10mm wrench equivalent


Metric / Standard Wrench Conversion Chart

Bolt Diameter Metric Standard
1/8″ 8mm 5/16″
3/16″ 10mm 3/8″
1/4″ 11mm 7/16″
5/16″ 13mm 1/2″

Aug 15 2022


What are the standard wrench sizes in order?

Wrench Sizes In Order. Standard sizing in America are as follows: 5/8, 19/32, 9/16, 1/2, 7/16, 3/8, 11/32, 5/16, 9/32, 1/4, 7/32, 3/16, 5/32, and 1/8. These are set out from the smallest wrench to the largest, and you will be able to buy these wrenches individually or in wretch sets. Wrench Size Chart

Do 10 mm equal 1 cm?

To convert 10 mm to cm multiply the length in millimeters by 0.1. The 10 mm in cm formula is [cm] = 10 * 0.1. Thus, for 10 millimeters in centimeter we get 1.0 cm.

What sizes do metric wrenches come in?


  • Standard Combination Wrenches (1/4, 5/16, 11/32, 3/8, 7/16, 1/2, 9/16, 5/8, 11/16, 3/4, 13/16, 7/8, 15/16, and 1).
  • Metric Combination Wrenches (6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19).
  • Standard Flare Nut Wrenches (3/8, 7/16, 1/2, 9/16, 5/8, 11/16, 3/4, and 7/8) Note: Each wrench may combine two sizes.

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What is 10 meters equivalent to?

We conclude that 10 meters is equivalent to 32.808398950131 feet: We can also convert by utilizing the inverse value of the conversion factor. In this case 1 foot is equal to 0.03048 × 10 meters. Another way is saying that 10 meters is equal to 1 ÷ 0.03048 feet .

What is hand tool essentials?

Is it safer to use SAE or metric wrenches?


Is a 3/8 socket the same as a 10mm?

8mm = 5/16 inch. 9mm = almost 3/8 inch. 10mm = just over 3/8 inch.

What can I use if I don’t have a 10mm socket?

Take two large coins (2 pence coins work perfectly for this) and place them on either side of the nut. Grip the coins between the knuckles of your index and middle fingers for extra grip and twist in the direction needed to loosen the nut.

What standard wrench is closest to 10mm?

Metric / Standard Wrench Conversion ChartBolt DiameterMetricStandard1/8″8mm5/16″3/16″10mm3/8″1/4″11mm7/16″5/16″13mm1/2″39 more rows•Apr 9, 2020

What is a 10 mm wrench in standard size?

SAE to Metric Conversion ChartSAEMetricInch10mm0.39413/32″0.40611mm0.4337/16″0.43847 more rows•Apr 29, 2020

What can I use for a 10mm bolt?

Metric hex bolts, 10mm x 100mmStainless steel 18-8 (A-2) Also known as A-2 stainless, 18-8 is the most common grade of stainless steel for general use.Stainless steel 316 (A-4) … Zinc plated class 8.8 steel. … Zinc plated class 10.9 steel.

Is M10 same as 10mm?

If the size is M10 x 25, that would mean that the diameter is 10 mm. Since there is no thread pitch listed, the fastener is assumed to have a coarse thread. The 25 indicated a length of 25 mm. A matching nut would be labeled M10, which also doesn’t require a thread pitch since it’s a course thread fastener.

What size is a 10mm nut?

A: This product is 10mm in thread size, 0.4375 in (11mm) in height. Part# 801736, 1/4 in. -20 Zinc Plated Hex Nut, is about 5mm thick. Helpful?

What size is a 10mm?

10mm AutoBullet diameterC.I.P.: 10.17 mm (0.400 in) SAAMI: .4005 in (10.17 mm)Neck diameterC.I.P.: 10.74 mm (0.423 in) SAAMI: .423 in (10.7 mm)Base diameterC.I.P.: 10.80 mm (0.425 in) SAAMI: .425 in (10.8 mm)Rim diameterC.I.P.: 10.80 mm (0.425 in) SAAMI: .425 in (10.8 mm)26 more rows

What size bolt uses 10mm socket?

The standard 6mm cap screw has a 10mm head.

What is 10mm in diameter?

Pistol cartridgesName (mm/in)Bullet diameterCase length.40 S&W10.16 (.400)21.59 (.850).40 Super10.16 (.400)25.20 (.992)10mm Auto10.16 (.400)25.20 (.992)10mm Magnum10.16 (.400)31.88 (1.255)3 more rows

How many mm is 3/8 inch?

9.53 mmConversion table inches to mmDimensions — Inches to Metric0.375”3/8”9.53 mm0.438”7/16”11.13 mm0.500”1/2”12.70 mm0.563”9/16”14.30 mm21 more rows

What size wrench fits a M10 nut?

ResourcesWRENCH OR SOCKET SIZE ACROSS FLATSHEX NUTS STYLE 1HEAVY HEX NUTS13.00M8 x 1.25 15.00M10 x 1.5 16.00M10 x 1.5 18.00M12 x 1.75 36 more rows

What is the diameter of a 10mm bullet?

Pistol cartridgesName (mm/in)Bullet diameterOAL10mm Auto10.16 (.400)32.00 (1.260)10mm Magnum10.16 (.400)39.48 (1.555).400 Corbon10.19 (.401)30.48 (1.20).41 Action Express10.4 (.410)29.21 (1.15)3 more rows

Is there a 10mm socket?

