1/4 drill bit equivalent


Drill Bit Hole Diameters
Metric Size Fractional Size
7 mm .2756 1/4
8 mm .3150 17/64
9 mm .3543 9/32

77 more rows


What size drill bit for a 1/4-20 tap?

The best overall size drill bit for 1/4″ 20 tap is a #7 drill bit, the measurement being 13/64”. The concept of tapping threads is relatively simple, but in practice, it can get complicated. If the hole is too small, the tapping will extend too far into the center making it difficult to screw the bolt into the hole.

What are the best drill bits?

Best With Speed: BOSCH DSB5013P 13pcs Drill Bit. “Up to ten times faster than conventional spade bits with self-feeding full-cone thread tip.”. Best for Metal: CO-Z SDB-0000 5pcs Drill Bit. “CO-Z step drill bits set replaces 50 individual bits in 5 pieces of step bits, which saves you a lot of space.

What size is a standard drill bit?

Some applications require specific drill bit sizes, but a bit set with sizes ranging from 1/16 inch to 1/4 inch can cover a wide range of tasks around the house and workshop. If necessary, bigger bits (5/16-inch, 3/8-inch, 7/16-inch, and 1/2-inch) can be added. Bit sizes are usually printed on the shank of the drill bit.

What is the smallest diameter drill bit?

These charts act as guidelines and are based on the screw shank. When you are drilling into softwoods, always choose a bit 1/64-inch smaller than the target hole size. However, when you are drilling into other materials, choose a bit that is exactly the same size as the hole.

What is the largest drill bit size?

How Do You Know What Size Drill Bits You Need?

What is the typical drill bit angle?

What size drill is used for letter gauge?

How to size screws?

Can we narrow down a bit?

Is there a larger set of fasteners?

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What can I use if I don’t have a 1/4 drill bit?

0:000:47Create a Pilot Hole Without a Drill Bit – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipAnd I didn’t bring any drill bits with me and she doesn’t have any so an easy trick is if you have aMoreAnd I didn’t bring any drill bits with me and she doesn’t have any so an easy trick is if you have a finishing nail or any type of small nail. And just put it into the Chuck of your drill.

Is 1 4 drill bit the same as 6mm?

6mm Drill Bit (~1/4″)

What size drill bit makes a 1/4 inch hole?

The best overall size drill bit for 1/4″ 20 UNC tap thread is a #7 drill bit, the measurement being 13/64” (0.203″diameter).

What is a 5/16 drill bit equal to?

5/16 converts to 10/32.

What size is 1/4 drill bit?

Drill Bit Hole DiametersMetric SizeFractional Size6 mm.236215/647 mm.27561/48 mm.315017/6477 more rows

What drill bit is close to 6 mm?

Metric Tap and Drill Bit Size TableTapMetric DrillUS Drill5mm x 0.84.3mm-6mm x 1.05.2mm-7mm x 1.06.1mm15/64″8mm x 1.256.9mm17/64″13 more rows

What size Tap do I need for a 1/4 hole?

US Tap and Drill Bit Size TableTapFractional Drill BitNumber Drill Bit#12-2411/64″161/4″-2013/64″71/4″-287/32″35/16″-1817/64″-24 more rows

How do you drill and tap a 1/4 20 hole?

1:249:12How to drill and tap a 1/4-20 threaded hole into a steel bar – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipAnd that’s why you use a center drill like this now because I’m going to drill a hole for a quarterMoreAnd that’s why you use a center drill like this now because I’m going to drill a hole for a quarter 20 screw I’m going to need to tap it out with a quarter 20 tap.

What number is a 1/8 drill bit?

Drill Bit Size ChartSizeDecimal EquivalentSize850.01131840.01153.10 mm.30 mm0.01181/8″830.0123.20 mm47 more rows

What happens if you don’t have a right size drill bit?

Choose the right size drill bit. If you are creating a pilot hole for a nail, the right drill bit is slightly smaller than the nail’s shank. If you are creating a pilot hole for a screw, the drill bit should be the same size as the body of the screw—not including the threads.

How do you read a drill bit size?

Typical drill bits have markings somewhere on the shank above the threads. It’s small, but it usually has the drill-bit diameter stamped into the metal; the number is written in fractions. For example, the markings may read: 1/4-inch, 3/6-inch or 25/32.

What is the drill size for a 6mm tap?

Tap sizeBasic major dia (mm)Drill size (mm)M4 x 0.74mm3,3mmM5 x 0.85mm4,2mmM6 x 16mm5mmM8 x 1.258mm6,8mm24 more rows

What size is a 12.5 mm drill bit?

0.4921Standard metric drill bit sizesDrill sizeDiameter (in)12.5 mm0.492113 mm0.511813.5 mm0.531514 mm0.5512153 more rows

What is the measurement of drill bits?

