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Some handy kitchen knowledge
1 tablespoon (tbsp) = 3 teaspoons (tsp)
1/16 cup = 1 tablespoon
1/8 cup = 2 tablespoons
1/6 cup = 2 tablespoons + 2 teaspoons
1/4 cup = 4 tablespoons

16 more rows

What is 1/6 of a cup equal to in tablespoons?

Cup and tablespoon conversionsCupsTablespoonsFluid Ounces1/6 cup2 tablespoons plus 2 teaspoons1 ⅓ fluid ounce1/8 cup2 tablespoons1 fluid ounce1/16 cup1 tablespoon½ fluid ounce1 tablespoon = 3 teaspoons6 more rows

How many teaspoons is a 6th of a cup?

Cup to Teaspoon Conversion TableCupsTeaspoons4 c192 tsp5 c240 tsp6 c288 tsp7 c336 tsp36 more rows

What is the equivalent of 1/3 cup?

Volume Equivalents (liquid)*4 tablespoons1/4 cup2 fluid ounces5 1/3 tablespoons1/3 cup2.7 fluid ounces8 tablespoons1/2 cup4 fluid ounces12 tablespoons3/4 cup6 fluid ounces6 more rows

How can I get 1/3 cup?

Measurement Equivalents and Abbreviations3 teaspoons = 1 tablespoon.4 tablespoons = 1/4 cup.5 tablespoons + 1 teaspoon = 1/3 cup.8 tablespoons = 1/2 cup.1 cup = 1/2 pint.2 cups = 1 pint.4 cups (2 pints) = 1 quart.4 quarts = 1 gallon.More items…•

What is a 6th of a cup?

Answer and Explanation: Both tablespoons and cups are used to measure volume. There are 2 and 2/3 tablespoons in one-sixth of a cup.

What is 1/6 equal to as a fraction?

Equivalent Fractions ChartUnit FractionEquivalent Fractions1/32/6, 3/9, 4/12..1/42/8, 3/12, 4/16..1/52/10, 3/15, 4/20,..1/62/12, 3/18, 4/24,..4 more rows

What does 3/4 of a cup mean?

12 tablespoons12 tablespoons = 3/4 cup. 10 tablespoons + 2 teaspoons = 2/3 cup. 8 tablespoons = 1/2 cup. 6 tablespoons = 3/8 cup.

What is 2/3 a cup?

Use a 1/3 of a cup and fill it twice if you don’t own or can’t find your 2/3 measuring cup. You can also use 10 tablespoons plus 2 teaspoons in a pinch as a conversion for 2/3 of a cup.

How many 1 3 cups make half a cup?

You need 1.5 1/3 cups to make 1/2 cup.

How many thirds are in a cup?

If the contents of one cup are split up into 3 equal parts, each will be one third of the cup. Each cup has three thirds, Therefore in 6 cups there will be six times as many thirds.

How do you measure 1/4 of a cup?

1/4 cup is about the size of a large egg. 1/2 cup is about the size of a tennis ball. 1 cup is about the size of an apple or a baseball.

What makes up 3 4 cup?

3/4 cup is equal to 12 tbsp., 36 tsp., 6 fluid oz., or 177 mL.

Does 6 tablespoons equal 1/4 of a cup?

02. How Many Tablespoons are in a 1/4 cup? ¼ cup can be converted to 4 tablespoons.

Does 2 tablespoons equal 1 4 cup?

There are 16 tablespoons in one cup, so the conversion formula is Tablespoons = Cups x 16….How to Convert Tbsp to Cups.TablespoonsCups2 tablespoons⅛ cup4 tablespoons¼ cups5 tablespoons + 1 teaspoon⅓ cup8 tablespoons½ cup3 more rows•Apr 22, 2022

How many teaspoons are in a dry cup?

48 teaspoons1 cup = 48 teaspoons.

How many tablespoons does it take to make 1 cup?

The US customary system 1 US Cup = 16 US tablespoons (tbsp) 1 US Cup = 15.77 metric tablespoons (United Kingdom, international)

What is a cup?

The cup is an English unit of volume, most commonly associated with cooking and serving sizes. It is traditionally equal to half a liquid pint in either US customary units or the British imperial system but is now separately defined in terms of the metric system at values between 1⁄5 and 1⁄4 of a liter. Because actual drinking cups may differ greatly from the size of this unit, standard measuring cups are usually used instead. In the United States, the customary cup is half of a liquid pint or 8 U.S. customary fluid ounces. One customary cup is equal to 236.5882365 millilitres.

How many tablespoons are in 1 cup?

The conversion factor from cups to tablespoons is 15.999999999946, which means that 1 cup is equal to 15.999999999946 tablespoons:

How many ml is a tablespoon?

In the United States a tablespoon (abbreviation tbsp) is approximately 14.8 ml (0.50 US fl oz). A tablespoon is a large spoon used for serving or eating. In many English-speaking regions, the term now refers to a large spoon used for serving, however, in some regions, including parts of Canada, it is the largest type of spoon used for eating. By extension, the term is used as a measure of volume in cooking.

Some handy kitchen knowledge

Even if you have all the right measuring tools, a lot of people can have difficulty using the right cooking measurements. Our cheat sheet below shows measuring equivalents for teaspoons, tablespoons, cups, pints, fluid ounces, and more. This page also includes the conversions for metric and U.S. systems of measurement.

U.S. to Metric

One important thing to note with these cooking measurement conversions is that they directly translate imperial measurements to their metric counterparts. But, it’s common in recipes using the metric system to use weight measurements for dry ingredients instead of volumetric ones.

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What is a cup measurement?

Cup measurements are often found in recipes, similarly to spoon measurements, with 1 cup flour or 1 cup caster sugar regularly being seen, especially in American recipes. Over time standard cup measures have come to be used at 1 cup being the equivalent of a ½ pint (US) (8 US fluid ounces). In other English speaking countries the Imperial Cup …

What is the metric cup of half an imperial pint?

In other English speaking countries the Imperial Cup of half an Imperial pint was formerly used in recipes, this has been replaced in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa with the metric cup of 250ml . The Cup has not been used as a standard measure in British recipes in over 50 years.


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