It seems like the 10mm bolt size is the most common bolt size across most cars so, naturally, you’re going to use the 10mm socket the most. But, since the 10mm socket is so small, if you don’t remember where you place it, this is the socket you’ll most likely lose, hence all the memes.

SAE to Metric Conversion Chart – Garage Sanctum

Page 1 of 5 SAE to Metric Conversion Chart SAE Size Metric Size Inches (decimal) Notes 5/32″ 0.156 5/32″ and 4mm are 4mm 0.157 close enough 4.5mm 0.177 3/16″ 0.188 5mm 0.197

Standard To Metric Wrench Conversion Chart – Segomo Tools

ONE COMPLETE CHART We all have a mix of wrenches in our tool boxes. Some of us have a lot of SAE, others have a full range of metric and most of us have a balanced mix of both. Whatever your setup, our wrench conversion chart will tell you the best fitting standard or metric wrench to use for any given bolt. STANDARD / METRIC WRENCH CONVERSION CHART BOLT DIAMETER STANDARD METRIC 1/8″ 5/16″ 8mm …

SAE vs. Metric: Which Wrench or Socket Do I Need?

As recently as the 1970s, the SAE measurement system was the standard used in the United States for cars and trucks. Though with the rise of more imported vehicles being sold in the U.S., you will find that the metric system has gained a lot of ground.

What is the equivalent of a 10mm socket?

The equivalent imperial size of a 10mm socket is a 3/8 socket. Imperial sizes are known as SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) or Standard. Metric sizes, also known as SI (Système International), from the French International System.

Why do I like 12 point ring wrenches?

The reason I like these wrenches, they’re 12 point ring so they grip the walls of the fastener and not the edges, that makes a difference when your opening stubborn nuts and bolts. Spinning a wrench on a nut is a real pain in the jacksie, cos now the job just got bigger.

What is the size of a M8 bolt?

Fasteners are described by their thread diameter, not the head size. So in the case of an M8 bolt, the diameter of the bolt measures 8mm, but the bolt head will require a 13mm wrench or socket to drive it.

What is NAAMS in automotive?

It also led the charge with General Motors and Chrysler by setting up the North American Automotive Metric standards (NAAMS). The NAAMS set to standardise the industry, making life much easier for part suppliers and creating synergies with European auto companies.

Why do I like the packaging on my wrenches?

The other reason I like these wrenches is the packaging, it’s actually useful, you can put them straight into your toolbox and they remain organized and easy to find and replace.

When did France adopt the metric system?

The whole world used the Roman-based Imperial measurement until 1795 when Paris was the first district of France to adopt the metric system, I knew the French were to blame.

Do ring wrenches need to be expensive?

Good, useful tools, don’t need to be expensive. Every DIY’er needs a set of ring wrenches. You never know what size you need till you need them, so the TEKTON Combination Wrench set comes in different options.

What size Allen wrench is used for SAE?

Similar to the metric hex keys, the SAE hex wrenches don’t always have a perfect substitute as seen for SAE size 3/16″. Thus, we recommend that those with only a metric Allen wrench set add a separate SAE hex key set to their stable.

What size wrench to use for SAE hex?

In the United States, larger metric half sizes like 6.5 mm aren’t standard in most hex key sets. However, the 1/4″ SAE hex wrench will likely work in place of a 6.5 mm wrench.

What is hand tool essentials?

Hand Tool Essentials isn’t just another DIY woodworking blog. We help everyday people bring superior craftsmanship to their home workshop. That is, our goal is to help you craft like a master woodworker. All of our tool charts & home improvement articles have been optimized for viewing on your phone while out on the job.

Is there a substitute for metric key?

As you’ll notice, there isn’t always a perfect substitute. For instance, Metric size 9 mm doesn’t have an imperial counterpart. In a case like this, you’re only option is to just upgrade to a separate metric hex key set. With more and more hardware being produced internationally, both SAE and metric hex key sets will have a place in your tool set.

What is 10mm socket?

10 MM is one of those ‘b*stard’ size sockets that no SAE equivalent exists, at least going by 1/16″ gradients. Something odd, if it even exists, would be 13/32″ as close as I can figure, 12/32″ is 3/8″ and 14/32″ would be 7/16″, 10 MM falls in between the latter two ‘32’ fractions if an inch.

What size driver for a 10mm socket?

A 10mm socket, either conventional or long socket could be driven by a 1/4 inch square driver, or a 3/8 inch square driver.

How to determine the size of a driver?

The size driver would be determined by the bolt hardness , and the amont of torque available to exert on to the bolt.

What size is a M6 bolt?

if you mean the nut or bolt size? it is M6 (6 mm diameter) the nut and bolt head is 10 mm across the flats.

Is 10mm a metric?

Well, this is kinda tough…10mm is a regular size only metric.

Is 10mm a regular size?

However, if you mean what imperial/USCU size is equivalent, there is none. 10 mm is very much regular.

Can you use a SAE socket on a metric bolt head?

But to use a SAE socket on a ‘metric bolt head’ will round off the edges, since two much force will be distributed over too small an area of the bolt.

What is hand tool essentials?

Hand Tool Essentials isn’t just another DIY woodworking blog. We help everyday people bring superior craftsmanship to their home workshop. That is, our goal is to help you craft like a master woodworker. All of our tool charts & home improvement articles have been optimized for viewing on your phone while out on the job.

Is it safer to use SAE or metric wrenches?

With that being said, it’s generally safer and more efficient to use SAE wrenches with SAE bolt sizes and metric wrenches on metric hardware. When reading our wrench conversion chart, start with the bolt that you are fastening.


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