets. The sizes are often used interchangeably. Knowing about both is important if you need to use your sockets regularly.

What is the most common socket?

If you’re new to using sockets, point sockets are the way to go. The most common point socket is the 12-point socket. The biggest benefit of the 12-point socket is that it’s easy to use. Simply slip the socket over any of the 12 positions and you’re set.

Why Do You Need Socket Sets?

Sockets are generally used to tighten or loosen different fasteners. They can be an alternative to the conventional wrench if you know their usage. Most DIY enthusiasts and mechanics prefer having a set handy.

Why do you need multiple sockets?

One of the main benefits of having a socket set is versatility. If you’re dealing with a tight fastener, having multiple sockets can be beneficial. Also, it provides better grip when compared to wrenches.

Why are point sockets so expensive?

Point sockets are slightly more expensive than regular ones. Mostly due to the fact that they’re available in a lot of sizes together. If you’re planning to spend, point sockets are a good idea.

How many types of sockets are there?

Now that we’ve discussed the types of socket drives, let’s discuss the types of sockets. There are two common types of sockets available. The use of sockets has changed a lot over the years.

What is the drive on a socket?

The drive is the main part of the socket. It is the hole where the socket is attached to a turning tool. Like a wrench or a ratchet. The type of drive depends on the task at hand.

Why is a 6 point socket better than a 12 point socket?

It is thought a six-point socket will be more durable than a 12-point because its inner walls are set against all six sides of the hardware.

What is a 12 point socket?

A 12-point socket is convenient and easy to use. You can slip it over the hardware in any one of 12 positions, which makes it easier to align.

What is the drive on a socket wrench?

The drive on your socket wrench is the square section sitting on the ratchet. Certain sizes accept a varying number of sockets that can be either metric and SAE.

What are some examples of impact sockets?

Impact sockets are made in such a way they work with these other tools. A prime example is an electric or pneumatic impact wrench. If you use these, you will need a socket sets built to withstand these higher torques.

What size drive is used for low torque?

1/4” Drives: You find these used for low-torque work and are usually for smaller sized sockets possibly up to around 14mm as a maximum.

Can you use the conversion chart to check your socket size?

You can quickly use the conversion chart to check your metric socket size against your SAE socket size and vice versa.

Can you use different sizes of sockets?

While you have a large number of metric and SAE standard socket size, you can have differing wrenches to use these.

How many millimeters is an inch?

The international inch is defined to be equal to 25.4 millimeters.

What is the unit of length of a millimeter?

A millimetre (American spelling: millimeter, symbol mm) is one thousandth of a metre, which is the International System of Units (SI) base unit of length. The millimetre is part of a metric system. A corresponding unit of area is the square millimetre and a corresponding unit of volume is the cubic millimetre.

What is the equivalent of a 10mm socket?

The equivalent imperial size of a 10mm socket is a 3/8 socket. Imperial sizes are known as SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) or Standard. Metric sizes, also known as SI (Système International), from the French International System.

What is the size of a M8 bolt?

Fasteners are described by their thread diameter, not the head size. So in the case of an M8 bolt, the diameter of the bolt measures 8mm, but the bolt head will require a 13mm wrench or socket to drive it.

Why do I like 12 point ring wrenches?

The reason I like these wrenches, they’re 12 point ring so they grip the walls of the fastener and not the edges, that makes a difference when your opening stubborn nuts and bolts. Spinning a wrench on a nut is a real pain in the jacksie, cos now the job just got bigger.

What is NAAMS in automotive?

It also led the charge with General Motors and Chrysler by setting up the North American Automotive Metric standards (NAAMS). The NAAMS set to standardise the industry, making life much easier for part suppliers and creating synergies with European auto companies.

Why do I like the packaging on my wrenches?

The other reason I like these wrenches is the packaging, it’s actually useful, you can put them straight into your toolbox and they remain organized and easy to find and replace.

When did France adopt the metric system?

The whole world used the Roman-based Imperial measurement until 1795 when Paris was the first district of France to adopt the metric system, I knew the French were to blame.

Do ring wrenches need to be expensive?

Good, useful tools, don’t need to be expensive. Every DIY’er needs a set of ring wrenches. You never know what size you need till you need them, so the TEKTON Combination Wrench set comes in different options.


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