Drill bits are available in different materials, lengths, and diameters. Most are measured by the metric units and in the USA it’s imperial units. Drill bit diameter is the most important factor in the drilling process and it should know precisely as much as possible to sharpen or tolerate the diameter.

How many mm is 1 inch?

1 inch is equal to 25.4 mm. By dividing the inches other fractions are introduced. Inches are really popular in the USA but beyond that mostly used the SI units. So we have to interchange the metric units and imperial units.

What is the most common drill bit size?

In the U.S., fractional inch and gauge drill bit sizes are in common use. In nearly all other countries, metric drill bit sizes are most common, and all others are anachronisms or are reserved for dealing with designs from the US. The British Standards on replacing gauge size drill bits with metric size s in the UK was first published in 1959.

What size drill bits are available?

The price and availability of particular size bits does not change uniformly across the size range. Bits at size increments of 1 mm are most commonly available, and lowest price. Sets of bits in 1 mm increments might be found on a market stall. In 0.5 mm increments, any hardware store. In 0.1 mm increments, any engineers’ store. Sets are not commonly available in smaller size increments, except for drill bits below 1 mm diameter. Drill bits of the less routinely used sizes, such as 2.55 mm, would have to be ordered from a specialist drill bit supplier. This subsetting of standard sizes is in contrast to general practice with number gauge drill bits, where it is rare to find a set on the market which does not contain every gauge.

What size drill bit should I use for straight shank?

ANSI B94.11M-1979 sets size standards for jobber-length straight-shank twist drill bits from 1/64 inch through 1 inch in 1/64 inch increments. For Morse taper -shank drill bits, the standard continues in 1/64 inch increments up to 1¾ inch, then 1/32 inch increments up to 2¼ inch, 1/16 inch increments up to 3 inches, 1/8 inch increments up to 3¼ inches, and a single 1/4 inch increment to 3½ inches. One aspect of this method of sizing is that the size increment between drill bits becomes larger as bit sizes get smaller: 100% for the step from 1/64 to 1/32, but a much smaller percentage between 1 47/64 and 1 3/4.

What is fractional drill bit?

Fractional-inch drill bit sizes. Fractional drill bit set by Craftsman. Fractional-inch drill bit sizes are still in common use in the United States and in any factory (around the globe) that makes inch-sized products for the U.S. market.

What is a jobber drill?

The term jobber refers to a wholesale distributor —a person or company that buys from manufacturers and sells to retailers. Manufacturers producing drill bits “for the trade” (as opposed to for specialized machining applications with particular length and design requirements) made ones of medium length suitable for a wide variety of jobs, because that was the type most desirable for general distribution. Thus, at the time that the name of jobber-length drill bits became common, it reflected the same concept that names like general-purpose and multipurpose reflect.

What is the tolerance for smaller drill bits?

In smaller sizes, bits are available in smaller diameter increments. This reflects both the smaller drilled hole diameter tolerance possible on smaller holes and the wishes of designers to have drill bit sizes available within at most 10% of an arbitrary hole size.

What is a drill bit?

Drill bits are the cutting tools of drilling machines. They can be made in any size to order, but standards organizations have defined sets of sizes that are produced routinely by drill bit manufacturers and stocked by distributors.

What is a letter size drill bit?

Letter Sizes are Imperial drill bit sizes designated A (smallest) to Z (largest). Number and Letter Sizes are in common use in the US, and to a lesser extent the UK (rapidly moving to metric), but are no longer in use for most of the rest of the world which has gone fully metric.

How many inches is a fractional inch?

Fractional-inch sizes are in common use in the US and generally run from 1/64 inch up to 1 3/4 inch in 1/64″ increments. After that they run in 1/32″ increments up to 2 1/4″, then in 1/16″ increments to 3″, 1/8″ increments to 3 1/4 inches, then there’s a 3 1/2″ size.

What is the largest drill bit size?

This chart rounds out the second half of these number gauge sizes down to #1, which is the largest drill bit size.

How Do You Know What Size Drill Bits You Need?

If you’re an average weekend-warrior, you’ve probably stared at a screw or bolt for a few moments and wondered what size drill bit you would need.

What is the typical drill bit angle?

The typical sizes of drill bit point angles are 115° or 118° (degrees).

What size drill is used for letter gauge?

Letter gauge drill sizes are used primarily in North American with A starting with the smallest size working 26 size increments to Z.

How to size screws?

First, you can size screws simply by inserting them into a hole then reading the marking.

Can we narrow down a bit?

Thankfully, we can narrow it down a bit to some standard sized holes and bits.

Is there a larger set of fasteners?

There are indeed larger sets. Specialty fasteners sometimes call for a size that would be considered uncommon.


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